NFL Draft Scouting Report: Justin Harrell

Justin Harrell\DT\Tennessee

Full Name: Justin Harrell         School: Tennessee

Ht: 6-3    Wt: 300    40: 5.11    Yr: 4Jr

Pos: Developing young lineman with excellent upside potential. Possesses an explosive first step off the snap, plays incredibly low to the ground and consistently gets leverage on opponents. Immediately alters his angle of attack, changing direction or redirecting to the play. Fluid and very agile. Makes a lot of plays up and down the line of scrimmage. Explosive and quick into the gaps in run defense.

Neg: Marginal playing strength and must beat opponents with his first move or has difficulty getting past them at all.

Analysis: A lineman that does not get the credit he's due, Harrell must be closely monitored the next two seasons.  Potentially a top 32 choice in the '07 draft.

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