NFL Fantasy Mailbox - Week 6

Fantasy line-up and trade decisions can lead to stressful weeks when there are difficult choices to make prior to Sunday's fantasy contests. We've answered a few of your emails to help ease some of your fantasy dilemmas prior to week number six.

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Q : I've been riding Stephen Davis and his 7 TDs through the first 5 weeks and am 4-1 in my league, but he is listed as questionable this week with a knee injury. LaDainian Tomlinson is my primary RB, but I also have Cedric Benson and Ronnie Williams. What is your advice?

Neil E. - Leesburg, FL

You've hit the jackpot with Davis...good for you! But with Davis' recent injury and the threat of DeShaun Foster (who has doubled Davis' yards per carry), Davis' days may be numbered in Carolina. To answer your question, L.T. a must play every week. Assuming your league plays only two RBs, I like Cedric Benson this week with the injury to Thomas Jones. Chicago's o-line is solid and Benson will fill in nicely.

Q : I have been offered a trade,...Torry Holt for Peyton Manning. Should I take it? I have Joey Harrington to replace Manning. My other receivers are Plaxico Burress and Reggie Wayne (we play 2 each week). Is this a good trade? I am leaning toward taking the deal since Manning and Wayne haven't produced like I thought they would.

Dale O. - Portland, OR

No. Manning is still the top QB in the NFL and will put up huge fantasy stats in time. Furthermore, Harrington has done nothing to warrant a starting position on your fantasy team. In addition, Plaxico Burress and Reggie Wayne are solid and may produce Holt-like numbers as the year progresses.

Q : I am in a keeper league and thinking of picking up Chris Perry who is still available on our waiver wire. Cincinnati is a tough team to figure out. Will he at some point replace Rudi Johnson in the line-up? We can keep our guys for three years and I could probably still get him for a quarter.

Carter M. - Rochester, NY

Absoulutely, pick him up (assuming you can afford the roster spot). Perry is great out of the backfield and is much more versatile than Johnson. As you may know, Perry was drafted in 2004 to be the number one back in Cincinnati. For now, Rudi is the top RB in Cincy, but Perry will continue to see more action and may take over the top spot in time.

Q : I need to start 3 of these 5 wide receivers this weekend...Chad Johnson, Plaxico Burress, Santana Moss, Larry Fitzgerald, and Darrell Jackson. Please help. Thank you!

Tom B. - Pendleton, IN

Thanks Tom. This may be actually an easier problem to solve than you anticipated. Larry Fitzgerald is on a bye week with Arizona and Darrel Jackson had surgery today to repair his injured leg. Play Johnson, Burress, and Moss. Good luck!

Q : Should I trade Brian Westbrook now that he's on a bye week? He had a poor week 5 and hasn't been used much in the running game. My other running backs are Mike Anderson and Edgerrin James. What do you think?

Adrian G. - San Francisco, CA

No! Keep Westbrook! Although week five was a down week for the Eagles, Westbrook amassed nearly 500 yards and four TDs through the first four weeks. Eagles' coach Andy Reid purposely kept Westbrook's numbers down in the running game, but that should only help him as the season progresses. Edgerrin James is a top running back in the NFL, but I fear that Mike Anderson's carries may be limited with the onset of Tatum Bell. Good luck to you!

Q : Fantasy Football makes the games so much more fun for me. As a Patriots fan, I used to only watch the Pats. But fantasy football has changed everything! For example: I suddenly cared about the Bears/Browns game this past weekend since I have Thomas Jones as my RB. This bums my wife out, but I sure am enjoying football like never before! Keep up the good work (I enjoy your match-ups and stars columns)!

Paul G. - Boston, MA

Thanks Paul and good luck this weekend! Make sure you replace Jones in your lineup...he should be back by week 7 since his prognosis isn't serious.

Rising Stock - Tatum Bell, Cedric Benson, Antowain Smith, Josh McNown, Matt Schaub, Roy Williams, Terry Glenn, Joey Harrington, Fred Taylor, Anthony Thomas, Joe Jurevicius, Jerome Bettis

Falling Stock - Aaron Brooks, Roy Williams, Duce Staley, Andre Johnson, Lee Evans, Lee Suggs, Julius Jones, Isasc Bruce, Derrick Mason, Braylon Edwards, Brandon Lloyd, Michael Clayton

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