Senior Bowl North Team Practice Reports

*UPDATED* 1/27/06 - Daily practice reports from the North Squad practices.

Player Pos School Height Weight Arm Hand
Jay Cutler QB Vanderbilt 6027 223 9 1/4 32

Weigh-In Notes: Long and lean.

Monday Practice Notes: He had one of the best performances of any of the skill offensive players. The ball jumped out of his hand during the session and he displayed good zip on his passes and hit his receivers in stride. He showed good arm strength and accuracy for most of the practice. He looked to be one of the better passers we've seen in Mobile over the last few years.
Tuesday Practice Notes:    He clearly was the best on the field at his position during the session. Cutler throws a hard ball that is some times tough to catch but he throws an accurate pass for the most part. He did a good job of evading the pass rush in 11-on-11 drills and was able to get off accurate throws on the run. Cutler has no wasted motion which is a good trait to have for such a young signal caller.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Again, he was solid again during most practice drills. Cutler, after starting off slowly with some off target throws, rebounded nicely. His footwork and technical aspects of his game were solid as they have been all week. In live 11-on-11 drills, Cutler was able to throw with accuracy through a tight window which wasn't the case with any of the other signal callers. He also doesn't seem to get rattled by pressure.
Thursday Practice Notes:  He did a great job of throwing in tight quarters and finished off the week with another very solid performance.
Analysis:  Cutler was clearly the best at his position all week and really looked like a polished signal caller. He passed with poise and never seemed to be rattled and also did a good job of moving in the pocket and stepping up to make his throws. There's no question he helped his draft stock after his performance in Mobile this week.
Michael Robinson QB Penn State 6010 218 9 3/8 30 1/2

Weigh-In Notes:  Long and lean yet well built.

Monday Practice Notes:  His delivery caused some of his throws to be off line. He showed to have an above average arm and he did a good job in throwing under duress. The longer the throw the less accurate he was, however.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  He struggled mightily for the first half of the session as many of his passes sailed high or wide. After settling down with his mechanics, he was more accurate. He still takes too long with his setup.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  He saw plenty of time at receiver during the Wednesday practice session. Robinson, when playing at quarterback, was off on many throws. He picked up his play during 7-on-7 drills and hit a few big plays down field. Still, he has shown to be an inaccurate passer this week who needs a lot of work if he's going to make it at the next level at the position. As a receiver, his route running was better than expected but he had concentration lapses when catching the football but his technique was proper..  The speed he has is evident but asking him to become a receiver in a day wasn't the best idea. He struggled with his routes and did not catch a pass while getting 5-10 plays and three balls thrown his way. He did handle the ball well on kickoff returns. 
Thursday Practice Notes:  He did a better job of throwing in traffic but still missed on too many passes. Robinson saw a few plays at receiver in the practice session but spend most of it behind center.
Analysis:  The consensus in Mobile from various scouts is that he'll have to play another position at the next level if he's to make a final roster. Robinson lacks consistency on his throws and looks like his form is more of a push.
Charlie Whitehurst QB Clemson 6042 216 9 1/8 32 5/8

Weigh-In Notes:  Marginal definition.

Monday Practice Notes:  He had an over the top delivery which resulted in a mostly inaccurate session of passing. He did show good footwork and an above average arm.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  He showed improvement with his footwork and his short throws but Whitehurst struggled to get the ball down the field with any accuracy and showed a lack of arm strength.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  For the second straight practice session, Whitehurst showed improvement with his footwork and accuracy with his throws. He still takes too long to get rid of the football which many scouts noted this week.
Thursday Practice Notes:  He did a much better job of throwing in traffic which was what he was mainly asked to do in Thursday's session.
Analysis:  He was way too inconsistent this week with his throws though he showed improvement in the last few days. Whitehurst's over the top delivery seemed to be an issue with scouts and many question where he'll be able to make it at the next level.
Mike Bell RB Arizona 6000 218 9 1/4 33 1/4

Weigh-In Notes:  Compact with thick shoulders.  Heavy footed.

Monday Practice Notes:  He ran hard during the entire session though holes that really weren't there for him. Bell looked to lack good speed but show to have good power.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  He showed improvement over the first session in all facets of his game. Bell seemed to have a better burst and was quicker to the hole. For the most part he struggled in blocking drills and also dropped a few catchable throws.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  He had perhaps his best day of the week so far during Wednesday's session. Bell showed a little wiggle on his runs and did a nice job of being patient to set up his blocks.  Once again had trouble catching the ball.
Thursday Practice Notes:  He continued to run hard and ran well inside. Catching passes out of the backfield was inconsistent.
Analysis:  He clearly is an inside runner who lacks breakaway speed but will make the hard yards. While he tends to run a bit upright, Bell has decent shake moves which help him create some elusiveness from defenders. He was a bit inconsistent out of the backfield but showed to be a willing blocker. Overall, he didn't do much to help or hurt his draft stock and will need do pick up the pace at the combine.
Jerome Harrison RB Washington State 5091 196 9 30 1/2

Weigh-In Notes:  Well built for a small man.

Monday Practice Notes:  He was one of the most impressive performances during the session. Harrison showed great speed to the outside while also finishing of his runs. He reminded us a little of Brian Westbrook.
Tuesday Practice Notes: For the second straight day, he was the best back on the field for the North squad. Harrison was outstanding again on his runs around end and showed improvement in running inside. While he doesn't have a lot of bulk, he was a willing blocker.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  He did a good job of running inside during the practice session while continuing to be hard to bring down on the outside. For a small player, he's a willing blocker.
Thursday Practice Notes:  He continued to make his mark on outside runs while also doing a nice job in space on pass routes.
Analysis:  Harrison was the best back on the North squad all week in most facets. He displayed very good speed to the edge and once he got around end, he was almost impossible to stop. He also did a nice job out of the backfield and was very difficult to defend in space. The only negative is that he tends to try to break a lot of his runs to the outside when they're holes to be run through inside. Overall, he really helped himself in Mobile.
Cedric Humes RB Virginia Tech 6002 227 9 7/8 32 3/4

Weigh-In Notes:  Soft build.

