NFL Fantasy Mailbox - Week 9

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Q : Hey freak! I was riding Bulger and his numbers up until he got hurt. I drafted Kurt Warner as Bulger's backup, but he too is hurt/benched. I picked up Jamie Martin for the past couple of weeks, but now I'm in trouble since St. Louis has a bye in week 9. I have been offered Mark Brunell for Larry Fitzgerald. Is it worth it to get me through this week and until the Rams' QB situation settles?

Sam R. - Richmond, VA

Arizona Cardinals' coach Dennis Green announced today that Kurt Warner is starting this weekend. Put Warner in for a week until Bulger returns in week 10. Warner is fine for a week, and make sure you start Fitz with Boldin down.

Q : I started Daunte Culpepper this past weekend at Carolina in hope he would finally break out. Well, he broke all right and I'm stuck. Somehow I'm still 5-3, but now need a QB. Left on the waiver wire are Josh McNown, Jeff Garcia, Byron Leftwich, and Kyle Orton. Are any of these guys worth picking up or do I make a trade?

Kevin W. - Las Vegas, NV

Grab Leftwich and be thankful he's still available! He is still a top 15 QB with 10 TDs to date. In addition, you can search line-ups in your league for teams with more than one solid QB for trade options. If you're 5-3 with the year Culpepper has had, you must have a nice supply of RBs and/or WRs. Good luck!

Q : I am a commishioner for one of my two fantasy leagues. Can you offer any advice for tiebreakers for making the playoffs? We had a real problem last year and I don't want a repeat. Thanks in advance for your help.

Wayne B. - Houston, TX

The most important thing is that you post the tiebreakers in advance and all owners know what they are. Typically used are: 1. overall record 2. head to head 3. record within division (only applies to determining divisional winners) 4. total points 5. coin flip. Divisional winners are are first deternimed. Wildcards and seeding happen after divisional winners are known. NOTE: if a three way tie for two wild card spots and no team has beaten the other two both times, then total points become the tiebreaker. HTH and good luck to you.

Q : I need to play 3 of the 6...Anquan Boldin, Tiki Barber, Brian Westbrook, Reggie Wayne, Terrell Owens, and J.J. Arrington. I am leaning toward Owens, Westbrook, and Barber. Your thoughts?

Tim C. - Altavista, VA

Boldin and Owens are likely out this weekend. Play Barber, Westbrook, and Wayne.

Q : As a commishioner, I find it frustrating when team owners don't bother to set their line-ups since they don't care any more (they're so far out of it). It ruins things for the rest of us since a couple of the teams are playing their bye or hurt players since they have basically quit. Any ideas for us?

Thad S. - Los Angeles, CA

Hi Thad. You have touched on one of the most frustrating issues facing commishioners and owners at this point of the season. There is really very little you can do once the season has started. The key to this problem is making sure you have quality owners prior to the start of the season. Since you are the commishioner, you have every right to make a move to have non-competitive owners replaced from your league for next season.

Q : I think I am addicted to fantasy football. I've been a devoted Chiefs fan my whole life, but I now find myself watching the game where I have the most fantasy players. My wife will try to come in and watch the Chiefs with me, but I'm so busy switching channels to watch my fantasy guys that she ends up leaving the room. I've even cheered for the opposing running back (LaMont Jordan) when they played the Chiefs since I had him on my team. I end up feeling guilty and sick. Is this normal?

Mike S. - Fort Smith, AR

Surprisingly Mike, you aren't alone. Welcome to fantasy football. I would like to recommend a FFA (fantasy football annonymous) support group, but I am unfamiliar with the Fort Smith area. It looks like you've moved from the Chiefs to the team that 'you drafted'. Relax and enjoy the games...and good luck this weekend!


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