Senior Bowl Chat Transcript: January 25

Here is the transcript:

ram: Hey SOBOdawg
Brent Sobleski: hello ladies and gents

ram: Guys thanks for the chat on Monday and Tuesday
ram: It has been great
Brent Sobleski: it's quite enjoyable for me actually
Brent Sobleski: you guys know I love to talk the draft

Guest41: heard there were rumors from the Senior Bowl that Brees would not be ready for the season...any truth to this...what have you guys heard???
Brent Sobleski: As for the Brees question, the best quote I can give you is the organization is "unsure"
Tony Pauline: I'll try as far as was a quick conversation with someone who is a major player in he front office I went to college with. He did not sound positive. Mind you- he was the same guy who tipped me off two January's ago that SD would take a QB in round one

bravesarethebest: so who stood out today SOBO
Brent Sobleski:
Stood out? Remember I concentrate on lineplay, but Darryl Tapp was VERY impressive to me today. Even cheated and watch Cutler a slight bit. Big arm with a smooth delivery

bravesarethebest: sobo- who has had the biggest jump in the draft out of the linemen
Brent Sobleski: Have to say Ryan Cook. He's shown an aptitude at not only center but right tackle as well thus probably bringing up his stock a round or two

Guest8: how good is the Vandy QB?
artbtz: Good question, G8... what about Cutler is so impressive that he's getting such hype?
Brent Sobleski: Like I said about Cutler, I haven't seen a lot but his arm strength is fantastic and he has a quick and smooth delivery

Guest229: I've heard mixed reviews on Marcus McNeil. What do you guys think?
Brent Sobleski: McNeill is all over the place. Today was his best practice so far. He's starting to put some of this NFL coaching to use. Now he needs to put it all together to live up to his reputation

catchandrecatch: marcus never gave up a sack in college ball.........i like that stat :-p
Brent Sobleski: it's a misleading stat CAC. There are multiple reasons you can get away from not being blamed on a sack

Guest8: Understand Nick Mangold (OSU) is a real animal, best Center there?
Brent Sobleski: Mangold is a beast physically, but limited athletically

ram: Give us some good stuff Tony
Tony Pauline: ram....lots more coaches here today. Clint Ingram got into a fight and Mathias Kiwanuka got handled all day

OkiBrown: Did Ingram fight with Mangold?
OkiBrown: 2 fights in one day?!?!?!?!
Tony Pauline: Oki- that was the second one

ram: SOBO earlier in the week you mentioned about 20 guys you thought were potential first round picks that were not recognized as such. Have they gone up your boards in talent?
Brent Sobleski: Some certainly have. Manny Lawson and Broderick Bunkley being the top examples. Gabe Watson just might have showed enough physically and in his hustle (along with who knows what in interviews) to possibly sneak back in.

mes78: SOBO - M. Lawson seems to be the Anti-Kiwi. His stock seems to keep going up. What is his value now, in your opinion?
Brent Sobleski: Lawson is a solid mid to late first rounder in my opinion. Actually talked to him today for a bit today and he's a great guy.

bravesarethebest: SOBO, do you think kiwi could fall to the 2nd?
Brent Sobleski: Seems to be too much potential to pass up BATB. Alot of his problems are technique, not physical limitations. As such, someone will take him and try to mold him. Put him on a good playoff team and let him develop and he can be fantastic down the road

catchandrecatch: tony, who are the browns interviewing.......or really scouting out........and how's Dumerville doing
Tony Pauline: catgch- they were all over the DB's today- we've had reports up this morning and more are coming...Dumerville has struggled and has probably fallen out of the first day

ram: SOBO, I noticed you had a top 100 in the Draft Brew will you get a chance to update that after the Senior Bowl considering all you have observed?
Brent Sobleski: Ram, a lot of things will change for me personally since I've seen a lot more of these guys in person than I did in tapings

Guest41: what positions do the Bolts seem to be focusing on most???
Tony Pauline: mes78- RB/OT

bravesarethebest: falcons?
Brent Sobleski: BATB, I've seen the scouts all over the place, but have not seen them talk to one player.

