NFL Draft Scouting Report: Kelly Jennings

Kelly Jennings\CB\Miami-Fl

Full Name: Kelly Jennings         School: Miami-Fl

Ht: 5-11    Wt: 180    40: 4.44    Yr: 5Sr

Pos: Terrific cover corner that's flashed great skill the past three seasons. Fluid athlete, fast moving in any direction and displays an excellent burst of closing speed to the play. Smooth back pedaling in reverse, loses nothing transitioning and reads receivers eyes then gets his head back around to make a play on the ball. Follows opponents across the middle, displays a sense of timing and overall awareness. Nicely redirects to the action.

Neg: Not aggressive, gives marginal effort in run defense and easily taken from the action by opposing receivers. Gets out positioned on the inside or gives up on plays.

Analysis: A good prospect that's been on the radar screen since his sophomore campaign, Jennings offers terrific cornerback skills. Needs to develop a physical nature yet has starting potential at the next level.

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