Prospect Profile: Ryan Cook


Full Name: Ryan Cook School: New Mexico Pos: C

Ht: 6-6.5 Wt: 328 40: 5.48 Year: 5Sr

Bio: Former walk-on awarded All-Conference honors every season since moving into the starting lineup as a sophomore.

Pos: King-sized center with potential at strong-side tackle. Nasty and always looking to hit someone. Strong at the point, and easily anchors in pass protection. Effective with the shotgun snap. Heads-up blocker and effectively quarterbacks the line.

Neg: Struggles in space, not effective in motion, and a big, lumbering lineman not light on his feet. Lacks quickness off the snap into blocks.

Analysis: A solid-sized lineman with growth potential, Cook has made definite strides the past three seasons. Working hard in the weight room, Cook's ability to be used at several positions makes him attractive in the late rounds.

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