NFL Fantasy Mailbox - Week 15

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Q : This week I need to decide to play either the Colts D against San Diego - or - Denver's D against Buffalo. I've stuck with the Colts every week except when Denver played the Jets and I'm concerned that San Diego might be the team to put more than 20 pts against the Colts. Any advice is appreciated.

Blake B. - Baltimore, MD

I'd go with Denver's defense. Buffalo is out of the race and their offense has looked pathetic lately. In addition, Denver needs the game to stay in the running for the 2nd spot and a first round bye (Cincy right there with them). I just don't see Buffalo doing much...and weather may be a factor.

SD has much more of a chance to score on the Colts indoors than Buffalo against Denver in the cold. Dungy will play his starters and go for the win, but winning by 30 won't be necessary...the Colts will play only well enough to win.

Q : I have a real tough one now. It is the playoffs and I don't have a good QB. I need to start one these players. Brad Johnson vs Pitt -OR- Brett Favre vs Balt -OR- Fitzpatrick vs Philly -OR- Bulger (Still injured I think)

Also I have to start five of these players: Shaun Alexander, Jerome Bettis, TJ Duckett, Chris Perry, Marvin Harrison, Anquin Boldin, Isaac Bruce, Chris Henry, Amani Toomer

Can you help me out?! Thanks!

John B.

There is no clear favorite of the QBs you listed. Yes, Bulger is out - so it's basically between Johnson, Favre, and Fitzpatrick. I'd give the slight edge to Johnson since he is indoors at home. The Steeler defense is strong against the run, but Johnson should be able to throw on them (but his success will be limited). Fitzgerald is also indoors at home (and with quality WRs against a weak Philly secondary), but he is a gamble due to his inexperience and inconsistency. Favre has put some decent fantasy numbers this season, but is on the road in Baltimore with a game that should be relatively low scoring.

Your other choice is a bit easier. I'd go with Alexander, Harrison, Boldin, Bettis, and Duckett. Good luck to you!

Q : Hey Freak! I drafted LaDainian Tomlinson as my number one guy and have been riding him all season. But I understand he is banged up this week. I'm also worried about him playing on the road against the Colts' defense. Should I start Domanick Davis over him this week?

Drew W. - Harrisburg, PA

Tomlinson practiced a full day on Thursday and is good to go against the Colts in a game that I think will be high scoring. Davis may play, but is listed as questionable and missed part of Thursday's practice. Tomlinson is the much better play this week and shouldn't be benched in any format.

Q : Darrell Jackson has been on my bench for two months. Should I start him over Keyshawn Johnson, Isaac Bruce, Travis Taylor, or Muhsin Muhammad?

Travis C. - Iowa City, IA

Jackson is starting and will again be a key in Hasselbeck's passing offense. Yes, I'd start him over Keyshawn, Bruce, Taylor and Muhammad. DJ will be looking to get back in the full swing of things and it starts this weekend.

Q : I'm in the second round of our playoffs, but I'm worried about Shaun Alexander. Will Holmgren start to bench him? Obviously, it's Alexander that got me here in the first place. If he sits, then I'm done. Our fantasy superbowl is next week provided I make it though this weekend. Thanks.

Don A. - Traverse City, MI

Alexander is playing this weekend against Tennessee and will do well. Even with a home field clinch next weekend, I believe that Alexander will play if past years with Holmgren and Alexander are any indication (keeping the rushing title also helps his chances of playing). But, let's wait until next week to fully examine Alexander and his prospects of being benched toward the end of the regular season. Good luck this weekend Don!

Q : Thanks for the help. You made the right calls, but I ended up losing anyways. However, I will be looking forward to next year, and I will definitely request your help for a tough call next year. Thank You.

Johnny P. - Columbus, OH

Hey Johnny! Thanks for following and taking the time to write. We'll be back better than ever next season with draft analysis and full fantasy coverage. Congrats on a season that got you into your fantasy playoffs! Happy Holidays!.

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