Monday Practice Notes:  The powerful back had a good session and found success inside. While not showing speed and he was still able to find some daylight on several of his carries and he did a good show of cutting back.
Tuesday Practice Notes: He continues to run hard even when there isn't much of a hole to run through. He also did a good job most of the time of keeping his pad level down on his carries. Humes also did a solid job in pass blocking. He seemed to show improvement over the first session.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  The big back struggled to make yardage after first contact and has to keep his pad level down. In space, he did a good job of beating the defender and displayed a few nice moves. He reminds us somewhat of former Ohio St. back Jonathan Wells.
Thursday Practice Notes:  He did a nice job of setting up his blocks and ran well inside during the practice session. He also did a nice job of catching the football out of the backfield.
Analysis:  The big bodied back is a hard runner but isn't elusive enough to make defenders miss consistently. Humes rarely broke off any runs over 5-6 yards but he improved over the course of the week in setting up his blockers and also improved in catching the ball of the backfield. He also did a good job in pass protection. Overall, he really didn't standout.
Terrence Whitehead RB Oregon 5096 213 9 3/4 29

Weigh-In Notes:  Minimal definition.

Monday Practice Notes: He did a good job of hitting the hole and had a few nice runs while also showing good feet.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  He struggled in pass blocking for most of the session but picked it up near the end of drills. Whitehead did a decent job on his cut back runs during team drills.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  At times, he runs heavy legged and has trouble getting away from defenders. Still, Whitehead has run hard and has shown improvement in pass blocking.
Thursday Practice Notes:
Analysis:  He showed some skill running inside and outside and has good feet. Whitehead had an issue with ball security and also with pass blocking this week which must be improved upon.
Lawrence Vickers FB Colorado 5117 239 10 31 7/8

Weigh-In Notes:  Soft for a fullback and needs weight room work.

Monday Practice Notes:  He ran slow on his carries but did a nice job of catching the ball out of the backfield.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  He did the best job of all backs in pass protection. He struggled to run the football but did a decent job out of the backfield on pass routes and showed to have decent hands.  Very explosive at the point of attack.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  He got a chance to catch the ball out of the backfield and showed to have decent hands. Vickers was one of the better blockers of the session.
Thursday Practice Notes:  He only carried the ball a few times during the practice session but continued to run well on the inside.
Analysis:  For a big back, he has a little wiggle on his runs and he did a nice job of gaining extra yards after contact. Still, he's not going to out run anyone and also wasn't able to beat anyone outside. For the most part, he blocked very well this week. Overall, he had a nice week.
Dominique Byrd TE USC 6023 252 9 5/8 32 3/8

Weigh-In Notes:  Soft with minimal muscle definition.

Monday Practice Notes:  The tight ends coach stopped him several times and got on him to run his routes more precisely. Byrd was able to get open on several short throws and showed to have good hands.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Fluid athlete he was able to get downfield on several occasions and make plays in the secondary.  Not very physical in any aspect.  Was unwilling to extend for the pass if it meant getting hit.  Blocks with leverage and displays pop at the point yet gave marginal effort finishing blocks.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Quickly released off the line and showed shiftiness in the open field.  Made some nice catches in the middle of the field.  Again- not very physical in any aspect.
Thursday Practice Notes:  Displayed a lot of quickness all morning.  Still has trouble in physical battles and lost out on one pass when he had definite positioning on Iwuh.
Analysis:  People knew coming into the week Bryd was a terrific pass catcher, and he did nothing to dissuade that thought.  The problem was he did not change scouts minds that he is a mediocre blocker on his best days and not a very physical player.
Joe Klopfenstein TE Colorado 6052 250 10 1/8 33 1/4

Weigh-In Notes:  Narrow built but solid muscle tone.

Monday Practice Notes:  He did a nice job of running good routes during the session and got open repeatedly. He also did a good job of catching the ball in traffic. While he lacks good speed, his fundamentals are so strong that he should be able to overcome many obstacles at the next level.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Solid job all day catching the ball.  Found the open seams in the defense and made several nice receptions in the middle of triple teams.  Gave effort blocking and plays with solid fundamentals yet not very explosive at the point.  Also disappointed in that he did not show a quick burst of acceleration off the line.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Ran solid routes getting separation from opponents all day.  Fast moving laterally.  Does an excellent job shielding opponents away with his frame.   And caught the ball well to boot.  Looked better as a blocker today, though there is still room for improvement.
Thursday Practice Notes:  Made a lot of nice stabs throughout the practice.  Did a terrific job of finding the open seam in the defense all morning.
Analysis:  On the whole one must say Klopfenstein did a terrific job here in Mobile and improved his draft ranking.  He presented himself as a natural receiver with good football intelligence and flashes ability as a blocker.
Jason Avant WR Michigan 6003 209 9 1/2 32 1/2

Weigh-In Notes:  V-shape and well built.

Monday Practice Notes:  He was slow to begin his routes but was able to get open more often than not. He also showed good technique when catching the ball.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Easily bumped off routes on the line and did not show much physicality.  Was hard on himself and carried that over to the next play.  Streaky.  He fights hard each play with mixed results.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Had an exceptional practice. Sold his route by dropping a shoulder to fake inside or out before going the opposite way. It caused nightmares for the defensive backfield. Elusive in the open field and has yard after catch ability.
Thursday Practice Notes: He continued to show improvement with his technique while making a few catches over the middle but getting separation is still an issue.
Analysis:  Improved through the week and displayed elusiveness after the catch. Responded to coaching on his route running and made catches in traffic.
Derek Hagan WR Arizona State 6013 203 8 3/4 32 1/4

Weigh-In Notes:  Trim and lean.

Monday Practice Notes:  The angular pass catcher was able to beat coverage most of the session and did a good job of route running. He was very impressive adjusting to errant throws.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  A lot of dropped balls as he lets it get into his body.  Most catches were juggled and he did not display soft hands.  Slow in and out of breaks.  Very good blocker.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Will go up for the ball in traffic and made a play or two in tight coverage. Overall, he did not display solid hands, dropping more than a few passes.
Thursday Practice Notes:  After a few days of dropping too many passes, Hagan has really come on and helped himself by displaying better hands. He did a good job of looking the ball in and securing it.
Analysis:  Must be glad the week is over. A lot of double catching and overall did not display good hands, dropping a few. Made some plays in traffic and was relentless as a blocker.
Martin Nance WR Miami-Oh 6037 208 10 5/8 33

Weigh-In Notes:  Long, lean and good build.

