NFL Fantasy Mailbox - Week 14

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Q : Hi Freak! You have been advising playing both Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald even though they are on the same team. I finally took your advice last week and started them over Joe Jurevicius, Kevin Curtis, and Jeremy Shockey. Thank you. With their help, I won by one point and made the playoffs! Anyway, would you recommend on continuing this strategy considering my other wide receivers (we can only play two in our league)? It still worries me to play two guys on the same team. Thanks for your help.

Trey C. - Paducah, KY

Absolutely. Boldin and Fitzgerald will both continue to get nearly all of Kurt Warner's passing yards. And Warner has been a successful passer regardless of the opponent. In his last five starts since returning from injury, Warner has thrown for 1646 yards. The former Superbowl MVP will continue throwing and Boldin/Fitz reap the benefits with very impressive stats. At this point, both wide receivers are top ten fantasy WR starts and should be started every week.

Q : Our fantasy playoffs start in week 14 (this weekend). Is there any reason to change what I have been doing? This is my first year in fantasy football and I'm really enjoying it, but don't know if there is any reason to change my strategy. Thank you very much for your help.

Raymond V. - Provo, UT

I'm glad you've discovered fantasy football! It looks like you're having some success too! But no, there is no reason to change anything. The only exception would be to watch NFL teams that may rest players for the playoffs (but that doesn't usually happen until week 16 or 17). And...keep an eye on the NFL schedule. There will be some Saturday games in the last couple of weekends, so get your lineup set early. Have fun and good luck!

Q : Dear Fantasy Freak, I am in a keeper fantasy football league and I have an interesting dillema for the rest of the season and I need some help. I have quarterbacks Drew Bledsoe-DAL, Steve McNair-TEN, J.P. Losman-BUF, and Kelly Holcomb-BUF. Who should I start one week and not the rest or who do I start for the rest of the season? I have wide receivers Az-Hakim-N.O.,Terry Glenn-DAL, Keyshawn Johnson-DAL, Koren Robinson-MIN, Marcus Robinson-MIN, Josh Reed-BUF, and Mark Clayton-BALT. Who do I start when? I need another opinion for the stretch run because I am in the last few weeks of our season and I am smokin' people this season, but unsure what to do. Thanks.

Steve H. - Wahpeton, ND

Wow! I'm not sure if you had this team at the start of the season, but who would have thought this lineup could smoke people and that league elders Drew Bledsoe and Terry Glenn would light it up in 2005? Well Steve, given your quarterbacks I think you have to keep going with Bledsoe. His is the much more consistent of the four and is the only one that ranks in the top ten. In fact, Bledsoe has 17 touchdowns (plus two rushing) on the season and has thrown at least one TD in 12 of the team's 13 games...McNair, Losman, and Holcomb total only three more TDs on the season than Bledsoe between them.

I think the same can be said of your wide receivers. Glenn has 48 receptions for 841 yards and five TDs and Keyshawn has 55 receptions for 598 yards and six TDs, so I'd start both even though they're on the same team. For your third wide receiver slot, nobody but Marcus Robinson has more than one TD on the year (he has five). But Koren Robinson is now in coach Mike Tice's good grace and has moved up the chart. His 11 grabs in the last three games (including his 80 yd TD on way to a 148 yard game this past weekend) make him a possible fantasy start over teammate Marcus. Josh Reed and Mark Clayton aren't even worth mentioning.

Q : Okay, I know you got the same question last week...but is Darrell Jackson finally starting this weekend. And is he ready and worth starting?

Rick B. - Chicago, IL

Word out of Seattle is that Jackson will practice on Friday and play this weekend barring any setbacks. But coach Mike Holmgren only plans on using Jackson in limited fashion. When fully healthy, DJ is Seattle's key receiver so playing him this weekend is a risk. I recommend benching him one more week if you have a decent option. Good luck!

Q : I need to win this weekend to make the playoffs and need to pick 3 of these 5 wide receivers to start (Anquan Boldin, Braylon Edwards, Reggie Wayne, Muhsin Muhammad, and Eric Moulds). Please give me some advice. Thank you very much!

Dave W. - Knoxville, TN

Your choice is actually easier than it appears. Braylon Edwards tore his ACL in the 4th quarter this past weekend and is done for the season. And, reports out of Buffalo indicate that Moulds will be suspended for one game. looks like the plays this weekend for you are Boldin, Wayne, and Muhammad - which is probably the way I'd lean if all five were playing.

Q : Hey Freak. My lousy season is over and can't believe I'm still talking fantasy football. My luck was horrible this year. I started off the year with Daunte Culpepper, Ahman Green, Priest Holmes, and Terrell Owens (I'm almost crying now as I write this). I was the favorite to win my league, but we all know what happened. Fortunately, however, I'm in a keeper league. But, we can only keep two players. Our league doesn't use a salary, so basically I just need to decide which two guys to keep. Who would you choose?

Art T. - Mesa, AZ

Yikes! You really got I gave you a chance to vent publicly. To answer your question, I'd go with Owens and Culpepper. Holmes' future scares me and I think Green has lost a step or two. But, my guess is that you have months to ponder your decision and things may change between now and then. Good luck Art and sorry about your season.

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