UT Pro-Day: Final Update

All eyes are on Austin, Texas as late this morning the Longhorns take the field and perform before a large gathering of NFL scouts. After shunning combine workouts Vince Young will finally throw the ball for NFL-decision makers. Here's the latest on the recently maligned signal caller. UPDATE: 10:15 PM


While the internet world is abuzz about Vince Young's workout this afternoon sources have told us the point of view in the scouting community is mixed and many are not happy.

Young's arm-strength was impressive, but no one though it would not be.

The problem was Jerry Rhome, who ran Young's workout, made sure it was very Vince Young friendly and sanitized the workout. Scouts walked away with almost as many questions as they came with since the workout was not based on the usual NFL routine run at the combine. The fact Young threw a very limited number of downfield passes had scouts miffed.

Factor in Young was working with a pair of slow receivers, one who was Idaho junior Daniel Smith who barely broke 4.65-seconds during his pro-day workout, and scouts are not convinced Young is worth a top seven pick.

As we stated earlier, Norm Chow of the Titans will work Young out tomorrow, bringing in his own receivers, the Houston Texans are scheduled to individually workout Young this weekend and the Jets will follow suit on Monday.

One player who received a lot of positive comments for his terrific workout was tight end David Thomas, who put on a pass catching clinic.

A little further south, Texas State held its' pro-day workout in San Marcos later in the afternoon.

Defensive tackle looked good Fred Evans impressed scouts. Weighing near 310-pounds, Evans ran his forty's in the 5.10 second range and turned in a 34.5-vertical jump.


Also there was:

Dallas Cowboys quarterbacks' coach Chris Palmer, Mike McCarthy of the Green Bay Packers, Miami Dolphins GM Randy Meuller, and Rick Neuheisel of the Baltimore Ravens.

Floyd Reese of the Tennessee Titans, Charlie Casserly and Gary Kubiak of the Houston Texans, Jim Haslett of the St. Louis Rams, Ted Thompson of the Green Bay Packers and Nick Saban of the Miami Dolphins were among the big names in attendance.

Defensive tackle Rodrique Wright ran the 20-yard shuttle, hoping to better his time from the Combines.

"I had a good time but felt I could do even better," Wright said. "It was the last drill we did (at the Combines) and I was a little drained."

He posted an unofficial 4.47 shuttle, besting the 4.54 he had in Indianapolis.

Vince Young notched a 33-inch vertical jump and 9-foot-8 broad jump.

Michael Huff ran his 20-yard shuttle in 3.96 and managed a 6.84 in the three-cone drill. He also participated in secondary drills and looked fluid working out at both safety and cornerback.

"With the positional drills at the combine and my Pro Day, people will be able to tell whether I can play corner or not," Huff said confidently.

The report we received from the bubble at the Texas pro-day was Vince Young looked solid yet nothing special. His passing workout did not hurt his draft stock yet it did not move him into the top six picks. Jerry Rhome ran the workout.

Young worked out with a pair of slow receivers yet was late on his timing throws and really only threw one deep pass.

Tomorrow Tennessee Titans offensive coordinator Norm Chow will workout Young individually with receivers from the Titans.

Cedric Griffin had an outstanding day and too many, looked better then Michael Huff.  Offensive tackle Jonathan Scott improved from a poor bench press and was solid during position drills.

We will keep providing the updates as they come in to us from Texas.


More then 100 scouts and coaches are on hand at the Longhorn pro day, as each team has sent close to four representatives per organization.  Besides that, tons of media have flocked to the pro day.

A shocking announcement was made when the Longhorn strength coach told everyone on hand Vince Young would not take part in any of the running or jumping workout.  After much booing and prodding Young ran a single 40 and was clocked between 4.59-and-4.61.

Jonathan Scott did not run the forty and only completed just 17 reps on the bench.  Tight end David Thomas was able to complete 21 reps.

Michael Huff and Cedric Griffin did not run the forty, standing pat on their combine times.  Each participated in the pro-shuttle, with Huff turning in a time close to 4.00 and Griffin clocking in the low 3.9 area.

Linebacker Aaron Harris was unable to break the 5-second barrier in the forty.

10 AM EST:

Prior to last month's combine, we reported on the problems Young was having.  His late decision to pull out of the Indy workouts were a direct result of poor practices.  

Sources have told us things have not gotten much better.  In fact we have been told Young has recently had some terrible workouts.

While the perception has been Young is working hard with former quarterbacks coach Jerry Rhome, we have learned the reality of the situation is much different.  Sources confirmed Rhome has worked with Young for less than a week's time and there is concern about his accuracy and throwing mechanics.

His sidearm motion presents a challenge, yet the bigger problem seems to be Young's inability to release the ball from one consistent spot, which has his passes flying all over the place.

Worse yet is Young's inability to concentrate.  

When pulled to the sidelines and taught how to run certain drills Young struggled to grasp what was being asked of him and rarely got drills correct on the first run-through.  The opinion is the Texas gunslinger needed a lot of guidance running up to his pro day and has not received it.

Also of concern is Young's affinity for socializing, as many report seeing him out on the town nightly in Houston.

And while no one can predict exactly what will happen today, the early signs are ominous.

Another Longhorn who seems to have taken a lackadaisical attitude is tackle Jonathan Scott.  

After a poor combine in which he ran the forty in 5.35 seconds, turned in a vertical jump of just 24.4-inches and did not lift because of a strained pectoral muscle, Scott needs a big workout to solidify himself as a top-75 selection.

Yet sources have told us his attitude has been quite to the contrary and Scott has put limited time into preparing for today.

The TFY Draft Preview will be providing updates all day long as they come in from Austin.

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