Team Visits: April 15th

The following are collegiate player visits or private player workouts that have or will be completed with each NFL team. The workouts either took place at the team's training complex, at the player's pro day, or at an undisclosed location before or after the player's pro day. 4/15: Big update on the New York Jets.

All visits must be completed one week before the NFL draft. This year, teams can visit with up to 30 players.

Buffalo Bills
Charles Spencer/OL/Pittsburgh (worked out-3/29)
Haloti Hgata/DT/Oregon (visit)
Michael Huff/CB-S/Texas (visited)

Cincinnati Bengals
Jason Boyd/WR/UTEP
Domenik Hixon/WR/Akron (visit)
Leonard Pope/TE/Georgia
Willie Colon/OL/Hofstra (worked out-3/20, visit-4/19-4/20)
Adam Roberts/DE/Cincinnati (workout-4/18)
Chris Gocong/DE/Cal-Poly (worked out)
John Busing/OLB/Miami-Oh. (worked out)
Jon Alston/LB/Stanford (worked out)
Johnathan Joseph/CB/South Carolina (worked out)
Jason Allen/CB-S/Tennessee (visit)

Jacksonville Jaguars
Bruce Eugene/QB/Grambling (worked out)
Maurice Drew/RB/UCLA (worked out)
Lawrence Maroney/RB/Minnesota (visit)
Leonard Pope/TE/Georgia (visited)
Willie Colon/OL/Hofstra (4/9-4/10-visited)
Charles Spencer/OL/Pittsburgh (4/10-visited)
Chris Chester/C/Oklahoma
La Juan Ramsey/DT/USC (visit)
Anthony Montgomery/DT/Minnesota (worked out)
Chris Cogong/DE/Cal-Poly (visit)
Ryan LaCasse/DE/Syracuse (worked out)
Dion Byrum/CB/Ohio U. (worked out)
Dee Webb/CB/Florida (worked out)
Antonio Cromartie/CB/Florida St. (visit)
Sam Smith/S/Delaware St. (worked out-4/7)

New Orleans Saints
Matt Leinart/QB/USC (visit-4/18-4/19)
Reggie Bush/RB/USC (visit-4/18-4/19)
D'Brickashaw Ferguson/OL/Virginia (visit-4/18-4/19)
Mario Williams/DE/N.C. St. (visited)
A.J. Hawk/LB/Ohio St. (visit-4/18-4/19)
Gerris Wilkinson/LB/Georgia Tech (visited)
Daniel Bullocks/S/Nebraska (visit)

New York Jets
Charlie Whitehurst/QB/Clemson (visit)
Vince Young/QB/Texas (workout-4/18)
Matt Leinart/QB/USC (workout)
Jay Cutler/QB/Vanderbilt (workout, visit-4/16)
Reggie Bush/RB/USC (visit)
Miles Austin/WR/Monmouth (visited)
Mike Haas/WR/Oregon St. (worked out)
Marques Colston/OL/Hofstra (visit)
Ryan O'Callaghan/OL/California (visited)
Willie Colon/OL/Hofstra (visited)
D'Brickashaw Ferguson/OT/Virginia (visited-4/13)
Chris Gocong/DE/Cal-Poly (visit-4/19-4/20)
John Syptak/DE/Rice (visited)
Mario Williams/DE/N.C. St. (visit)
A.J. Hawk/LB/Ohio St. (visited)
Jason Allen/CB-S/Tennessee (visit)
Dion Byrum/CB/Ohio (worked out)
Antonio Cromartie/CB/Florida St. (visit)

St. Louis Rams
Brad Smith/QB/Missouri (worked out/visited)
Jay Cutler/QB/Vanderbilt (visited-4/12)
Brian Calhoun/RB/Wisconsin (visit)
Maurice Drew/RB/UCLA (visit)
Joseph Addai/RB/LSU (visit)
Martin Nance/WR/Miami-Oh. (visit)
Joe Klopfenstein/TE/Colorado (visit)
Marcedes Lewis/TE/UCLA (visit)
Vernon Davis/TE/Maryland (visit)
Tony Palmer/OL/Missouri (visit)
Mark Setterstrom/OL/Minnesota (visit)
Chris Chester/C/Oklahoma (visit)
Jon Alston/LB/Stanford (worked out/4-3)
LaJuan Ramsey/DT/USC (visit)
John McCargo/DT/North Carolina St. (visited-4/12)
Montavious Stanley/DT/Louisville (visit)
Broderick Bunkley/DT/Florida St. (visit)
Thomas Carroll/DE/Miami-Fla. (visited-4/11-4/12)
Jimmy Cottrell/LB/New Mexico St. (visited)
Chad Greenway/LB/Iowa (visited)
Richard Marshall/CB/Fresno St. (visit)
Tye Hill/CB/Clemson (visit)
Antonio Cromartie/CB/Florida St. (visit)
Michael Huff/CB-S/Texas (visit)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Bruce Eugene/QB/Grambling (worked out)
Darrell Hackney/QB/UAB (worked out)
Maurice Stovall/WR/Notre Dame (visited)
Brandon Williams/WR/Wisconsin (visit)
Domenik Hixon/WR/Akron (visit)
Anthony Fasano/TE/Notre Dame
Winston Justice/OT/USC (visited)
Rashad Butler/OL/Miami-Fla. (visited)
Mark Setterstrom/OL/Minnesota
Rashad Butler/OL/Miami-Fla.
Ernie Sims/LB/Florida St. (visit)
Alan Zemaitis/CB/Penn St (visit)
Richard Marshall/CB/Fresno St. (visit)
Dion Byrum/CB/Ohio (worked out)
Antonio Cromartie/CB/Florida St. (visit)

Tennessee Titans
Matt Leinart/QB/USC (worked out-4/3, visited-4/11)
Jay Cutler/QB/Vanderbilt (worked out 4/7, visited)
Vince Young/QB/Texas (worked out-3/23, visited-4/12)
DeAngelo Williams/RB/Memphis (visit-4/17)
Joseph Addai/RB/LSU (visit)
Reggie Bush/RB/USC (visit)
Lawrence Maroney/RB/Minnesota (visit)
Sinorice Moss/WR/Miami-Fla. (visited-4/14)
Miles Austin/WR/Monmouth (visited)
Derek Hagan/WR/Arizona St. (visited-4/14)
Todd Watkins/WR/BYU (visited)
Chris Chester/C/Oklahoma (visit)
Fred Matua/OL/USC (visit)
Mario Williams/DE/North Carolina (visited-4/13)
Jon Alston/LB/Stanford (visited)
Chad Greenway/LB/Iowa (visit)
A.J. Hawk/LB/Ohio St. (visited-4/14)
D'Qwell Jackson/LB/Maryland (visited)
Roger McIntosh/LB/Miami-Fla. (visited-4/11)
Tye Hill/CB/Clemson (visit)
Cedric Griffin/CB/Tennessee (visited-4/12)
Donte Whitner/S/Ohio St. (visited-4/11)

* To see all the visits for the leagues 32 teams, stop by the individual team sites which are updated daily: Visit The NFL Team Directory

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