Guest229: Is Eric Winston still a first round player?
Brent Sobleski: I'm on the opposite end of Winston. Mel Kiper wants to run his mouth and say he's falling. Outside of Brick, Winston has been the most consistent. He does have some limitations, but they are consistent and might be helped by another year of healing off the ACL tear
Tony Pauline: Guest229...yes. He is too talented and has too much upside to pass up...I interviewed him this morning and asked Winston some pointed questions- his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, was not to happy...hopefully we will post it soon

catchandrecatch: Did Deangleo Williams 5'8 height hurt him at all?
Tony Pauline: catch...some teams won't draft him because of the height issue but Williams has done enough here to solidify himself as a top 15 player

Boltnik: Lawson reminds me of Ware at this point. Big factor could be whether he could be 3-4 OLB. Do you think he might get the opportunity to play a bit at LB and show how he can run in coverage like a Ware or Travis LaBoy?
Brent Sobleski: Boltnik, you're not the only one who thinks Lawson is 34 OLB material. When I talked to him today he said that pretty much ever single team has been asking about a possibility of playing LB

Guest11: The Bears seemed really active the first few days. Did they slowed down later in the week?
Tony Pauline: there is a Bears scout on the other side of the curtain from where I sit grabbing players to confirm interviews tonight
mes78: SOBO - What are Winston's limitations? Right now, who would he compare to in the NFL?
Brent Sobleski: Mes78 - Winston's kick step is erratic. Speed rushers give him trouble.

Guest229: Is Max Jean Giles a first rounder?
Brent Sobleski: 229 - No MJG is not first round worthy in my opinion

Guest11: were the Bears hitting one area more than another today?
Tony Pauline: We've seen a lot of Bears scouts today roaming around.

PA_DAWG: SOBO, have the browns been scouting anyone on the O line or have they pretty much stuck to the D side of the ball?
Brent Sobleski: PA_DAWG: You name any line prospect and I guarantee that you have a pretty good shot that he's been talked to by the Browns. On BOTH sides of the ball.

bravesarethebest: best CB in the draft besides JW?
Brent Sobleski: BATB - Michael Huff

ram: How active have the Browns scouts been?
Brent Sobleski: Ram - arguably one of the three most active teams here

Guest41: Charger info???
Tony Pauline: Check our premium reports for the Chargers. Losing Fran Foley is a blow as he has a good eye for talent.

Guest11: Where do you see the first tight end going off the board? And in what order between the top three?
Brent Sobleski: Guest11 - Vernon Davis top 12 pick

Boltnik: quest41 asking for Charger info, where's Savage when we need him?
Brent Sobleski: Denis is networking currently. He's the man behind the man behind the man
Tony Pauline: Lots of Chargers scouts here, they made their presence felt.

OkiBrown: Is the Sr Bowl practice open to everyone or do you have to have credentials?
Tony Pauline: You can get in to watch practices but you can't get on the field and talk to players without a credential.
Tony Pauline: Lots of scouts, agents in the players hotel.

bravesarethebest: SOBO, you think huff is going to be a corner at the next level?? i prefer him at S
Brent Sobleski: BATB, rumors are that Huff wants to be considered a corner

catchandrecatch: Dominique Byrd how are this guys hands?
Tony Pauline: Byrd's a little slow off the line but he did a good job of catching the ball so far.

JB: Who has shown to be stout enough against the run to play ILB in a 3-4
Brent Sobleski: JB - Guys like Gerris Wilkinson, Abdul Hodge, and Freddie Roach are all solid 2 down run stuffers

OkiBrown: Tell me a "fan" can't get in at the Players hotel? Can you at least stop by?
Tony Pauline: You can get in to the players hotel, anyone can. That's an issue.

