Shrine Game: Notes & Interviews - Tuesday

Most teams are in attendance and have their scouts conducting interviews. Here's a list of the players scouts were talking to after Tuesdays practices. Some scouts in the stands were discussing the low key nature of many of this years participants. It seems many of the players here are spending too much time in their hotel rooms or on the river walk and not meeting with the NFL teams as much as they would like.


James Anderson spoke with the Bears.

The Browns spoke with Tim McGarigle and Leon Washington.

The Vikings spoke with Anthony Schlegel.

The Ravens spoke with Rob Sims.

The Panthers spoke with Kyle Roper.

The Chargers spoke with Jabari Levey, Jason Spitz, Rob Nincovitch, and Nick Hartigan.


The Panthers spoke with David Anderson, Drew Olson, Gilbert Harris and Justin London.

The Saints spoke with Fredicc Brock and Chris Gocong.

The Ravens spoke with David Anderson and Chris Chester.

The Bears spoke with Mike Haas, Boone Stutz, EJ Whitley, and Johnny Jolly.

The Raiders spoke with David Anderson and Taurean Henderson.

The Chiefs spoke with Dwayne Slay, Nick Milhauser, and Devan Long.

The Cowboys at one point took all three tight ends on the roster and corralled them for a long discussion.

Tampa Bay talked with both Johnny Jolly and Frostee Rucker.

The Browns spoke with Mike Haas and Johnny Jolly.


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