Monday Practice Notes:  He looked smooth getting off the line and did a good job of brining the ball in. Nance was able to use his size to fend off defenders.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Does not fight for the ball when it is in the air, letting the defense dictate the game.  Poor body positioning between the ball and the defender. Ran crisp routes.  Called a project by Green Bay Packer  scouts.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Had his best practice. After not working for the ball earlier in the week, fought off defenders and used his size to his advantage. Made two over the shoulder catches with two defenders in his face.
Thursday Practice Notes:  After a slow start, Nance picked up the pace and made several nice catches on intermediate to longer routes.
Analysis:  Began to use his stature as the week progressed. Early on he did not attack the ball but began to show he can with proper coaching.
Maurice Stovall WR Notre Dame 6041 216 9 3/4 34 1/4

Weigh-In Notes:  Long and cut up. Lots of muscle tone.

Monday Practice Notes:  He had a rather non-descript session. Stovall did make a few nice catches in traffic.
Tuesday Practice Notes:   Physical off the line and tries to arm-hook the defender to turn him around.  Effective getting off the bump and shields the ball from the defender.  Does not, however, sell his routes.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Maintained a strong presence in his release off the line and ran better routes. Caught a few passes in traffic but did not stand out.
Thursday Practice Notes:  He continued to display good route running and beat the secondary deep on out routes and on a few fades.
Analysis:  Very physical off the line and showed some ability in creating separation. Poor route running allowed the cornerbacks to catch up to him. Uses his body to box out the defender.
Demetrius Williams WR Oregon 6013 188 9 34 3/4

Weigh-In Notes:  Skinny and needs development.

Monday Practice Notes:  He was one of the better performers of the session at the position and often beat coverage. Williams, whether he caught the ball inside or outside in the coverage, was able to find open spaces and he did well running after the catch.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Excellent hands and sees the ball in before making fluid movements up the field.  Good field presence for the sidelines and coverage.  Locates the ball well on errant throws and makes it looks
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Best hands of the group. Tucks the ball after the reception and maintains his speed for yards after the catch. Route running is precise which makes him very elusive.
Thursday Practice Notes:  As has been the case all week, he was very solid with his footwork in practice drills and he did a nice job catching the ball with good technique.
Analysis:  The best receiver in Mobile. Impressed with his hands, route running and overall game. Good body positioning and soft hands.
Travis Wilson WR Oklahoma 6011 208 9 5/8 31 3/4

Weigh-In Notes:  Solid with wide shoulders.

Monday Practice Notes:  He did a solid job of getting open and ran good routes through out the session. Wilson also made nice catches in traffic.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  A lot of wasted movement in his route running.  Does not help the quarterback with poor routes.  Slow off the line but showed a second gear to blow by defenders.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Was not good coming in and out of his breaks and anything that required he change directions. Rounded his routes instead of coming out square.
Thursday Practice Notes:  He had several outstanding catches in traffic and he also displayed good hands. Wilson did a good job of keeping his feet in bounds on sideline patterns.
Analysis:  Did not run crisp routes and made the quarterbacks look bad. Struggled with change of direction but has straightaway speed.
Daryn Colledge OL Boise State 6040 295 9 3/8 32 3/4

Weigh-In Notes:  Needs upper body work...flat chest.

Monday Practice Notes:  Looked fundamentally very sound.  Stopped Kiwanuka dead in his tracks during one pass blocking drill.  Patient and intelligent.  Used his hands very well.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Problems throughout the day began and ended with his poor hand work.  Now he does possess a quick punch, but it is all over the place.   It appears he does not quite grasp what his aiming point should be.  There were times when he was beat clean because he never landed or was completely wide on his punch.  At one point the coaching staff tried to correct the problem by having Colledge use a "flash" punch (meaning he automatically shot the hands off the snap whether he needed to or not).
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Continues to show sloppy handwork.   He wrestles defenders more than he initiates a proper punch.  Saw some action at guard today.   Had some problems in pass recognition during a defensive line stunt drill.   Titans coaching staff feels Colledge is athletic enough to man one of the wings on the back wedge of the kick off.
Thursday Practice Notes:  Possesses quick feet.   His hand play improved overall today, but still winds up to much on his initial punch.
Analysis:  Entered this week with the potential to really solidify himself as top prospect from a small school.   Showed athleticism and quick feet to keep himself in the first day mix but needs tremendous amounts of work with his hand technique at the next level.   At times Colledge looked like a pterodactyl winding up to take his punch, more often than not, missing his aiming point.
D'Brickashaw Ferguson OL Virginia 6054 297 10 3/8 36 1/4

Weigh-In Notes:  Long arms with underdeveloped chest.

Monday Practice Notes:  Was tremendous in pass blocking drills.  Stopped Kiwanuka on four straight one-on-one's.  Outstanding technique and fundamentals.  Did not look nearly as dominant run blocking.  In fact looked rather ordinary at times.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Continues to be everything that was expected:  quick, athletic, and technically sound.   BUT there was one occasion where this highly touted prospect was beaten clean.   Ferguson put himself in too deep of a set and was beaten clean underneath.   Outside of the one lapse, he continued to show a nice base, wonderful recovery ability, and finishing his blocks.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Everything as advertised.   Just a pure athlete at the position as evidenced by his ability to cut off a safety on the backside of a zone stretch.  In pass protection Ferguson was again smooth, technically sound, and especially showed a strong post leg.   The one downside is when asked to drive a defender off the ball, Ferguson does not get the greatest push.
Thursday Practice Notes:  Earlier in the week, D'Brickashaw showed a strong post leg.   What helps make his post leg so strong is he uses his shoulders well in pass protection.  He never commits to opening his shoulders until he has to, hence why pass rushers have so much trouble trying to come underneath.   His athleticism was on display today as well, as he was able to reach and then hook a scraping backside linebacker.
Analysis:  Clearly the most talented lineman here in Mobile, and arguably the best player on the field overall. Technique was superb.   Elite athletic ability at the position was apparent.   Rarely was beaten by any defenders.   The one slight of the week would be the same one coming in, Ferguson does not get as much push at the point of attack as some would like.   Ferguson was everything which was advertised and did nothing to hurt his top 10, possibly top 5, status. 
Davin Joseph OL Oklahoma 6022 304 11 1/4 35

Weigh-In Notes:  Epitome of a wide bodied lineman...thick and big.

