Scouting the Music City Bowl

A feast for draftniks as this contest will have as many as three first-round picks on the field and another five initial-day picks on the field at any one time.


Name Pos # Yr Rnd Report
Jared Ellerson WR 83 5Sr FA Solid pass catcher with potential as a #5 wide out in the NFL.
Greg Eslinger C 61 4Sr 3rd
Athletic blocker with terrific skills in motion.  Perfect fit for a Denver Broncos type of scheme.
Mark Losli DT 97 5Sr FA Possesses size and growth potential yet must take his game to the next level.
Laurence Maroney RB 22 3Jr 1st
Lacks classic size yet a complete back who carried his team last year.
Kyle McKenzie OLB 52 4Sr 7th
Solid playmaker best on the outside.
Anthony Montgomery DT 95 4Sr 4\5
Big, athletic lineman who controls the middle.  Has first-day potential yet must play hard on every down and use his size as an advantage.
Mark Setterstrom G 68 4Sr 7th  
Matt Spaeth TE 89 4Jr 3\4 Terrific future prospect turning into a complete tight end.


Name Pos # Yr Rnd Report
Brian Barthelmes G 62 5Sr FA Big, strong blocker with limited upside.
Ahmad Brooks ILB 34 3Jr 1\2 Game changer in the middle of the field who has suffered several injuries this season.  Top ten potential, yet would be making a big mistake if he leaves for the '06 draft.
Brad Butler T 69 4Sr 6\7 Strong, nasty right tackle prospect best in confined quarters.
D'Brickashaw Ferguson T 66 4Sr 1st Top-five pick last year who could be a top-three selection next April.
Marques Hagans QB 18 5Sr FA College QB who projects to either S\WR\RB.
Marcus Hamilton CB 3 4Jr 3rd Solid shutdown corner for '07.
Wali Lundy RB 33 4Sr 5\6 Explosive ball carrier who flashes power.
Kai Parham OLB 44 4Jr 2\3 Terrific defender with the ability to be used at several linebacker spots.
Kwakou Robinson DE 98 4Sr FA  
Brennan Schmidt DE 96 5Sr FA  
Jason Snelling FB 38 4Jr 5\6 Slowly rounding into a triple-threat fullback.


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