NFL Fantasy Mailbox - Week 13

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Q : Hey Freak! I have been riding the Colts all season. I somehow managed to get Peyton Manning, Edgerrin James, and Reggie Wayne all on my fantasy team. But, latest reports are that Tony Dungy may rest them once they've clinched home field advantage. I want to do well in my fantasy playoffs, but now I'm worried. Do I have a chance? Our superbowl is in week 16. Thanks!

Tom A. - Carbondale, IL

Surprisingly,...when drafting players from one strong NFL team, that team can actually be too good. Similar to what happened to Eagle fantasy owners last year, Colt fantasy owners this season are sweating bullets heading into the playoffs. However, I don't see Dungy resting his players until week 16 against Seattle (and that may only be the 2nd half). As of now, the Colts have a two game lead over Denver. Your best bet would be for Denver to keep their pace with Indy, but I frankly don't see it happening. Regardless, I think you can plan on your Colts up to your fantasy superbowl...but they may check out at half time (esp. James).

Q : I've got 6 wide recievers, all 6 of them are valuable. Each and every week I ponder over who I should start. Here they are: Rod Smith, Keyshawn Johnson, Joe Jurevicous, Randy Moss, Larry Fitzgerald, and Anquan Boldin? Which 3 should I start this week?

Steve M. - Tacoma, WA

I'd go with Moss, Boldin, and Fitzgerald in week 13. AZ plays SanFran and Warner will light them up for over 300 and at least a couple of scores...making Boldin and Fitz both great plays. Warner has thrown for an average of over 320 yards per game over the last four games and has seven touchdowns over the span...he should do even better this week. Randy Moss is still banged up and caught only three balls each of the last two weeks without finding the endzone, but Moss is still a threat each time he touches the ball (he caught TDs in weeks 7, 9, and 10 while injured). Joe Jurevicius went off against the Giants, but his production has been inconsistent and only matched numbers similar to week 12 one other time this season. I like the AZ receivers and Moss better this week.

Q : I'm really frustrated with the running back situation in New England. I have owned Corey Dillon, Patrick Pass, and even Mike Cloud. Injuries have been a constant issue with the Patriot RBs. But to make things worse, I think Pats coach Bill Bellichick is purposely messing with me and not being forthright with the health of his backs. I have Shaun Alexander as my primary and went with Dillon as my other RB. At this point I'm ready to give up on NE's running backs and start Mewelde Moore or Samkon Gado. Do you have any advice? Thanks Freak!

Rick N. - Bloomington, IN

Step back away from the ledge Rick. Things will work out. At least you have Alexander! As for NE's RB situation, Mike Cloud was released this week. But that doesn't mean Dillon is playing. He's listed as questionable this week and Dillon's track record hasn't been good for playing hurt. I'd go with Moore this week (Gado is playing the Bears), unless you can confirm Dillon's status by gametime. Good luck to you.

Q : I had heard that Darrell Jackson is starting this weekend. Is he ready and is he worth starting?

Jake S. - Charlotte, NC

Hi Jake. Jackson is out this week, but is expected to return for week 13 against San Francisco. Obviously he is no use to you this week, but definitely have him in your lineup next week against the Niners if he plays.

Q : Hi Freak! I am guaranteed to get a first round bye in my fantasy playoffs. I won't know what to do with myself. Do you have any advice?

Sid T. - Queens, NY

Plan some family time or just relax and finally enjoy some NFL football without the pressure! Have fun and congratulations on your success!

Q : I just read that Rex Grossman is being primed to play for the Bears. I have Kyle Orton as a backup to Peyton Manning and worried that I may have to eventually use my backup. Will Grossman end up starting over Orton? Our lineups lock before the playoffs and I don't want to be without a quarterback. Thanks for your help.

Elmer V. - Zeeland, MI

Hey Elmer. Manning has started every game of his NFL career and it would be a rare thing if he isn't in the starting lineup (and I don't think Dungy sits him for more than a half in weeks 16 and 17 at the worst case), so you should be fine. Orton is the starting quarterback for the Bears unless he gets injured. I wouldn't advise picking up Grossman and think you're in good shape at QB. Good luck in your fantasy playoffs!


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