Monday Practice Notes:  Stoned opponents all afternoon, stopping defenders dead in their tracks.  Stayed square and did not give up an inch.  Struggled at times against quick, nimble defenders and could not adjust.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Joseph is obviously strong as a bull and because of his complete lack of a punch, he needs this strength to effectively block his assignments.  Accompanying his strength to overcome bad technique, Joseph has shown nice recovery ability in passing situations when it appears he is beat initially.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Showed very good agility and an aptitude for pulling and working in space.  His pulls were quick and he recognized his blocks quickly as well.  In pass protection today, Joseph displayed a weak post leg which let multiple defenders beat him underneath.
Thursday Practice Notes:  The problem all today was with extension.   Joseph simply did not get any extension with his arms today on his blocks, and it puts him in a terrible position against defenders.   A result would be Joseph showing a complete lack of a strong punch.
Analysis:  The move back from tackle to guard was a rocky transition.   Joseph excelled when asked to get in space to make a block or get to the second level and cut off linebackers.  Inside against more powerful 1 and 3 techniques, Joseph struggled.  His biggest problems were in his technique.  IF he landed a punch it was powerful, but overall was a rare occurrence this week.  Had trouble with downblocks and underneath moves.  A solid prospect who definitely has room to grow but is still raw overall.
Duece Lutui OL USC 6031 338 10 3/8 33 1/4

Weigh-In Notes:  Traps and some upper body build yet needs work.

Monday Practice Notes:  Looked dominant at times.  Once he got his hands into defenders they were unable to come free.   Took Gabe Watson from the action in one-on-one drills.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Struggles after initial contact. Lutui generally engulfs defenders at the point of attack.   Two problems stems from this if a proper fit is not made.   One Lutui has a tendency to lead with his head and as such can be caught off balance.   Secondly, he does not possess enough athleticism to keep the block after the initial blow.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  The bad habit of leading with his head continues.   In one play in particular, Lutui looked like he was shot by a sniper as he missed a block, the defender went by him clean, and he fell flat on his face.  Had a little trouble recognizing movement up front.   Did get to the second level on a few occasions.  Showed potential to be a tremendous road grader on a few combo blocks.
Thursday Practice Notes: Struggled moving laterally today. 
Analysis:  A "roadgrader" in the truest sense of the word.   Lutui can move a pile but struggles moving laterally.   Possesses the bad habit of leading with his head which defenders have caught him off balance on multiple occasions.  Did show enough athleticism to get to the second level when asked.  Overall Latui can be a fantastic player in the right system.
Nick Mangold OL Ohio State 6032 297 10 1/8 31 7/8

Weigh-In Notes:  Needs weight room work.

Monday Practice Notes:  Outstanding afternoon.  Technically sound and properly placed his hands into defenders then controlled them at the point of attack.  Really improved his standing in the eyes of scouts.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  This center prospect had complete control of the middle of the line today.  Often there was a strong push behind Mangold opening space for running backs.  He also has a little nasty streak finishing all of his blocks.   The one area Mangold struggled was in agility drills where his lateral movement was sub par.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Saw some action at guard today.  Mangold continued to show ample strength as he was able to wall off some of the stronger and larger defensive tackles.  His lateral quickness has to be brought into question as well as his ability to get to the second level effectively.  Does recognize well and "climbed the ladder" effectively in pass protection.
Thursday Practice Notes:  Has consistently manhandled the middle of the line all week.   This power comes from his pad level.  He showed again today with his technique that he consistently plays lower than the man he is matched up against.   Also showed some nice recognition in pass protection, picking up free blitzes as he "climbed the ladder".
Analysis:  One of the more impressive prospects during the week.   Mangold consistently manhandled the middle of the line and got great push.   Plays with a fantastic pad level, technically sound, strong as an ox, and even showed a nasty streak during the week.  The question on Mangold is his overall athleticism, at times struggling with his lateral movement and getting to blocks on the second level.  One things is for certain, the defensive tackles on the North squad will be happy they do not have to face Mangold anymore on a daily basis.  
Ryan O'Callaghan OL California 6061 347 10 1/4 33 3/4

Weigh-In Notes:  Small arms and generous belly.

Monday Practice Notes:  Big and tried to engulf opponents or just block down on them.  Had trouble with speed during the day.  At one point Victor Adeyanju got the first step on drove him back into the pocket.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Coming out the Cal offense, it is obvious O'Callaghan is comfortable in his pass set.  His deep sets in pass protection are very smooth.  Showed a strong post leg when defenders tried to make any underneath moves. 
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Pass protection continues to be stellar.  Has a smooth deep set.  Shown the ability to reestablish the hands.  Even recognized line stunts well.  His run blocking is a bit more suspect.   Tends to lead with his chest instead of his pads, and his pad level overall needs to be lower to be effective.
Thursday Practice Notes:  Played with a wide base all week.  Did not show any explosion in his hips when fitting up on his blocks.
Analysis:  Obviously more comfortable in pass set, than run blocking.   O'Callaghan has a smooth and sound deep set, counters pass rush moves, and possesses with a strong post leg.   Does get his hands wide at times though.   In run blocking, he had a tendency to play high.  A solid prospect who neither hurt nor helped his stock all that much.
Marvin Philip OL California 6010 307 10 1/4 33 1/2

Weigh-In Notes:  Thick and solid build.

Monday Practice Notes:  Quick and fundamentally sound though his limited height posed a problem.  Also not a quick-footed lineman and struggled blocking opponents in space.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Maintains blocks but continued to struggle against the bigger and stronger 1 techniques throughout practice.
Wednesday Practice Notes:
Thursday Practice Notes:  Timing of punch was off today.   Does  play with a low base and showed the ability to get to the second level.
Analysis:  A solid week for this less heralded prospect.  Phillip does all the little things right.   Plays with a low pad level, maintains blocks, gets to the second level, and makes all the line calls.   Tends to get overpowered by bigger and more physical defensive tackles.   Phillip is a solid center who is athletically limited with not much room for growth.
Mark Setterstrom OL Minnesota 6032 313 10 1/8 33 1/8

Weigh-In Notes:  Big, thick chest and upper body.

