Scouting the ACC: Virginia Cavaliers

Al Groh is working to put his stamp on a program that in the past successfully mixed high academic standards with competitive athletic teams. Taking over for George Welsh, one of the most underrated coaches in the country, is a tough task, something Groh is now finding that out. '01 was not successful, either on the playing field or from a scouting point of view and '02 may not be much better.

Virginia Cavaliers

We see less than a handful of draft prospects that will be on the field wearing Cavalier uniforms next season and only a pair worth mentioning. Receiver Billy McMullen has been a productive Cavalier wide out the past two years. With large and consistent hands McMullen offers a big target over the middle or down the sidelines, showing the propensity to come away with the ball even when in the middle of multiple defenders around him trying to defend the pass. He is also an intelligent wide-out that consistently finds the open spot on the defense, coming back to the ball or works his way into a clearing when his quarterback is in trouble. The problem is a lack of speed, almost to the point where McMullen looks slow on the field. The bottom line will be determined in the post-season when workouts take place but right now we'd consider McMullen a late second rounder and a step better than former Golden Gopher Ron Johnson.

Linebacker Angelo Crowell lacks the great size but plays a big, strong game, displaying a good head on his shoulders, a combination which allows him to force the action up the field. Crowell's game lacks speed, quickness and, to our minds, intensity. All too often when the opportunity arises to finish off the play or an opponents, Crowell does not. Unless he kicks it into gear expect Crowell to slide down boards on draft day.

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