Senior Bowl: Tuesday Evening Buzz

What the latest on Kyle Turley? And who is the newest basketball sensation/wannabe tight end hoping to play in the NFL. What about the Jets defensive coordinator job? Here's the latest buzz swirling out of Mobile as the second full day of Senior Bowl week comes to completion.

The explosive Kyle Turley is hoping to make a comeback in the NFL though at a different position. After spending the bulk of his career with the New Orleans Saints, Turley is presently training with Athletes Performance in Carson, California. Sources here in Mobile have told us Turley is looking fit and trim and hoping to get a camp invite this summer as a tight end.

Another wannabe tight end training out in Carson at the Home Depot Center is former Concordia basketball player Nick Vander Laan. Measuring in at 6-feet/8-inches and 280 pounds, sources have told us Vander Laan has displayed natural pass catching skills in workouts and performed well as a blocker.

Could Haloti Ngata have been the draft's first choice this year? That's what some are saying. Ngata's playing weight this year hovered around 355-pounds. On film it was obvious the big defensive tackle from Oregon tired early in games. In the minds of some, had Ngata been playing near 340-pounds, his target wieght for the combine, his performances would've been such that a team with a top three selection would've chosen the junior.

It looks like one receiver may be out of the Senior Bowl while another will be added....sort of.

Skyler Green hurt his hamstring this afternoon and did not return to practice. On the other hand we can confirm that Michael Robinson, the Penn State quarterback whose lined up solely behind center since practices began, will receive reps at receiver possibly as early as tomorrow.

Like we've seen in recent years, Colt scouts were no where to be found at practices nor in the lobby of the player hotel. This isn't uncommon as some teams don't send a lot of scouts. Rather they choose to watch the practice tape and talk to the players they're interested in at the combine which is held in Indianapolis.

Former Texans ' offensive line coach Steve Marshall is thought to be another possible candidate for the same job with the Jets in addition to Tony Wise who is believed to be the leading candidate. The Jets have already promoted linebackers coach Bob Sutton to the defensive coordinator job which many around the NFL feel the long-time assistant will do well with. Sutton is considered to be one of the better linebacker coaches in the NFL.

According to a league source, the possibility of Seattle re-signing running back Shaun Alexander doesn't seem promising. In fact, Alexander has only received two offers from the team and both were well below that he's looking for. It's believed Alexander is looking for at least a five-year deal and the team doesn't seem willing to agree to such a deal. The team is reluctant to give Alexander a huge deal since he turns 29 years old before the start of the regular season. Most league insiders believe that 30 years old is the age where backs start to lose productivity.

The talk around the NFL scouts this week is the performance of Memphis running back DeAngelo Williams. He seemed to quell those negative thoughts that he was too small to be a featured back.

One scout was overheard saying Georgia quarterback D.J. Shockley would likely start off at the NFL level on the practice squad but could develop down the line as a quality backup with good coaching.

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