Spurrier takes shot at Wilkinson

Redskins coach Steve Spurrier didn't say it loudly. But his words carried more weight than his done. And it was obvious that Spurrier was displeased with defensive tackle Dan Wilkinson and his absence at last week's coaching session.

Wilkinson attended workouts today and will be at Redskins Park the next two days.

But his absence last week annoyed Spurrier.

''If the whole team had his attitude, we'd be in trouble,'' Spurrier said.

''The more I'm on the field now, the more it takes away from my legs when the real season comes,'' Wilkinson said. ''The coaches told me I'm wrong, but I tell them I'm right. It's a difference of opinion.''

Of course, Spurrier had a response to that, too.

''I guess we're just running all the other guys into the ground,'' Spurrier said. ''Dan wasn't coming very regularly. He's about the only one on the whole team. If he can play, we'll find out. But that's something new for me. I've never had a guy not want to practice with his teammates. But we'll handle it. If he's our best player he'll play. If not someone else will play.''

Thing is, corner Darrell Green missed the first minicamp because he was in Disney World with his family. Nothing was said.

Others have missed workouts for various reasons.

''Coach wants everything 100 percent and if it doesn't happen, then they'll always be disappointed,'' Wilkinson said. ''I've been through this so much that my focus is on training camp. As coaches their focus is on right now, how can we get better today? That's not particularly mine. This will be a forgotten subject.''

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