Moss Speaks Up, Speaks Out

When he arrived at Mankato on Friday, Randy Moss wasn't talking. That changed Saturday, but it was the same confident talk that has made some love Moss and some hate him.

There's something about Randy Moss and microphones. They don't tend to get along well.

After a 1990 playoff loss to the Giants, VU stood by as Moss answered 20 minutes of pointed questions from New York media before breaking down and saying out of frustration that he'll win a Super Bowl ring, whether it's with the Vikings or not. Those comments made friction between Moss and players like Todd Steussie and, when push came to shove, Dennis Green opted to stick with his cash cow and let Steussie go.

Last year, berated by media types who said he only plays when he wants to, Moss went on record agreeing with it -- which many feel cost him a trip to the Pro Bowl.

So when the media surrounded Moss Saturday, many of us thought we'd hear a different Randy this time around. Nah.

Moss was Moss, saying he loves Mike Tice's Randy Ratio idea, saying it should have come sooner.

When asked about the prediction from Tice that he'll see the ball on 40 percent of plays, Moss told VU, "It we had done that my rookie year, we'd have some jewelry (as in Super Bowl rings) around here."

When asked if he's changed because of the leadership role thrust on him and the "I play when I want to" stigma, he remained consistent.

"Nothing is going to change for me, no matter what is said or written," Moss told VU. "I just want to go out there, catch touchdowns and do whatever I can to get a Super Bowl ring."

Coaches may change, players may change, even owners may change, but Moss it appears will remain the same -- like it or not.

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