The Bears Big Choice

Marty Booker the Bears leading receiver in 2001 recently hit the bank as he signed a seven year 28 million dollar contract. He is the highest paid receiver in the history of the Chicago bears organization. Which begs the question, is he worth the money? Did Booker prove he is worth this money, and could it have been used wisely elsewhere?

The Bears entered the free agent period with the third most cap room in the NFL, but paid a large portion to WR Marty Booker. The Bears do not seem to be interested in much else free agent wise, but why did Booker get the money, while other key players like Tony Parrish and Walt Harris were allowed to pursue free agency?

Yes, Booker had an excellent year and he should be the number one receiver coming into the 2002 season. But, is he worth sacrificing two defensive starters in Parrish and Harris, and leaving another young defender unsigned?

Rosevelt Colvin, one of the most sought after young linebackers in the Bears excellent linebacking corps has not received his big money contract. Others all across the Bears defense have received their big money contracts except for Colvin. Losing Colvin would be devastating.

Jerry Angelo has years is GM experience under his belt, that is why he was brought in, so hopefully Angelo will get the job done in his choices. Booker will line up as the Bears number one wideout, hopefully he can repeat last years breakout season.

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