NFL Fantasy Mailbox - Week 8

Fantasy line-up and trade decisions can lead to stressful weeks when there are difficult choices to make prior to Sunday's fantasy contests. We've answered a few of your emails to help ease some of your fantasy dilemmas prior to week number eight.

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Q : I have been offered Edgerrin James for Carson Palmer and Jeremy Shockey. I also have Matt Hasselback at QB and our league uses TEs and WRs the same (we play 3 total)...I would still have Burress, Fitzgerald, and Gates if I traded Shockey. At RB, I have Corey Dillon and Kevin Jones, so I could use some help. I am thinking about doing it, but I hate to give up Palmer this weekend since James is on a bye week. Should I make the trade anyway?

Darren C. - Durham, NC

Absolutely. Make this trade. Edgerrin James has rushed for over 100 yards 5 of the last 6 games and shows no sign of slowing in a stellar Colts offense. Don't let the bye week be a concern since it is probably the reason you are being offered the deal (and Palmer is due for his bye week in a couple of weeks). Hasselbeck is more than an adequate backup for Palmer and your wide receivers are above average. Edge will be a huge boost for your team.

Q : Would you send Chad Johnson for Warrick Dunn and Andre Johnson? My RBs(Jamal Lewis, M.Moore, D.Foster) suck and I’ve got Santana Moss, J.Galloway, and N.Burleson.

Will B.

Chad Johnson is a top 5 wide receiver in the NFL and should demand a quality running back in return. I would shop him this week a bit prior to making a trade for Dunn/Johnson. Look for teams in your league that have depth at running back. You may do even better than the trade offered. Another thing to keep in mind is that Dunn has a bye this weekend. If you end up making the trade as noted, hold off until next week if possible so that you can rack up Johnson's (Chad) points against Green Bay.

Warrick Dunn is a Tiki Barber style running back that will put up big yardage in both the passing and running games worthy of a fantasy top 10 RB, but may not get you alot of TDs. Andre Johnson is top shelf, but like Jamal Lewis...has done nothing to date. Chad Johnson will get you points every week if you keep him. BTW, Foster is the best of your three current RBs and will produce yet this year.

Q : Will Thomas Jones continue to be the feature back in Chicago? I keep waiting for the Bears to play Cedric Benson more.

Byron R. - Syracuse, NY

Yes, what more proof do you need? Jones is 6th in rushing with 641 yards (and has played one less game due to his bye week than James, Tomlinson, and Alexander). Jones' 4.8 yards per carry rank him 4th among all running backs with 100+ carries. Unless TJ gets injured, don't expect to see Cedric Benson anytime soon.

Q : I drafted my David Akers (Philly) as my kicker, but then had to pick up Todd France once Akers got hurt. I heard today that France was cut. Does this mean the Akers is ready and a safe bet for this weekend?

Tony - El Paso, TX

No, David Akers has been ruled out for this weekend with a hamstring injury. In a curious move, the Eagles cut Todd France and signed recently waived Dallas kicker Jose Cortez will be the kicker for the Eagles this weekend against the Broncos. Either pick up Cortez (who may not be available since he was with the Cowboys and be on another roster in your league) or find another kicker from the wire. Good luck!

Q : Hey Freak! I need to play three of these four this weekend. I have Larry Fitzgerald, Santana Moss, Kevin Curtis, and Jeremy Shockey in a scoring only league. Thanks for your help!

Ron W. - Owensboro, KY

Play Fitzgerald, Moss, and Shockey. All three have risen to the top this season and Curtis has a tough match-up against Jax. Good luck!

Q : Hi. Is Duce Staley worth keeping this year? I am worried he is just taking up a roster spot. Available on the wire are DeShaun Foster, Michael Bennett, and Kevan Barlow. Do I get one of these guys? If yes, which one? I enjoy your stuff, Thanks.

Steve R. - Lincoln, NE

Yes. Grab DeShaun Foster as soon as you can. Foster's yards per touch are nearly twice that of Stephen Davis and I expect him to start racking up fantasy points as the season progresses. If Foster somehow disappears before you grab him, I would advise picking up Barlow over Staley. Thanks Steve and good luck to you!


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