NFL Fantasy Mailbox - Week 10

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Q : This Terrell Owens thing has me upset. I want to cut him, but I'm in a keeper league and don't want to let him go if he comes back. Is there any chance he'll play again this year? What about next year? Thanks!

Chuck V. - Dayton, OH

No, the Eagles are adamant he won't play again for them this year.

However, keeping off-field antics aside, Owens is perhaps the most skilled and hardest working wide receiver in the game today...meaning he will be playing again somewhere next year. If you can afford the roster spot, I advise keeping him through next season. Although I have no insight where he'll eventually end up, Al Davis and the Raiders have historically been a rufuge for troubled players. Imagine an Owens-Moss WR combination! Irrespective of where Owens finds a home, he'll produce for his next NFL team and his fantasy owners...and he shouldn't be counted out.

Q : I need to replace Carson Palmer for week 10 since he has a bye. Joey Harrington and Kurt Warner are both available on our wire. Which one do you suggest I pick-up?

Chris S. - Dodge City, KS

Ironically, these teams play each other this weekend. Warner has been named the starter for Arizona and should have another game full of passing yards (over 300 last weekend with a TD). Detroit coach Steve Mariucci, however, won't name a starter for the Lions until more is known of Jeff Garcia's ability to play on Sunday...making Harrington's fate uncertain. Regardless, my advice would be to pick-up and play Warner. Without much of a running game, Arizona will again go to the air...and if Warner can keep down the turnovers, he will post surprisingly solid numbers.

Q : Our league (of which I am commissioner) is having our Superbowl in week 16 for the first time...we historically have had it in week 17, but changed it this year. Some of the owners are complaining since they feel they lose a week of fantasy football. I know many if not most leagues have made the change to week 16 to avoid some of the benching of star players that often occurs the last week of the season. Is there anything you can suggest for our league for week 17 now that we will be idle (primarily to satisfy some of the disgruntled owners)? Thanks in advance for your help.

Seth M. - Portland, OR

Actually, yes! While totally understanding the Fantasy Superbowl move to week 16 due to benching of many fantasy stars for the NFL playoffs, it can shorten the fantasy season by a week if provisions are not made. It may be too late this year, but a very popular idea is a week 17 shoot-out! Typically, all league teams are thrown back in the running for week 17 and the whole roster (including bench) is used to determine scoring. This week often yields the most fun of the year as the waiver wire booms for kickers and other actives to replace benched players. Usually, a winner-take-all pot is the prize, but you can set it up however you want. In addition, the shoot-out idea is a way to keep your league together and playing until the end since no team is ultimately out of the running until week 17. Have fun with it!

Q : I just heard Priest Holmes is out for the year. If true, it really will have an impact on my team. I drafted Edgerrin James and Willis McGahee as my primary running backs and grabbed Larry Johnson as a backup. Now I have 3 solid RBs. Should I trade one of them? Matt Hasselbeck is my QB and my main wide receivers are Larry Fitzgerald, Terry Glenn, and Dante' Stallworth. Thanks.

Ray W. - Wheeling, WV

The rumor is true. Priest Holmes is out for the year and has been placed on IR. Indeed, you have three top running backs with the departure of Holmes, but your wide receivers are somewhere near average for a twelve team league. My advice is that you trade one of your running backs for a top wide receiver. Any of the three (I'd probably trade McGahee - use his stats as a selling point) will bring a strong wide receiver in return. Beefing up your WR situation will boost your weekly points and may perhaps be the difference between a playoff loss and superbowl contention. In other words, bench points from your 3rd running back won't help you win games...a trade for a quality WR will help you convert those bench points to the field. Good luck Ray!

Q : I need to play two running backs, two wide receivers, and a flex player of these 7...Reggie Wayne, Willie Parker, Deion Branch, Larry Johnson, Eric Parker Warrick Dunn, Cedric Benson. Please help!

Cheri K. - Shaumburg, IL

Hi Cheri! Play Larry Johnson and Warrick Dunn at Reggie Wayne and Deion Branch at Cedric Benson (potentially starting for Thomas Jones, but getting carries regardless) as your flex player.

Q : Another owner has offered me Marvin Harrison for Chad Johnson since he's a Cincy fan. I am thinking about doing it since I'm 5-4 right now and really need every win I can get to make the playoffs. Do you agree? Is there any reason to think that doing this deal will hurt me?

Barry B. - Minneapolis, MN

My advice is that you take the trade. Harrison has 7 TDs (516 yds) to Johnson's 5 TDs (808 yds) through week nine, and Harrison has played one less game (week eight bye). With Johnson on a bye this week, I agree that having Marvin greatly improves your chance of winning. There is no reason to think that either player has a distinct advantage in weeks eleven and beyond, so this trade essentially gives you an extra week with a stud wide receiver. Good luck this weekend!


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