Guest11: Will tight ends Lewis and Pope also go in the first round?
Tony Pauline: Lewis isn't a lock to go in the first round but he's looked good so far here.

Number1EaglesFan: YO TFY what WR's have the Eagles shown the most interest in??
Tony Pauline: NUM: They're clearly look at WRs here, DEs. We saw Andy Reid here yesterday.

JB: Is Hodge big enough to play in a 3-4
Brent Sobleski: JB - Despite only coming in at just under 6 feet and registering at 233, he is very stout and strong

sRavedawg: Anyone in particular stand out today?
Brent Sobleski: Rave - Gabe Watson is still looking strong. Charles Spencer had an under the radar, very good day. Tapp was extremely good today.

Number1EaglesFan: which WR's & DE's do the Eagles seem to like the most??
Tony Pauline: NUM: Without being privy to their personnel meetings, hard to say. We have listed who they have looked at when we saw them at practice in the premium reports.

Guest58: Who is going to get the start for the south QBs' Saturday????
Brent Sobleski: Croyle seems to be as the local favorite
Tony Pauline: Croyle improved as the week went a long.

Boltnik: Here's a question for Tony? I've been watching your coverage for years and was delighted when you first brought Denis back. I'm curious whether the SB officials are treating you guys like real reporters with a big following and giving you adequate access. Do you get the same kind of access as ESPN?
Tony Pauline: Bolt: We can do anything we want here basically.

bravesarethebest: SOBO, most impressive player this week?
Brent Sobleski: BATB - Up until the injury I would have said Broderick Bunkley. Manny Lawson comes in at a close second

Number1EaglesFan: TFY anymore Eagles tidbits in tonight's premium report??
Tony Pauline: NUM: We'll see, not sure yet. We have a lot of info to sift through.

sRavedawg: Thanks Sobo. Even out of shape Watson is looking good?
Brent Sobleski: Rave - Out of shape or not, he's been downright explosive off the line. The signs of being a top 10 talent are here

PA_DAWG: I see your boy Bunkley has moved up to the #2 DT on some boards and Gabe has dropped to #4 on one. Do you see one of those two falling to Round 2 or do you think the top 4 DT's will go in Round 1
Brent Sobleski: PA - What happens down here is always a crapshoot. Basically, I mean that not all scouts invest too much on just this week along. Watson's past could back to haunt him

bravesarethebest: SOBO, Can Tapp make it in the 4-3
Brent Sobleski: BATB - If used in a role like Freeney in Indy. Now I'm not comparing the two, but the way he would have to be used

JB: Is Manny Lawson as good a pass rusher as Ware and Merriman last year?
Brent Sobleski: JB - Lawson is not nearly as explosive or strong as Merriman

Guest229: Sinorice Moss?
Tony Pauline: 229: Fast but very small.

Guest29: How does Lawson look against the run?
Brent Sobleski: BATB - Lawson even admitted that the question for him to answer this week was his run support. He's done quite well for himself in that area

JB: How big is Tapp?
Brent Sobleski: JB - Tapp is the second smallest DE here at 6'1 and 257. A great player to look at as a 34 DE

naca72: I saw that Marcus McNeill wasn't at the that something that he HAS to do before the end of the week, or is that just a missed chance to find out his real size?
Brent Sobleski: Naca - no he isn't required. His height and weight will come out at the combine

Number1EaglesFan: TFY like?? What some potential FA additions & what not??
Tony Pauline: NUM: Yep. Usually at the combine, a ton of info is available there.

OkiBrown: 4? Tony...Denis...Brent...?
Tony Pauline: We're glad that we have four reporters here.

