Vick Learns from the Best

When former San Francisco 49er Steve Young stepped in last week to speak with Michael Vick, the Falcons' franchise quarterback listened. "The best thing about it was talking to somebody I idolized as a kid, and him telling me things to better myself," said Vick.

Young, a two-time former NFL Most Valuable Player, was in Atlanta last week to donate 30 computers to the NFL/Youth Education Town facility on behalf of his Forever Young Foundation and Sun Microsystems. He retired from the NFL in 1999, leaving the game as and the league's all-time passing efficiency leader.

After reviewing film of the Falcons' young gun, he decided that it might be a good idea to stop by and share some knowledge with the cornerstone of the Falcons' franchise.

"We talked some about when to get rid of the ball, what to look for, small things," said Vick. Vick had a tendency to drop back into the pocket too fast- forcing the offense to get out of sync.

He would finish the season completing just 50 of 113 passes for 785 yards and 2 touchdowns. His 62.7 rating was actually the fourth-lowest of any quarterback who threw 100 or more passes last season. Of course, he was a rookie.

Young stopped by for almost 90 minutes, sitting in on the quarterbacks meeting, and watching tape with Vick and quarterbacks coach Jack Burns.

The former 49er star inidicated on more than one occasion that Vick may want to use his feet less, and his arm more if he's going to take this team to the next level.

"To me, going through this transition from playmaker to offensive orchestrator- that's the transition you have to have in mind," Young said. "In the NFL, you can't make enough plays alone."

While that seems to be the consensus among the experts, it goes without saying that Vick brings an extra dimension to the game that most teams would die for. "He has the ability to defy belief," said Young.

How he uses that ability will likely go a long way in determining how many wins the Falcons are able to produce this season. If Steve Young has anything to say about it, it will be likely be less running and more control in the pocket.

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