Monday Practice Notes:  Struggled all day.  Was overextending into blocks and got beat several times.  Seemed to get down on himself several times.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Obviously a well coached prospect coming from Minnesota. After yesterday's lackluster performance, Setterstrom stepped up his play today looking very solid technically.   Only once was he caught off balance.  Showed the ability to get to the second level.  A question of his lower body strength will need to be answered, as he was pushed around some even with a good fit on the defenders.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Excelled in reaching the second level.  Continues to be pushed around some by the larger defensive tackles.  Was spotty in his recognition up front.
Thursday Practice Notes:  Displayed slow feet.  Do not confuse this with strong deliberate steps, but was just not moving well overall.
Analysis:  Subpar week for a top guard prospect.  Setterstrom struggled athletically against top defenders.  Technique at times was his only saving grace, and that was spotty at times.    With this bad week, Setterstrom can kiss any thoughts of a  first day selection goodbye.
Charles Spencer OL Pittsburgh 6045 338 10 1/8 34

Weigh-In Notes:  Very flabby with minimal tone.

Monday Practice Notes:  Terrific practice.  Dominated opponents all afternoon, not giving up an inch of space.  Stayed square and easily controlled defenders once he got his hands into them.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  The one player who got the best of Gabe Watson today, by even pan caking Watson once.  Spencer showed the ability to get to the second level as well as nice lateral movement.  His punches were late quite often most of the day though.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Solid all around today.   Arguably the best day of all the line prospects.  Continually had solid fits on his blocks all day.   Showed exceptional strength with his punch.
Thursday Practice Notes:  Big and strong, but lacked solid lateral movement today.
Analysis:  Quietly had an excellent week.  Spencer continuously got solid fits on his blocks, strong at the point of attack, and could get to the second level.  Questions can be raised about his lateral movement and punch.  Rarely was caught out of position and generally executed every block asked of him.   Solidified himself as a top guard prospect.
Jeremy Trueblood OL Boston College 6077 316 10 3/8 34

Weigh-In Notes:  Flabby and needs weight room work.

Monday Practice Notes:  Strong and displayed power but struggled all day handling speed rushers off the edge.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Terrible morning practice.   Trueblood was at right tackle exclusively today and looked the part.  Showed a slow kick step, played high, off balance, and was often taken advantage of by smaller and quicker defensive ends.  His one redeeming quality was his ability to engulf some defenders in run blocking based purely on his size.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Saw playing time at both tackle position this afternoon.  Pass blocking has continued to be suspect.   Hands are continuously high and in the wrong position.   As a result a couple holding and face masks could have been called on Trueblood.  Also showed a weak post leg and gave up the underneath to a couple defenders.   Did have one highlight pancake in the running game versus Tamba Hali.
Thursday Practice Notes:  Struggled even with the pads off.  Lacks any quickness on an island, plays too high, and his kick step was erratic.
Analysis:  Made the transition to right tackle this week, but probably should have considered not making the trip at all.  Trueblood had a horrendous week.   His hand placement was all over the place (generally high).   Trueblood might be a legit 6'7' but that does not mean he HAS to play that high.  Often driven back by much smaller defensives ends in pass protection.  His quickness is pass protection was practically non existent.   Trueblood's one redeeming quality is the simple fact, he can be overwhelming at the point of attack because of his size.
Victor Adeyanju DL Indiana 6037 268 9 1/4 35

Weigh-In Notes:  Broad chested....looks thick and fit.

Monday Practice Notes:  Played hard all afternoon and showed flashes.  Fast off the edge and showed some first step quickness.  Drove Ryan O'Callahan off the ball and into the pocket on one play.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Displays nice speed off the edge. Took a few tackles by surprised by playing with a low pad level and driving some of the bigger tackles into the backfield. Recognition is suspect. One play he clearly recognized a bootleg by the QB and ate it up. The next play the offense used the same motion but handed it off, and Adeyanju wasn't able to recognize and proceeded flat down the line opening a huge hole.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Raw but showing a lot of promise.  Uses his hands better than most of the other defensive line prospect here currently.   Works his way flat down the line in the running game.   Very aggressive attacking the fullback who was trying to block him thus blowing up a play or two.
Thursday Practice Notes:  Registered a practice sack.  Recognized and reacted well to boot actions.   Did give up his body in his pass rush though.
Analysis:  The word to best describe this Indiana prospect is "raw".   Displays solid quickness of the edge, works his way flat down the line, uses his hands, recognition is solid, and even has a couple pass rush moves.  All of these redeeming qualities were inconsistent.   Adeyanju had a nice week flashing all these talents, but he was not a constant presence.  Teams seem to see him as more of a 43 defensive end at the next level as opposed to a possible 34 outside linebacker.
Dusty Dvoracek DL Oklahoma 6024 301 9 1/2 33

Weigh-In Notes:  Looked like a beast- big, thick and muscular.

Monday Practice Notes:  Looked explosive and fast all day.  Played very hard from start-until-finish.   More of a first move lineman who struggled getting off blocks all day.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Plays with great intensity and reckless abandon.  This is both a positive and negative as it is always nice to have player who is relentless, but it also cause Dvoracek to be sloppy in his assignments often finding him out of position.  Did show a nice dip and rip to get off double teams.  Tries to work the offensive linemen's hands.  Not much of a pass rusher overall.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  The best way to describe Dvoracek's play is "relentless futility".   Continuously works as hard as he can on every single play.   He's loud, vocal, and tenacious.   The problem lies in the fact he is never a factor in any play. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Strong and quick off the ball, but lacked any type of pass rush.
Analysis:  A two down defensive tackle at the next level.  Dvoracek is an intense player who works very hard on the field.   He is big, strong, and quick; but lacks any type of pass rush or even a consistent ability to get off blocks.   The questions Dvoracek had to answer most importantly were about his attitude first and foremost; but his week on the field was northing more than average.
Tamba Hali DL Penn State 6022 267 10 1/2 33 3/8

Weigh-In Notes:  Slender shoulders but trim and lean.

Monday Practice Notes:  Displayed great edge speed as well as the ability to flatten, change direction and pursue from the backside.  Very quick as well.  Had trouble getting off blocks.
Tuesday Practice Notes  While Hali showed the ability to get off blocks in the running game, his pass rush overall was not overly impressive.  Only once did he ever get near the quarterback.  Does play with a nice pad level and always hustles.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Rushed the passer out of a two point stance during one-on-one drills.   Puts himself out of position at times by getting too far up field. Does do a good job swatting the hands of lineman.   If he does not swat the hands properly, Hali usually gets swallowed up by larger linemen.
Thursday Practice Notes:  Strong day when it was not full go.  Worked his way down the line effectively against the run.   Read blocks well.  Displayed good quickness off the edge getting himself a practice sack.
Analysis: Did not know what to expect from Hali day to day.   One day he was strong against the run but had a weak pass rush.   The next day he was a much better pass rusher, and worse against the run.   What he did show was a competency in all these areas.   Now the key is to put the all together to be a complete player.   The inconsistency though did have to hurt his stock slightly.
Mathias Kiwanuka DL Boston College 6052 262 10 1/8 35 1/8

Weigh-In Notes:  Well built upper body.

