Scouting the Big 12: Oklahoma State

The Cowboys showed a little competitive spirit last season after two years of drudgery under former coach Bob Simmons. It's been a while since they offered a quality early round pick to the draft and we do not feel RW McQuarters fits into that class, but they could very well have one of the real sleepers next April.

Oklahoma State Cowboys

Offensively there is not much in the hopper as far as OSU pro-prospects are concerned. Underclassmen Tatum Bell is a quick and explosive scat-back that looks to someday have potential as a situational runner or third down back thanks in part to his physical skills and vision. Terrance Davis-Bryant has a similar build small and frail. Problem is Davis-Bryant plays to that size at receiver as he's constantly protecting himself and gathering into the reception rather then laying out for the tough grab. Still, it is his ability to impact the game as a return specialist that will give him late round consideration. Kyle Eaton is a tough and strong lineman best on the right side (he's a left tackle at OSU). Eaton is best in confined quarters as he is more an arm wrestler as opposed to a leverage blocker, which will reduce his chances at the next level. Mike Denard is a hard-working lead fullback and effective safety option out of the backfield as a receiver but a limited athlete that has difficulty blocking in anything other than a straight line and shows little if any explosion or speed to his game which will prevent him from being drafted.

The sleeper we mentioned may lie on the defensive side of the ball. Two years ago as a sophomore, Kevin Williams really stood out to us at defensive end and was a game impacting lineman with terrific quickness, explosion and overall athleticism. Williams makes plays all over the field; up the line, out to the flanks and even dropping in pass coverage. Since being moved to tackle he displays the same great first step which has opponents playing back on their heels but may be out of place as he has a slim build and easily gets wired by opponents blocks. When all is said and done we feel Williams may be perfectly suited to play left defensive end at the next level and could move into the initial two rounds with good pre-draft workouts. Line-mate LaWaylon Brown is built for the tackle spot and has much the same quickness off the snap as Williams but only effective in a straight line stuffing the run having great difficulty rushing the passer or pursuing to the play. Elebert Craig is a junior we really like and a safety that likes to mix it up consistently defending both the pass and run. Craig has nice size and a good upside for the future. Chris Massey is a smart defensive back with some skills but lacks overall speed to his game and was hampered with a bad shoulder last season, which slowed his development.




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