Bengals Report Card

Scout NFL and Bengals Insider deliver the Bengals' grades following their contest with the Colts.

   PASSING OFFENSE: A -- Carson Palmer threw for 335 yards and 
two touchdowns. Despite his one interception, Palmer matched 
Peyton Manning almost pass for pass. The offensive line 
protected Palmer, allowing the league's No. 1 sack defense 
just one sack. Chad Johnson had a career single-game high of 
189 receiving yards.
   RUSHING OFFENSE: A-minus -- The Bengals ran for 164 yards, 
and the only bad call was a third-quarter pitch left to 
Chris Perry on a fourth-and-1 play that was stopped. Perry ran 
for a career-high 82 yards on eight attempts. Rudi Johnson had 
two touchdowns on the ground.
   PASSING DEFENSE: D -- Manning was on fire. The Colts scored 
touchdowns on their first five possessions in the first half. 
Manning threw for 272 yards in the first two quarters alone. 
Cornerback Keiwan Ratliff had an interception that he returned 
deep into Colts territory to set up a late touchdown in the 
second quarter. The Bengals had no answer for TE Dallas Clark, 
who had 125 yards receiving. SS Ifeanyi Ohalete had a poor 
game, missing two key tackles and committing two costly 
   RUSHING DEFENSE: C -- The Bengals concentrated on stopping 
Edgerrin James, and they did in the first half, controlling 
him with just 29 yards on the ground. In the second half, the 
Bengals dropped a safety, and James went for 60 yards. Still, 
a solid job by the Bengals.
   SPECIAL TEAMS: B -- K Shayne Graham made three field goals, 
all from more than 40 yards. The special teams made a valiant 
try at an onside kick at the end of the game. Tab Perry made 
the most of his eight kickoff returns, averaging 22.6 yards 
and running 39 yards with the second-half kickoff to set up a 
scoring drive.
   COACHING: B -- Marvin Lewis had his team ready to play, at 
least offensively. The Bengals believe they are any team's 
equal and talked, even after the eight-point loss, about 
meeting the Colts again in the playoffs. Defensive coordinator 
Chuck Bresnahan could not come up with a scheme that could 
contain the Colts. Offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski made a 
curious call on a fourth-and-1 pitch to the left. The Bengals 
had run for 164 yards right into the teeth of the Indianapolis 

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