Stringer Lawsuit Moves Forward

The family of Korey Stringer is hoping for a ruling that will open the Vikings medical books to all heat-related illnesses.

The Vikings had hoped to get a judge's ruling dismissing the lawsuit brought by the family of Korey Stringer. Not only hasn't that happened, but the Stringer family has gone on the offensive -- looking to get team medical records released.

Lawyers for the family are seeking all heat-related injuries to Vikings players over the 40-year history of the team. In court documents, the family claims as many as a dozen other players were sick from the heat that resulted in Stringer's death Aug. 1 last year. In addition, the motion claims that the Vikings denied player intravenous fluids because the team "doesn't believe in them."

The Vikings are claiming the information if privileged and shouldn't be released to the attorneys for the Stringer family. Judge Gary Larson is expected to rule on the motion next week.

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