Guest29: Another tweener getting good pub is Haralson - thoughts?
Brent Sobleski: Guest29 - Haralson is one of the most polished prospects down here and one who has surprised me greatly

mes78: SOBO is D. Tapp still a 2nd rounder or has he moved into the 1st?
Brent Sobleski: Mes - I say he's solidified himself as an early 2nd rounder. Whether he sneaks into round one depends on the team drafting him

Boltnik: Denis isn't here, but Chargers are not targeting anybody in particular in free agency this early. There needs at OL, ILB and DB could be addressed in FA if short in draft. Too soon to tell.
Brent Sobleski: Bolt - O-line seems to be a priority for the Super Chargers
Tony Pauline: BOLT: Look for SD to go after a solid CB in the draft of free agency.

bravesarethebest: what did kiwi weigh in at?
Brent Sobleski: BATB - Kiwi = 6'5' 262

Number1EaglesFan: TFY will the Eagles address the Wr situation in FA, the draft or both??
Brent Sobleski: N1EF - Whatever direction they take, I'm not sure; but they have certainly looked at receiver prospects down here
Tony Pauline: NUM: Can't predict the future but we'll cover whatever info comes our way. Free agency is always first though at the combine.

Guest29: The shows today showed Kiwi again getting totally dominated by Ferguson- is his stock taking a big dive?
Brent Sobleski: Ferguson is clearly the best player down here
Brent Sobleski: and a nice guy to talk to as well

catchandrecatch: at pass blocking how bout the run
Brent Sobleski: CATB - he doesn't get the best push but he's athletic enough to always have an advantage

Guest29: NY Jets at #4 = Ferguson?
Brent Sobleski: 29 = That wouldn't be too much of a stretch at all (quite the opposite actually)
Tony Pauline: this point I would say yes

bravesarethebest: SOBO, i know this isn't your area, but where do you think hill will go?
Brent Sobleski: BATB - from what I've heard Hill has had a very good week. Corners always tend to rise in the offseason, and I suspect Hill could work all the way up to mid first

Guest11: Is the cornerback class considered weak?
Brent Sobleski: G11 - only if you don't consider J.Williams and M.Huff cornerbacks

mes78: Of McNeil, Winston, and Scott... who's next behind Fergy?
Tony Pauline: mes78...Winston Justice of USC

Number1EaglesFan: TFY 1 last question...will the Eagles address the Wr situation in FA, the draft or both??
Tony Pauline: Number1Eaglesfan...if a good bargain shows up in FA they will sign one...they will address the WR position somehow this off-season

Guest229: So, the seniors haven't jumped over Winston Justice?
Brent Sobleski: Guest229 - not one bit

bravesarethebest: TFY, you think huff could fall to the falcons?
Tony Pauline: braves...unlikely...they are interviewing a CB tonight which will be in our "team interests" article later

Guest214: How is Jerious Norwood looking and what team is showing interest?
Brent Sobleski: Guest214 - Norwood has shown very good speed to the edge. And to be honest, there are some surprising teams interested in him

Guest29: Has Cutler showed enough to be top 10?
Tony Pauline: Guest29....Cutler has looked solid but to my mind is not a top ten pick at this point
Brent Sobleski: I would back Tony up as I would say he's 10-20 range right now

mes78: How much of an issue is character with W. Justice? It's obvious he's athletic, but is he mature enough?
Tony Pauline: mes78....sitting the year out wised him up a lot

Guest29: Michael Robinson the next Randle El?
Tony Pauline: way Robinson is the next Randle-El
Guest29: how so?
Tony Pauline: Guest29...Randle-El was electrifying and elusive...Robinson is more strong and straight line

Guest214: SOBO - I know he isn't in Mobile, but why was Willie Evans not invited. I don't see him listed anywhere on Scout as being in the draft or a prospect.
Brent Sobleski: Guest214- That question is better aimed at the man who ranked those prospects. And it just happens he's in the chat right now
Tony Pauline: Guest214...Willie Evans of MSU is ranked as a DE
Tony Pauline: we will have a scouting report on Evans

