Scouting the ACC: Georgia Tech

The season that was suppose to be, wasn't last year for the Jackets as many thought they make a move to the top of the ACC. They lose a lot of leadership but also bring back a bunch of talent and pro-prospects back, especially on the defensive side of the ball.

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

The offense needs to find a new leader after the graduation of George Godsey. The strength of this team is at receiver. Jonathan Smith really stepped up last season as a sophomore and looks as though he can take over for Kelly Campbell. Comparing him to Campbell at this point in his career, Smith does not show the same abilities to stretch the defense but is more polished in his game and is also effective between the hashes (Campbell was a flier down the flanks as a sophomore as Dez White was the "go-to" guy). Smith has some real potential at the next level. A pair of seniors flash abilities but must turn up the consistency to get any consideration. Phil Glover has the speed to get down field but must become more involved in the offense, something Kerry Watkins must also accomplish. We've watched Watkins for two seasons and waited for him to break out but it has not happened. Though not "big" he has a stout build and can take the pounding when he catches the pass but has the ball thrown in his direction only on occasion.

Defensively they have several potential early round choices. Greg Gathers is small and not overly explosive for an undersized rusher but plays with a relentless motor and makes plays with a terrific combination of hustle and athleticism. In a lot of ways he is a lesser version of Dwight Freeney; not as quick or nearly as fast but just a good defender that can handle several reasonability's. Like Freeney, pre-draft workouts will predicate much of Gathers draft position and he could sneak into the late part of round one. Tech has a trio of solid linebacker prospects starting with senior Recardo Wimbush. Wimbush is a heady defender that makes a lot of positive plays all over the field against the run and pass. He has terrible size/speed numbers, which will push him deep into the draft, but Wimbush is definitely worth the look. Middle linebacker Daryl Smith, only a junior, is a little faster and more athletic than Wimbush but also has sub-par size. Smith does a fine job reading and anticipating the action, always taking good angles to the play and stopping the ball carrier in their tracks. Though on the inside now Smith displays the covers skills and instincts to be considered for the weak-side. Possibly the greatest amount of upside potential of the group belongs to another junior, Kenyaron Fox. Fox is fast, explosive and strong at the point of attack. He is effective making plays either up the field or in reverse. Fox does have size potential but must improve his instincts as his game has a lot of hesitation to it and instead of anticipating the action like his counterparts, Fox does more reacting and chasing from behind. Still, he has first day potential in the future. Corner Marvious Hester has both corner speed and instincts but is a little small and plays that way. Look for Hester to be a middle round choice in '03. Jeremy Muyres is a hard-working and heady safety that flies around the action, sacrificing his body to make a plays and stop the ballcarrier. While he is quick in the head his feet are slow and Muyres is best in a straight-line, even better in a smaller area, not a good combo for a centerfielder. He could get some late round looks as a strong safety/special teams player.

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