Rookie fullback arrested in Miami

Green Bay Packers rookie fullback Najeh Davenport was arrested Monday in Miami on suspicion of burglary and criminal mischief. Davenport was charged on two counts stemming from an invasion of a college dormitory room in early April.

Davenport, 23, surrendered Monday afternoon at the Dade County Jail after an arrest warrant was issued July 1. He posted bond for $6,500 and was released after spending four hours in jail. He had been training in Green Bay for the upcoming season and will be allowed to return.

Davenport, a former University of Miami standout who was selected in the fourth round of the recent NFL draft by the Packers, had been under investigation for an incident that occurred in a dorm room at Barry University in Miami Shores. Davenport allegedly broke into the room of a female student April 1 and defecated in a closet.

According to the police report, alleged victim Mary McCarthy said she woke up around 6 a.m. on April 1, ``to a strange sound, and discovered Mr. Davenport, an individual unknown to her, squatting in her closet defecating into her laundry basket.''

She called campus security, who tried to stop the defendant and later identified him as Davenport from a University of Miami football yearbook.

According to the detective's affidavit, Davenport left the scene with a companion who had visited the victim at the time of incident. After a campus security officer identified Davenport, McCarthy picked Davenport from a photo lineup.

Davenport told the Miami Herald Monday evening that he returned to Miami three days ago and found out about the warrant when he went to a credit union to deal with a credit-card fraud investigation.

''Somebody had taken my identity and was using my credit cards,'' he told the Herald. ``I turned myself in as soon as I found out.''

Davenport would not confirm or deny the allegations, only saying, ``I am still trying to find out what happened.''

Davenport's attorney, Richard Sharpstein, said his client does not know McCarthy, but he wouldn't elaborate on the allegations.

''As far I know, Najeh is innocent,'' Sharpstein said. ``He was at the wrong place at the wrong time. We will confront the issue and prove his innocence.''

Davenport rushed for 830 yards and 13 touchdowns in four seasons for the Hurricanes. He graduated in May 2001 with a degree in theater. He was forced to sit out of Green Bay's two off-season minicamps because of a foot injury, but is expected to participate in practices when training camp beings. Rookies report July 23.

Davenport and Green Bay's five other draft picks have yet to sign a contract for the upcoming season.

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