Monday Practice Notes:  Struggled most of the day.  Did not beat a single block in pass protection drills.  Looked better against the run.  Coaches were screaming at him in scrimmage to "get off the ball quickly".
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Came down the line nice and flat and put himself in position to make some plays in the running game.  Still struggled in the pass rush displaying a lack of moves.   His main concern in the pass rush would be to work on his counters as he displays none.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Rushed the passer out of a two point stance during one-on-one drills.  Has not worked or shown any pass rush moves outside of the spin.   Did excel at the point of attack in the running game against double teams.
Thursday Practice Notes:  Did not practice due to injury.
Analysis:  Arguably the most disappointing week when compared to his draft status entering said week.   Kiwanuka struggled greatly in his pass rush, still displaying a complete lack of moves.   Stronger against the run, but not a great presence.  Ended the week with an injury and his status for the game is up in the air.
Jonathan Lewis DL Virginia Tech 6007 304 9 7/8 32 1/2

Weigh-In Notes: Soft and a bit flabby.

Monday Practice Notes:  Showed great quickness but got hurt (wrist\hand) early in the session and was rarely heard from.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Injured, did not practice.  Julian Jenkins brought into replace him.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  (Julian Jenkins)  First practice today substituting for an injured Jonathan Lewis.  Undersized and overpowered at times as a traditional defensive tackle, but did show impressive quickness and good hands.  
Thursday Practice Notes:  (Julian Jenkins)  Needs to throw the pads instead of being so fancy.  Tries too many moves, when at times he just needs to take on the block.
Analysis: (Julian Jenkins) Late addition during the week, did nothing of note to quickly grab the attention of scouts and coaches.   Not very physical for an interior player and might be better suited to a move to defensive end.
Darryl Tapp DL Virginia Tech 6012 257 10 1/4 33 7/8

Weigh-In Notes: Thick but small chest.

Monday Practice Notes:  First move lineman who could not get off blocks.  Beat opponents with quickness and speed yet for the most part was handled through the afternoon.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Fantastic burst off the line of scrimmage.  Uses hands well.  Completely relentless today in practice, to the point of being over anxious as he jumped the snap multiple times.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Also rushed the passer out of a two point stance during one-on-one drills.   One of the smaller defensive linemen here in Mobile; but continues to overpower larger linemen with quick hands, low pad level, and tremendous hip explosion.  Tapp's closing speed off the edge is the best of any defensive linemen here in Mobile.   Later the offense took advantage of all of Tapp's strengths with boot action plays, where he was sucked in.
Thursday Practice Notes:  Needs to play more disciplined.   It is obvious Tapp possesses great athleticism, but he has to harness it.   For example, Tapp was able to run down a reverse by Michael Robinson for no gain.   A few plays later on the same action, Tapp read the play, overran Robinson, who took it in for a touchdown.   And that is not even mentioning how many times he jumped offside again today. 
Analysis:  Easily the most relentless player in Mobile.   Tapp was wound tight and ready to explode off the line on every single play.   At times he was wound a little too tight as he jumped offside multiple times every day.   Came in the week having to prove his size was not a hindrance.  It was not.   His explosion off the edge was impressive, his pad level allowed him to push around bigger lineman, and his pass rush moves were multiple.   Now a coaching staff will just learn how to harness all that talent and not let it run unabated.
Gabe Watson DL Michigan 6032 341 9 1/2 33 1/8

Weigh-In Notes: Spare tire and very soft.

Monday Practice Notes:  Inconsistent all day.  Looked heavy footed during drills and at times was easily locked up by opponents.  The there were times where he showed great hand technique, defeating opponents and moving laterally outside the box to make plays.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Starting showing some explosion.  Very strong and pushed offensive lineman around at all morning.  Needs to keep his shoulders square when working down the line of scrimmage.   Overall was near impossible to block one on one today, and arguably the best performance of defensive linemen today.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Strong as an ox, but showed trouble getting off of blocks today.  Continued to see an explosive first step.   There was even some hustle seen with Watson today and he pursued down the line effectively.  The Tennessee staff even feels this 340 pound man is athletic enough to be the middle wedge on the back line of the kick return team.
Thursday Practice Notes:  Showed the aptitude for reading a block, working across said blocker's face, and getting in to make a stop.  Even registered a practice sack on a nice underneath move.
Analysis:  The enigma of the week.  Watson was everything he was touted to be BEFORE the season began.   Big, strong, explosive, and un-blockable at times.  The key was seeing Watson hustle on the field on every play.   The question now becomes, was it enough for NFL teams to overrule his reputation?
Babatunde Oshinowo DL Stanford 6013 302 9 7/8 35 1/4

Weigh-In Notes:  Solid and wide.  

Monday Practice Notes:  Worked hard and displayed both quickness and technique.  Presented himself as a straight-line, first-move lineman for the most part.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Establishes his hands well.  Actually showed a pass rush for a nose tackle, even pulling out the spin move on one occasion.  Hustle was constant downfield as well.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Made a home in the offensive backfield today.  Was a consistent disruptive force.   Needs to learn to watch the ball and not listen to the quarterback's signal, especially for a nose tackle.  In his pass rush,  Babatunde went out of his gap responsibilities on a couple occasions, but does continue to impress for a man of his position in regards to the rush moves he has shown.
Thursday Practice Notes:  Got a little lazy with the pads off today.   Lost his gap on multiple occasions and played high against double teams.
Analysis:  The areas Oshinowo was expected to excel he struggled.   Then again the areas he was not to be as strong, he played much better than expected.   Oshinowo continuously struggled maintaininng his gap and taking on double teams.   What he did show was more of a pass rush than expected.    A see-saw week for Oshinowo who might have made teams look at him a bit differently.
Jon Alston LB Stanford 6001 218 8 1/8 31 1/8

Weigh-In Notes:  Nice build, very strong looking.

