Scouting the M-West: Colorado St

It seems Sonny Lubbick has found a comfortable home at CSU. He's also found a way to contend for the conference title every year and consistently gets this program into a bowl game. The Rams also offer the draft several middle-line prospects every year that seem to fall short of pre-season hype, yet make their way onto NFL rosters. Next April will be no different.

Colorado State Rams

Offensively they will offer late round/free agent prospects at running back and on the line, those that could ultimately add inexpensive depth to a roster. Running back Henri Child is not big or fast rather very smart, instinctive and versatile. He excels in short yardage and is a competent receiver out of the backfield. Child works his runs hard and is always looking to pick up positive yardage. While he does have a nice burst through the hole he would neither be considered fast, explosive or elusive. In the end Child is more than likely a rookie free agent, but one with a real chance of making the final roster as a third down back/special teams player. Guard Morgan Pears is a big blocker with strength and size potential. His work ethic and approach to the game were part-n-parcel to unseating Broderick Lancaster at the top of the depth chart two years ago. Strong at the point, Pears easily controls defenders at the line but his inability to play in anything other than confined quarters makes anything other than late round selection unlikely. Finally, Cecil Sapp returns as the CSU feature back after missing all of '01 after a tumor was removed from his foot. Displaying both elusiveness and strength as a ball carrier in 2000, Sapp has good size/speed numbers and a strong showing in 2002 could start his march towards a first day pick in '03.

The top senior prospect on defense is Pete Hogan, a hard working end with terrible size/speed numbers and a prospect that may be better off as a 3-4 outside linebacker. After that the next pair of players to watch are junior linebackers Drew Wood and Eric Pauley. Wood is a solid middle player with a good head for the ball but is neither fast nor rangy while Pauly needs to put a complete game together and offers some potential on the weak-side.



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