Boltnik: Oshinowo was a Hotel hit with the 3-4 teams looking for a top NT. How did he look on the field?
Brent Sobleski: Boltnik - The Giant Baba has had an up and down week. At times he's disruptive, other times he loses his gap responsibilities. Lot of teams are talking about him, but aren't sure what to expect yet

naca72: I hadn't even seen the lineup of who is at the Senior Oklahoma Guard Davin Joseph there...and if so, how is he stacking up against the DTs playing this week?
Brent Sobleski: NACA - Joseph is here. He's a big thick kid that works well in space. Does seem to have some trouble with technique

Guest214: TFYDraft1- It seems odd that the SEC sack leader hasn't been invited to the senior bowl or the Combine. Are there a lot of red flags on him?
Tony Pauline: stats mean little...his size/speed numbers are poor

bravesarethebest: SOBO, are falcons looking at any LTs? right now Omiyale would be starting... I don't know if I like that idea, even though the coaches seem to like him
Brent Sobleski: BATB - I honestly have no clue. I've been concentrating on interviews after practice lately

Boltnik: Is the bloom off Stovall after one day or is he this year's Matt   Jones?
Tony Pauline: can time Stovall with a sundial compared to Matt Jones

OkiBrown: Anyone in the know. Will Jeremy Bloom be at the Scouting Combine?
Tony Pauline: Oki...the "special case" underclassmen invited to the combine should be announced late next week.

naca72: I've thought he was one of the better players on what was a good O-Line for a couple years...playing LT may have messed his technique up a little...GOOD, maybe Baltimore will be able to get him down lower in the draft.
Brent Sobleski: NACA - one thing to be sure, he's only been at guard this week

bravesarethebest: SOBO, smartest DL and OL players are???
Brent Sobleski: BATB - Brick is a pleasant man to talk to. Manny Lawson was enjoyable to speak with as well. Winston seems to have a little cro-magnon in him.

catchandrecatch: so when are u 2 going to have your newest mock draft?
Brent Sobleski: CAC - my mock certainly differs to Tony's. But I run all my stuff through the Draft Brew forum here on this site

Guest29: Who does Manny Lawson compare to in the NFL?
Brent Sobleski: G209 - He's a road grader but definitely needs technique work. Not as large as listed by far

Guest29: You think Savage is laying low so as not to give anything away?
Brent Sobleski: G29 - Savage has been eerily quite

mes78: SOBO - You've been impressed with Harylson (sp?). I know little of him. Briefly, what's been impressive? What's his downside?
Brent Sobleski: Mes - Haralson is just sound in every aspect of his game. Being undersized, it's important that he has some quickness as well

bravesarethebest: SOBO, what site are you on?
Brent Sobleski: BATB, I'm on the browns site. And my forum is the Draft Brew on their message boards

Guest29: Who was Savage paying attention to today?
Brent Sobleski: Guest29 - Robert Mathis would be someone off the top of my head

bravesarethebest: is it
Brent Sobleski: BATB - We have what I call the UNCANNY MOCK pinned to the top of the page at all times. Basically it is a constant running mock to see how things change over the year and workouts and such. I usually throw mine in there whenever I do update it

EjBiv: Is there any local Cleveland media in Mobile not with OBR?
Brent Sobleski: EjBiv - I've talked to a reporter from the Cincinnati Post (obviously that isn't Cleveland). But Zac Jackson of the is here and I've talked to him quite a bit

OkiBrown: SOBO...we can't wait to get you back so you can keep adding the...""If I were Phil this week...""
Brent Sobleski: Oki - I'll tell you right now, a lot of things are changing for me seeing a lot of these guys in person

Guest229: SOBO, the Brees tidbit on Fox is getting a lot of play.
Brent Sobleski: Guest229 - What would that tidbit be? I'm in the loop but not always sure what's being put out
Guest229: Brees was on the radio is SD a week ago saying he was two weeks ahead of his rehab schedule. Did he have a setback?
Brent Sobleski: G229 - Like I said and this is a direct quote for the SD FO, they are ""unsure"" exactly of what to do with Brees

mes78: What players have changed your pre-Senior Bowl perception the most? Lawson, Haralson, ...?
Brent Sobleski: Mes - No one has dramatically changed my view like....say....Wesley Britt did last year; BUT there has been alot of movement on my own personal board on guys I didn't have as high or I'm not liking as much now

