NFL Scouting Report: Charlie Whitehurst

Charlie Whitehurst/QB/Clemson

Full Name:  Charlie Whitehurst  School  Clemson

Ht:   6-5  Wt  224  40: 4.8

Pos: Physically gifted signal caller who flashes ability.  Sells the ball fakes, quick releasing the pass and has a live arm.  Tough, stands in the pocket and gets the throw off even if it means taking a big hit.  Moves around the line of scrimmage to get a better view of the field.  Accurate between the numbers, puts touch on throws  and shows pass placement in the short field.  Puts deep passes in front of receivers letting them run to the ball.  Natural looking off the safety.  

Neg: Must improve timing as he's late delivering the ball.  Usually high of the mark or has receivers extending backwards to make the reception out to the flanks.  Not decisive when pressured and makes questionable decisions.  Tends to gather and ready himself before releasing the ball.  

Analysis: An athletic pocket passer with good size, Whitehurst's decision making has come under scrutiny.  An efficient quarterback rather than one that carries a team on his back, he may just need proper coaching and one-on-one handholding to get the most of him.  

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