NFL Fantasy Mailbox - Week 7

Fantasy line-up and trade decisions can lead to stressful weeks when there are difficult choices to make prior to Sunday's fantasy contests. We've answered a few of your emails to help ease some of your fantasy dilemmas prior to week number seven.

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Q : Is Randy Moss playing this weekend? I need him to do well, but realize he's dinged up.

Scott W. - Provo, UT

As of Wednesday, Moss was listed as doubtful. Continue to pay attention (think Thomas Jones this past weekend), but I believe Moss will be resting his groin and rib injuries through at least this week.

Q : Hi! Currently, I have Holmes, J.Jones and Ricky Williams as my RBs. Should I drop Ricky and pick up W.Parker or D.Foster, with Jones being out? Or make a trade for either Westbrook or McGahee for Fitzgerald? I have Galloway, McCardell and K.Curtis as my other wrs. Other wrs available on waivers include Stallworth, Lloyd, and D.Mason. Thanks!

Jim - Reston, VA

Jones practiced in pads on Wednesday and is looking like he'll play against the vulnerable Seahawks defense. However, with Foster and Parker available on your wire, my advice would be to pick one of them up regardless. Both are solid fantasy RBs and worth the drop for Ricky Williams. I actually like Foster a little better than Parker, but Foster faces a bye this weekend if Jones somehow can't go.

Although I believe Westbrook may be a top five fantasy running back down the stretch, your RB situation is solid with Holmes, Jones, and Foster/Parker. If you didn't have the strength and some depth at RB, Westbrook may be worth a Fitzgerald trade...but there is no reason to sell out your wide receiving corps when you are in great shape at running back.

Larry Fitzgerald is truly the cornerstone of your WRs, but my advice would be to also add Stallworth to your stable since he is available. I like him better than Curtis with the injury to Bulger and return of Bruce.

Q : I have Jake Delhomme as my number one QB, but he is on a bye this week. My back-up is Joey Harrington. I heard a rumor that Harrington is in danger of being benched. Is it true?

Tyrone S. - Brooklyn, NY

Yes, the rumor is true...Harrington is in danger of being benched. Lions' coach Steve Mariucci is 'mum' on the subject and won't name his starter for Sunday, but Mooch's lack of supporting comments for Harrington is not a positive sign. My advice would be to look on the wire for a QB. Pick up Josh McNown against the Titans if he is still available.

Q : I noticed on last week's Q&A you have Isaac Bruce on you stock down list. I had an available roster spot and very average recievers (Eddie Kennison, Chris Chambers, and Robert Ferguson). What is the extent of the injury and should he be back soon? He would significantly improve my line-up if he comes back this year. If he won't come back, who should I look for?

Jim - Chicago, IL

The short of it is that Bruce will be back soon, but turf toe can be a fairly serious injury that tends to linger. He has already been out a few weeks,...but he could play as soon as this weekend (but my guess is that the Rams will rest him through their bye week, suggesting a week nine return). Surely there have to be some people available on your waiver wire to boost your wide receiving position,...take a look at your wire and send me a note (I'll earmark your email address for a response).

I noticed that you have both Kennison and Chambers on your receiving corps. Be aware of hurricane Wilma striking South Florida on Sunday and plan to change your line-up accordingly if the game is played in adverse conditions. Indications as of this writing are that the game will either be moved to Kansas City or played on Monday night.

Q : I have been offered Carson Palmer for Culpepper. I picked up Culpepper in the 2nd round and still believe he'll get it together. I am leaning towards turning down the offer. Please offer any advice you have. Thank you.

William C. - Providence, RI

Make the trade for Palmer. Sure, Culpepper may do something, but there has been nothing to indicate that he will turn it around this season. C-pepp didn't need anything added to Minny's offensive problems, but extra-curricular events were revealed last week in Minnesota that may have rocked the Vikings boat even further...thus hindering Culpepper's ability to right the ship. As for Palmer, he is looking strong and on solid ground in Cincinnati. Trade for him and don't look back.

Q : I am having a terrible year in fantasy football this season with a 1-5 record. I am ready to give up and want to trade for some keepers for next year, but I don't have much to offer so I may need to get guys who aren't producing this year. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks in advance for your help. I love your columns!

Kevin T. - Jefferson City, MO

Thanks Kevin. I hate to hear that you are considering on giving up the season already. To answer your question, look for guys who have a huge upside in systems where they may have been relatively under-utilized (or haven't produced) this season. Cedric Benson, Roy Williams, Andre Johnson, Kevin Jones, and Tatum Bell all come to mind as great players that won't continue to be held down (and you may be able to acquire these guys this season for much less than they're worth). Good luck to you!

Rising Stock - Tatum Bell, Antowain Smith, Chris Perry, Joe Jurevicius, Jerome Bettis, Jamie Martin, Marcus Pollard, Willis McGahee, Mark Brunell, Chester Taylor, Chris Brown, Alge Crumpler

Falling Stock - Duce Staley, Andre Johnson, Lee Evans, Braylon Edwards, Joey Harrington, Randy Moss, Drew Bennett, Jamal Lewis, Fred Taylor, Daunte Culpepper, Travis Taylor, Nate Burleson, Mewelde Moore

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