Senior Bowl Chat Transcript: January 23

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bravesarethebest I'm hoping the falcons can get huff

Guest61 Michael Huff from Texas

Tony Pauline
Huff is not here in Mobile.

Tony we had a question about what you feel is the break point between ""blue chip"" and solid picks.... down into the fourth round?

Tony Pauline It is a lot earlier than've got your top five players then there is a drop off....the next drop off point is in the 20's of round one.

Tony Pauline So you guys are aware- Phil Savage was at the North practice today.

Tweety What position have the Falcons been looking at most in the combine?

Tony Pauline The Falcons are everywhere- they started grabbing players yesterday and were all over the field.

Denis Savage The Falcons have been busy here. They have meetings setup tonight with a lot of players.

bravesarethebest prob OL, DE, S, and CB

Denis Savage WR

redwings did anyone stand out today?

Brent Sobleski Broderick Bunkley on the South side was an animal today. Marcedes Lewis looked great in routes.

Tony Pauline Anwar Phillips of Penn State- we will have our practice reports up in about an hour.

Brent Sobleski Ryans got a LOT of coaching up by Singletary today. As did most of the LBs, but Ryans was particularly disappointing.

ATL Does Demeco Ryans really look "thin" as stated on NFL Countdown

Tony Pauline Atl...he looked thin compared to Sobo!!!

mes78 Did Manny Lawson play LB today? If so, how did his hips look in coverage?

Brent Sobleski No LB for Lawson today. Lawson looked quite athletic to say the least. He was quick off the edge but not overly effective

ATL Why did Marus McNeil not show?

Denis Savage McNeil has arrived

redwings Do you guys think Michael Robinson will play QB in the pros?

Tony Pauline Unlikely; WR/RB who throws the option pass

ram Tony, if the first five and then it goes to 20, what is the next break point? How deep is this draft?

Tony Pauline You can get good players through the first day but no "blue-chippers"

Tweety Which DB caused the most buzz?

Tony Pauline
Anwar Phillips

Denis Savage Still early on the DB front from my eyes. There weren't a lot of standouts today.

suzi TFY- see anything today that surprised you?

Tony Pauline suzi- Kiwi was not very effective at all

ram Tony, I believe there are enough good players that this could be a top 5 draft of the past 25 years. I was reading on-line that someone said it was the top draft of the past 25 years Comment?

Tony Pauline ram- that's a hell of a statement considering some of the draft's from the 70's...

ram I am just asking the past 25 years. because those are the ones I have closely watched

Tony Pauline ram- in a nutshell this is a good draft but it is a major stretch to say it is the best of the past quarter century

Have the lions personnel arrived yet?

Tony Pauline redwings- lots of Lions people on hand

Guest53 Is Bobby Carpenter there?

Tony Pauline Guest 53 no

bravesarethebest Tony, would you agree that Kiwi is the most likely to be a bust of the top tier players this year?

Tony Pauline No; he will do well in the proper system

ram Tony, How many LTs are starters in the NFL? I have been reading there are four good ones. How many beyond that will be good starters?

Tony Pauline Right now I say only Ferguson is a sure thing. Winston and McNeill must pick it up quickly or they will be RT's... Winston Justice could flip to the left side.

ATL How is Chad Greenway he #12 material?

Tony Pauline Atl...Greenway looked solid all day...except for his long snapping- it was horrid

Guest53 How's Ryans looking?

Brent Sobleski Ryans has a subpar day for his stature coming in

Tweety Can Greg Blue become a cover Safety in the NFL, or will he be converted to LB?

Tony Pauline Tweety....I don't think he will be a "cover" safety...either strong safety or possibly a two-deep SA

Brent Sobleski Dumerville had trouble with the big boys, that was one of my bigger surprises

mes78 If Savage was watching the North practice today, then what positions did he focus on? Who else was with him?

Brent Sobleski Broderick Bunkley, Marcedes Lewis

mes78 How did Tapp do with the big boys?

Tony Pauline mes78...not impresssive

Guest53 How big is Bunkley?

Brent Sobleski Bunkley is a man's man at 6'2' 300

ckparrothead Who did the Miami Dolphins seem most interested in?

Denis Savage ckparrothead: The Fish are very active. They seem to be focused on OL, and WR

bravesarethebest Are yall just draft experts, or could any of yall tell me if the falcons are looking to move Demo Williams to safety? We have a surplus at LB, and the starters will be Brooking, Hartwell, and Boley.

Tony Pauline bravesarebest....their plan is to keep him at LB

Guest53 What are the negatives on Bunkley?

Brent Sobleski Bunkley was a 1 technique in college but was not asked to eat up blockers like he would as a 34 DE. He is explosive off the line

Guest31 Sobo, What's your read on his [Bunkley] usefullness on the Browns DL, then?

Brent Sobleski Personally think Bunkley would be the perfect fit for the Browns. Personally with a solid week he could be first-round material

ckparrothead This is for any of the experts here... do this year's linebackers look a little smallish? Unable to handle attacking the lines?

Tony Pauline ckparrotthead....everyone checked in smaller than advertised today.

Guest53 Why were Greenway's sack totals so low at Iowa?

Tony Pauline Gueswt53....he's a complete linebacker- not just an "up the field type"

OkiBrown did Jay Cutler look today?

Brent Sobleski I was at the South practice so I didn't see Cutler

ckparrothead How did Jonathon Scott of Texas look? Any truth to his label of being a "lunger"?

Brent Sobleski Scott is hit or miss

ATL How did DJ Shockley look?

Denis Savage Shockley has his moments. The south report will be up later with all the details and at the end of the week we will be able to give a better assessment.

OkiBrown Sobo and Tony...who's coaching the two teams?

Tony Pauline Oki- North: Tennessee, South: San Fran

Guest53 How's the weather in Mobile?

Denis Savage 53: Not as much rain as we thought we would have

ckparrothead Has there been any Ricky Williams chatter out there among the teams?

Tony Pauline ck.. Have not heard any to date

bravesarethebest TFY, why is Jimmy Williams falling out of the top 15 on so many sites??

Tony Pauline bravesarebest...many sites are fickle and rate players like the wind...Williams is a 8-12 pick; was never higher and should not be lower barring disaster.

redwings Is big Gabe the only Michigan player there or is Avant there too?

Denis Savage Avant is here

OkiBrown Are the 3 Buckeye LBs down there?

Brent Sobleski None are here. Carpenter was supposed to originally but the foot injury must have held him up

Guest129 what about Jahmile Addae?

Tony Pauline Guest129 hard hitter all day...good versus the run

Guest189 What players did my Eagles show interest in on day 1 TFY??

Denis Savage WR Hank Baskett, that I saw


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