NFL Draft Scouting Report: Eric Winston

A fromer tight end, Eric Winston made the seamless transition to left tackle for the Miami Hurricanes. Shooting straight up draft boards, he watched his junior season cut short midway through the year after a major knee injury. And with it went the chance to be a top twelve pick in April of '05.

Full Name: Eric Winston         School: Miami-Fl

Ht: 6-6     Wt: 310     40: 5.12     Yr: 4Sr

Pos: Athletic weak side blocker that's shown continual improvement the pass three seasons. Quickly sets in pass protection then effectively uses angles and body positioning to protect the edge. Keeps his feet moving and displays good adjustment. Good punch with his hands and stays with the action. Significantly improved his strength at the point of attack and gets movement from run blocks, driving opponents off the ball.

Neg: Suffered a terrible knee injury in October of ‘04. Seems bulkier this season and as a result his pass blocking has suffered.

Analysis: An offensive tackle with outstanding upside potential for the NFL, Winston seems like a natural at the position since moving over from tight end. Offers a great deal of upside and will only get better as he physically matures yet must get back to 100% health before any team uses an early draft pick for his services.

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