Shrine Game Practice Review: West Squad

While the game is yet to be played, NFL scouts have long since left San Antonio. The 2006 Shrine Bowl practices are now in the books. Our man on the scene, Brent Foshee, briefly describes the prospects on the West squad after taking in every practice.

No. Name Pos School Notes
1 Reggie McNeal QB Texas A&M Erratic passer all week
2 Todd Watkins WR BYU Exciting playmaker who caught the eye of scouts
3 Dwayne Slay S Texas Tech Not effective in coverage
4 David Anderson WR Colorado St Hard working, fundamentally sound,  and made plays all week
5 Keith Ellison LB Oregon St Excelled in coverage
6 Justin London LB UCLA Strong downhill player with some lateral speed
7 Cory Ross RB Nebraska Quick, elusive runner and potential third down back with improved hands
8 Jeff Webb WR SD St Extends hands and fearless going over the middle
9 Darrell Brooks S Arizona Marginally effective in pass coverage
10 Danieal Manning DB Abilene Christian One of the better cornerbacks in attendance.  Needs to adjust to higher speed
11 Jaxson Appel S Texas A&M Did not stand out
12 Jason Carter WR Texas A&M Good hands and excellent routes
13 Paul Pinegar QB Fresno St Best quarterback on hand.  Made good decisions all week.
14 Drew Olson QB UCLA Decent arm strength though not accurate
15 Tom Malone P USC Gets altitude on his punts, but not distance
16 David Thomas TE Texas Better catching passes than blocking
18 Willie Andrews DB Baylor Did not stand out
19 Taurean Henderson RB Texas Tech Fast runner with good change of direction.
20 David Kirtman FB USC Solid lead blocker
22 DonTrell Moore RB New Mexico Patient, well balanced runner. Has good speed and awareness
24 Justin Wyatt DB USC Better in man off or zone situations
25 Quincy Butler DB TCU Did not stand out
26 Jonathan Scifres K Missouri St Strong kickoffs
28 Mike Hass WR Oregon St Runs solid routes and has nice hands
33 Josh Powell S San Jose St Physical safety best near the line of scrimmage
36 Gilbert Harris FB Arizona Not effective as a blocker
37 Jon Alston LB Stanford Pass coverage specialist?
44 Adrian Byrd FB New Mexico Solid blocker that can also catch the ball
45 Trent Bray LB Oregon St Decent depth on drops but did not appear to be as physical as advertised
47 Kevin Schimmelmann LB Stanford Excellent speed and awareness. Frequently around the ball
51 Jamar Williams LB Arizona St Excellent speed though more comfortable facing the action
52 Jasper Harvey OL SD St Overpowered much of the week
53 Jeromey Clary OL Kansas St Looks like he has the size and skills to play on the left side
56 Manase Hopoi DL Washington Quick defensive tackle that got penetration
59 Fredricc Brock LB Texas So. Did not stand out
64 Chris Chester OL Oklahoma Athletic but looked slow off the snap
65 Nick Mihlhauser OL Wash St Did not stand out
66 Le Kevin Smith DL Nebraska Quick defensive tackle with good leverage and pass rush skills
67 Joe Toledo OT Washington Big bodied; effective in space, though likely only a strong side tackle
72 Michael Toudouze OL TCU Solid fundamentals and athleticism; must add strength/size
73 Chris Kuper OL N Dakota Physical but had difficulty with stronger competition
75 E.J. Whitley OL Texas Tech Has a Mean Streak
76 Paul McQuistan OL Weber State Very raw but has solid potential
78 Aaron Merz OL California Dominating inside blocker
85 Tim Day TE Oregon Equally strong in passing game and blocking
88 Boone Stutz TE/LS Texas A&M Rough week with his snaps
90 Frostee Rucker DL USC Explosive outside rusher
92 Devan Long DL Oregon Solid outside rush skills; good pursuit
93 Chris Gocong DL Cal Poly Good athleticism but must get stronger
94 Steve Fifita DL Utah Short defensive tackle plays with good leverage
96 Daniel Federkeil DL Calgary Tall quick player but had difficulty changing direction and coming off blocks
97 Johnny Jolly DL Texas A&M Athletic playmaker along defensive line. Gets good penetration; physical

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