Monday Practice Notes:  Explosive and showed great hip movement in pass coverage drills.  Fast to the sidelines and quick up the field.  Very tentative and his game showed a lot of hesitation.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Again, showed great explosion and quickness.  Flashy and sudden.  Great speed to the sidelines.  Good hip movement in transition yet very hesitant in coverage and was usually a step behind pass catchers.  Blew a few assignments.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Quick and explosive in all his actions.  Moves with speed in every direction.  Again- not overly instinctive, commits to an initial move and gets caught out of position.  Also plays out of one point tried to make up for a mistake and quickly  close on the play...the end result was Alston getting caught in the bushes which surround the field and needing to be pulled out.  Did comeback and display some coverage skills in zone.
Thursday Practice Notes:  As with the rest of the week Alston showed great quickness and explosion but the light does not go on upstairs.
Analysis:  Athletically, Alston was impressive and grades out as a first day pick.  But his lacks of instincts and pass cover skills is worrisome.  A move to safety is not in the near future and he may be best on the outside of a 3-4 defense.
Chad Greenway LB Iowa 6021 242 9 1/2 32 1/4

Weigh-In Notes:  Thick with some muscle tone.

Monday Practice Notes:  Solid session.  Technically and mentally very sound.  Made several plays and was always in the right position.  Was asked to long snap and looked horrible.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Another solid session.  Not a spectacular player but just a very steady defender who is always in the right place.  Solid in both run defense and pass coverage.  Had one jarring hit where he knocked off Terrence Whitehead's helmet.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Once again looked very good with a well rounded game.  Did a terrific job in zone coverage, even displaying the ability to defend receivers.
Thursday Practice Notes:  Non-descript yet constantly in a position to make plays.
Analysis:  Greenway did nothing to improve his draft ranking dramatically yet one could not be anything but impressed with his intelligence, intensity and football skills.  Not an "impact defensive player" yet a legitimate pick between selections 7-12 who will have a long, productive NFL career.
Abdul Hodge LB Iowa 5116 233 8 1/4 32 1/2

Weigh-In Notes: Thick, well built and looks very strong.

Monday Practice Notes:  Displayed a lot of skill in pass coverage. Fluid in reverse with a good back pedal.  Could not get off blocks.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Looked sharp and very smart on the field.  Quickly read then diagnosed the action.  Flowed well to the ball showing an immediate change of direction.  Took great angles to the play.  Does get slowed up by blocks at the point.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Improved again- smart and intense.  Went hard sideline-to-sideline looking to take part in the action.  Looked solid in coverage and did a fine job against the run.  Immediately diagnosed plays.
Thursday Practice Notes:  Very quick and fluid scraping in the box and got depth on pass drops.
Analysis:  Overall Hodge was impressive.  His lack of height will concern some teams yet he cemented himself as a mid-second round pick here in Mobile.
Clint Ingram LB Oklahoma 6013 240 9 5/8 32

Weigh-In Notes:  Solid and very thick.

Monday Practice Notes:  Outstanding in run defense, defeating blocks up the field to make the tackle.  Almost equally as bad in pass defense and was caught out of position or just got plain beat.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Again, forceful up the field, slipping blocks and making plays in run defense.  Holds his ground even against big lineman.  Showed some improvement in pass coverage, displaying a solid back pedal and good range.  Still plenty of room for improvement.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Looked good against the run and very strong.  Held his ground against blocks by larger linemen.  Got into a big scrape in practice....first squared off against Mark Setterstrom then got into fisticuffs with another Big Ten lineman, Nick Mangold.  The end result was Mangold's helmet flying off and Ingram being sent to the bench.
Thursday Practice Notes:
Analysis:  Ingram showed terrific strength and skill in run defense all week.  While his pass cover skills were very ordinary one comes away with a good feeling about him.  He definitely proved he has eventual starting abilities as a strong side linebacker.
Brian Iwuh LB Colorado 5115 227 8 3/4 31 1/4

Weigh-In Notes:  Broad shoulders and solid build.

Monday Practice Notes:  Showed good explosion and a jarring hitting style.  Quickly filled gaps and forced a fumble. Was not nearly as effective in pass coverage.  Used solely at linebacker.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Explosive and hard-hitting.  During linebacker blitz drills he hit Terrence Whitehead so hard he knocked the Oregon running back off his feet and to the ground, which got a loud rise from scouts.  Fast to the sidelines but still a bit indecisive in pass coverage.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Displayed skill in zone coverage showing awareness of his assignments and remaining disciplined.  Good job coming off blocks.  Worked hard.  Used solely at outside linebacker.
Thursday Practice Notes:  Struggled in one-on-one coverage, giving away a bad touchdown reception to Joey Klopfenstein, never turning back to find the ball.  Did comeback and make a nice play against Dom Byrd in zone coverage.
Analysis:  Iwuh's strength and explosion were impressive.  The fact he never took a snap at the safety position was disconcerting.  At present time he can only play in zone coverage facing the quarterback at either weak-side linebacker or strong safety.
D'Qwell Jackson LB Maryland 6002 228 8 7/8 31

Weigh-In Notes:  Slender but very well built.

Monday Practice Notes:  Solid all-around game.  Scrapes to the ball in run defense and was constantly around the action.
Tuesday Practice Notes:   Stood out in run defense but was a little too over-aggressive.   Kept making his first move up the field and was playing catch-up in coverage.  Scrapes well in the box.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Very strong against the run...nicely sifts through the trash to get to the ball carrier.  Took terrific angles to the action and shows speed to the sidelines.  Still struggles in coverage though he displayed glimmers in zone.
Thursday Practice Notes:  
Analysis:  Jackson was tough as nails and one of the better run defenders all week.  Problem was he is stiff in coverage and may not have the size to consistently stack against the run at the next level.  Presented himself as a solid second round pick as an inside LB for a 34 defense.
Jahmile Addae DB West Virginia 5097 201 9 1/4 31 1/8

Weigh-In Notes:  Stout with big arms.

