NFL Fantasy Mailbox - Week 16

As week 16 of the NFL season approaches, most fantasy teams still in contention are preparing for their fantasy football Superbowl. We answer your fantasy questions here in the mailbox. Happy Holidays!

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Q : I have three quarterbacks; who would you start in week 16: Eli Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, or Drew Bledsoe? I didn't win last week, so I'm playing for "pride" and the #3 Spot. No back to back championship this year. Thanks and Happy Holidays!

Hilde P.

The Steelers and Cowboys are in must win situations this weekend and the Giants need the win for a shot at a first round playoff all three QBs will be gunning for their teams. Ironically, all three are also on the road. In this case, I think you have to look at the opponents. Carolina and Washington both need the wins and have the better of the three defenses. Although Cleveland is still a division rival to Pittsburgh, their record is 5-9 and have a defense that Big Ben should be able to pick apart. I'd give the edge to Roethlisberger over Manning and Bledsoe. Good luck!

Q : Somehow, I'm still going (thank you Tiki Barber!) and headed to my FF Superbowl. My question is at quarterback. I started the year with Donovan McNabb and switched to Kurt Warner when McNabb went down. My waiver wire was extremely thin before it closed prior to my playoffs, so I grabbed Kyle Orton and Rex Grossman (in case Warner faltered). Basically, is there a snowball's chance Grossman will do anything for me?

Andy O. - Panama City, FL

This is a case where you have no choice and have to just hang on. But, to make you feel better...yes, Grossman may have a decent game against the Packers and could post a touchdown or two. If Barber puts up the numbers he had last week, you won't need much from Grossman.

Q : Hey Freak! I lost in the second round of my playoffs, but I am in a keeper I still have decisions to make. Our league makes us decide our keepers by the NFL Superbowl. We can keep 5 players and there is no basically I just need to decide which guys I'm keeping. I've narrowed it down to 8. Please give me some advice as to which 5 you'd pick (Plaxico Burress, Antonio Gates, Edgerrin James, Michael Vick, Terrell Owens, Mike Vanderjagt, Darrell Jackson, Terry Glenn). Thanks in advance for your help.

Gavin K. - Memphis, TN

Wow! Your team was loaded and likely the preseason favorite, but I understand why (primarily due to injuries, etc.) your team didn't make it to the final game. My suggestion for next year's keepers is that you hold on to Edge, Owens, Gates, Jackson, and Burress! Good luck!

Q : I've made it to my Superbowl, but have a running back dilemma. I need to start two of these four...Edgerrin James, LaMont Jordan, Ronnie Brown, and Willis McGahee. I am worried about Edge's playing time and McGahee has been doing poorly, so I don't know what to do. Please help!

Jon Y. - Marietta, GA

Edge definitely won't play the full game, but he will play and produce prior to being pulled. McGahee is still a quality back, but is in a poorly managed offense and has been somewhat a victim of circumstance. Jordan and Brown, however, are doubtful and not expected to play on Sunday. Watch this situation closely to see if either Jordan or Brown play, but playing Edge for a half and playing a struggling McGahee are better than playing backs that don't see the field.

Q : Our league is having a 'shootout' in week 17 (our Superbowl is this coming weekend). We actually got the idea for the shootout from one of your columns. We are in a keeper league and moved our Superbowl to week 16 due to problems with resting starters, this is a great solution to give us 17 full weeks. Here is our question...Would you advise that we allow the waiver wire to open back up between weeks 16 and 17? Is there any reason to limit the quantity of certain positions? Thanks for your help and thanks for the idea! It should be fun!

Felipe C. - Wheeling, WV

Hey Felipe! Actually, you can do whatever you'd like. But, I think that opening the waiver wire may be a fun idea for the last week since you are in a keeper league. You will find that some in your league will stock up on kickers to help their chances of wining the shootout, while others in your league will use the wire to pick up bargains and potential for next season (the difference in strategy will really make things interesting). I see no reason to limit pickups, but you will need to make sure that your rules are clear to all league owners regarding waiver order (esp. with multiple pickups). Good luck this weekend!

Q : We had our Superbowl in week 15 and I won!!!! (my first ever!). Thanks for the help this season. I'm in a keeper league and already looking forward to 2006. Thank you again!

Steve E. - Lebanon, TN

Congrats Steve on your first Superbowl win! Most leagues have moved to a week 16 Superbowl, but some (including yours) have even moved their S-bowl up to week 15. Thanks for the note...I look forward to hearing from you again and plan on being here next season with full draft analysis and fantasy coverage. Congratulations again on a perfect fantasy season and Happy Holidays to you and all!

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