Guest29: Who have the Steelers and Patriots been following - those are the players the Browns should draft.
Brent Sobleski: G29 - The Steelers are always very secretive. If you can find one around here it's like finding gold. The Pats have been very selective, but both Pioli and Belichick have been sighted making their rounds

PA_DAWG: The Browns saying they want to get stronger up the middle seems to scream NT or ILB while needing a better passrush sems to say DE or OLB (IMO) Are these two items at odds for getting fixed in one year through the draft or can we get a bit better at both by drafting our Kimo Can Olhoffen with your boy Bunkley
Brent Sobleski: PA - The Browns have been heavily interested in both positions down here, and I mean HEAVILY. When it's all said and done I think it will be address in some form or another in both FA and the draft

OkiBrown: any of the new coaches there?
Brent Sobleski: Oki - seen Herm Edwards sporting all his new Chief gear

bravesarethebest: SOBO, is Jim Mora down there?
Brent Sobleski: BATB - no sign of Mora form what I've seen

mes78: A little OT, but outside of Savage, who is the Brown's top scout?
Brent Sobleski: Mes - Bill Rees is second in command, and I've talked to the Midwestern regional scout Kevin Kelly on a few occasions already

OkiBrown: what about Mangini?
Brent Sobleski: Oki - no to Mangini as well

bravesarethebest: SOBO where do you think Mahelona will go?
Brent Sobleski: BATB - Mahelona is a solid mid second round pick

Guest29: Sobo - are you watching from on the field or are you in the stands?
Brent Sobleski: G29 - depends. When the squads were split on the first day of practice, the Fairhope field they practiced on for the South team; I was on the field in spitting distance of the drills. At Ladd Peeble (in Mobile) they ask all coaches and scouts to stay in the stands till practice is over

CaryNCBrownsBacker: SOBO ... I know you been at this for over an hour ... and I am late ... just wanted to know the biggest piece of news from today if you would not mind restating it. Thanks
Brent Sobleski: CNCBB - Biggest news on my part from a player perspective is Broderick Bunkley, one of the stronger prospects this week, being injured
Brent Sobleski: G29 - Nothing major. He'll be back on the field tomorrow

Guest209: sobo seems like there is a lot of short de's at 260lbs. could they be olb's in pro's?
Brent Sobleski: G209 - have talked to quite a few of them and alot of scouts are asking them those same questions. So I think there is quite the likelihood some of these guys go to OLB

catchandrecatch: did AJ not participating in the senior bowl hurt his stock possibly out of the top 5?
Brent Sobleski: CAC - the competition to Hawk has been less than impressive this week

Guest29: Sobo - just curious - your insights are great and numerous - how do you do it - you have a recorder you talk into, a fastwriter, or a great memory or a combination?
Brent Sobleski: G29 - Last year I tried the recorder route. Didn't like it. Was too tedious. This year we have sheets made up specifically for players and team interests. Plus I usually have a solid memory for this stuff

bravesarethebest: any big hits today?
Brent Sobleski: BATB - Clint Ingram's right hook to Nick Mangold's face
Brent Sobleski: Demeco Ryans lit up a running back as well. Decleated him, but I can't remember the back

bravesarethebest: what does Demeco weigh?
Brent Sobleski: BATB - 229
bravesarethebest: hmm... he reminds me a lot of Demorrio question is why did Demorrio fall to the 4th while Demeco seems to be in the top 15-20 range
Brent Sobleski: BATB - Demeco is much stronger at the oint of attack and very intelligent. Plus he has a better overall game

Guest209: sobo haven't heard much about ingram before the sb. what's your opinion of him?
Brent Sobleski: G209 - big physical two down LB

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