Monday Practice Notes:  Explosive up the field in run defense and threw his body around to make tackles.  Had a lot of trouble in coverage constantly getting beat or trailing his man.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Very precise in his backpedal and covers some ground.  Slow on recognizing the run and support.  Can't swivel his hips in transition to stay with the receiver in man coverage.  Works well laterally and
came away with an interception to close out practice.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Looks stiff and comes out too high, leaving him open for the receiver to blow past. At his best moving forward.
Thursday Practice Notes:
Analysis:  Moves well laterally and with the ball in front of him. Struggled covering the tight end and did not display run support recognition.
Will Blackmon DB Boston College 5116 200 8 7/7 33

Weigh-In Notes:  Slender but nice, athletic build.

Monday Practice Notes:  Struggled and the lay-off from the position really hurt.  Gave up a lot of underneath receptions through the early part of the session and seemed to have little sense of timing. Picked it up late in the afternoon.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Doesn't cover a lot of ground on his backpedal and must turn with the receiver quickly to keep up.  That makes him susceptible to the shorter routes.  Technically sound in the coverage exchange in zone.  Looked better today.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Crosses his feet when shuffling laterally, causing him to be out of position. Displays good technique when manned-up with his receiver and has the speed to stay with his man.
Thursday Practice Notes:  Little-by-little looked better with more repetition.
Analysis:  A tall task to readjust to the cornerback. Improved with his technique as the week moved on. Needs to refine footwork.  Has ability and a bright, articulate young man we expect to be a second round pick in April.
Daniel Bullocks DB Nebraska 6004 209 10 1/2 31 1/4

Weigh-In Notes:  Big upper body and well built.

Monday Practice Notes:  Looked better than expected during coverage drills then struggled playing the ball during scrimmage.  Solid in run defense.  Used at strong safety.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Plays high and stiff.  Takes bad angles to the ball after the reception.  Sets up deep in the secondary to keep the receivers in front of him.  Does well moving forward and picked off a pass.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Solid speed for over the top support, but the burst is limited to times when he is already in motion running towards the ball. Does not flash stop/start ability.
Thursday Practice Notes: Looked better in coverage.  Deflected away several throws and dropped what seemingly was a sure pick.
Analysis:  Played both safety positions and stayed disciplined with his responsibilities. Will get high in his backpedal and did not show a burst from that position.
Tye Hill DB Clemson 5092 183 9 32 1/2

Weigh-In Notes:  Stout and well built.

Monday Practice Notes:  Looked like the fasted DB on the field today.  Great closing and recovery speed.  Had a slip-up early in the session but really came on strong late in the afternoon, defending a number of passes.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Stays tight on his man and finishes plays.  Had a lot of hand contact with receivers but did not pull or hinder their progress.   Movements were fluid and technically precise.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Changes direction quickly and is in position to make plays. Intercepted one pass during the session and just missed another pick. Blanketed the receivers most of the day.
Thursday Practice Notes:  Fundamentally very impressive.  Quick footed, smooth in his hips and has a definite burst of speed.
Analysis:  The best cornerback to show up in Mobile. Had a strong week of practice. Was testy about some receivers who were trying to spin him around with arm hooks and had some hand contact down the field. Adjusted well through the week.
Darrell Hunter DB Miami-Oh 5116 205 8 5/8 30 3/4

Weigh-In Notes:  Compact build.

Monday Practice Notes:  Started strong but fizzled.  Physically impressive yet was slow locating the ball and gave up a lot of deep passes.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Slows down when he tries to locate the ball in the air and drifts from the receiver.  Has trouble changing directions quickly.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Loses eye contact with the receiver and the quarterback and wanders off coverage. Was susceptible to the double-move all day and doesn't explode towards the ball when in flight.
Thursday Practice Notes:
Analysis:  Had a poor showing in Mobile. Drifts away from responsibilities and has a tendency to look for the ball and loose his coverage.
Anwar Phillips DB Penn State 5111 187 8 32

Weigh-In Notes:  Very lean.

Monday Practice Notes: The best defensive back on the field today.  Shows a great ability to stay with opposing receivers out from their breaks, offering blanket coverage.  Stayed step-for-step with opponents across the field.  Really looked good today.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Sneaks looks into the quarterback and will lose some space to the wide receivers as a result.  Gives a lot of cushion but has closing ability.  Did very well locating the ball in the air.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Plays off-balance which causes him to lose ground in coverage. Does not attack the ball and lets the wide receiver dictate his coverage.  Gave up several long interceptions.
Thursday Practice Notes:
Analysis:  Started quick on Monday but was then hurt by the constraints in Mobile that say you have to play seven yards off the ball and can't press. He could not effectively cover the extra ground.  May have depressed his stock just a little.
David Pittman DB Northwestern State 5107 177 9 1/2 30 7/8

Weigh-In Notes:  Very lean.

Monday Practice Notes:  Fundamentally sound but looked overmatched today, giving up a lot of receptions to bigger wide outs.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Bumps receivers at the line and plays physical within the five-yard limit.  Struggles coming off the backpedal and does not have closing speed.  Moves better laterally.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Didn't take good angles to the ball once it was caught but was a stalwart in pass coverage. Picked off two passes by knowing his assignments on the field and not drifting.
Thursday Practice Notes:  Technically very sound but still seems a little over-matched.
Analysis:  Did not look good off the ball in zone and lacks the closing speed to be effective. Played bump and run well and has speed in motion but does not explode off backpedal. Intercepted two passes.
Anthony Smith DB Syracuse 5114 192 8 3/5 30 7/8

Weigh-In Notes:  Small, slim build.

Monday Practice Notes: Adequate day but nothing spectacular.  Covered well in the short field.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Reads the plays well and has good instincts towards the ball.   Explodes out of his backpedal and shows good closing speed.  Finishes plays off; had a solid practice.
Wednesday Practice Notes:
Thursday Practice Notes:
Analysis:  Not physical at the line of scrimmage. Strong run support and the ability to close ground quickly.
Deric Yaussi K Wyoming 5112 197 9 30 1/4

Weigh-In Notes:

Monday Practice Notes:
Tuesday Practice Notes:
Wednesday Practice Notes:
Thursday Practice Notes:
John Torp P Colorado 6016 206 9 1/2 31

Weigh-In Notes:

Monday Practice Notes:  Displayed a big, strong leg.  Consistently punted the ball 50-yards, getting excellent hang time on the ball.  Even handled the terrible snaps sent his way.  Was not asked to directional kick.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Another strong session.  Benefited from punting with the wind yet got off several moon shots.  Had a few which went higher than the stadium and had a punt go 61-yards.
Wednesday Practice Notes:
Thursday Practice Notes:

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