NFL Draft '07: Top prospects of the Big East

The top 47 draft eligible players from the Big East conference. Included are all players eligible for next April's draft, starting with third-year sophomores. There is a good mix of seniors and underclassmen at the top. The number one player on this list has already suffered a bad break.


# Full Name School Pos Year
1 Michael Bush Louisville RB 4Sr
2 Darrelle Revis Pittsburgh CB 3Jr
3 Brian Brohm Louisville QB 3Jr
4 H.B. Blades Pittsburgh OLB 4Sr
5 Brian Leonard Rutgers FB 5Sr
6 Tanard Jackson Syracuse CB 4Sr
7 Stephen Nicholas South Florida OLB 5Sr
8 Darrell Strong Pittsburgh TE 3Jr
9 Clark Harris Rutgers TE 5Sr
10 Kelvin Smith Syracuse OLB 4Sr
11 Eric Wicks West Virginia S 4Sr
12 Amobi Okoye Louisville DT 4Sr
13 Amarri Jackson South Florida WR 3So
14 Kevin McLee West Virginia OLB 5Sr
15 Dan Mozes West Virginia C 5Sr
16 Tyler Palko Pittsburgh QB 5Sr
17 Eric Wood Louisville C 3Jr
18 Patrick St. Louis South Florida OLB 4Sr
19 Ricky Ponton South Florida RB 3So
20 Derick Kinder Pittsburgh WR 3Jr
21 Brandon Myles West Virginia WR 5Sr
22 Kolby Smith Louisville RB 4Sr
23 Keilen Dykes West Virginia DT 3Jr
24 Perry Patterson Syracuse QB 4Sr
25 Ben Moffitt South Florida ILB 4Jr
26 Jeremy Sheffey West Virginia G 5Sr
27 Nate Harris Louisville ILB 4Sr
28 Theodric Watson South Florida T 4Sr
29 Bradley Glatthaar Cincinnati RB 3Jr
30 Brandon Young Connecticut WR 5Sr
31 Danny Lansanah Connecticut ILB 4Jr
32 Brent Celek Cincinnati TE 4Sr
33 Mike Teel Rutgers QB 3So
34 Kurt Quarterman Louisville G 5Sr
35 Pat Julmiste South Florida QB 4Sr
36 Willie Foster Rutgers WR 4Sr
37 Greg Moore Cincinnati RB 4Sr
38 Sam Bryant Pittsburgh S 5Sr
39 Steve Buches Pittsburgh TE 5Sr
40 Shawn Tucker Rutgers WR 5Sr
41 Dan Murray Connecticut TE 5Sr
42 Jerry Mackey Syracuse ILB 4Sr
43 Rhema Fuller Connecticut DT 5Sr
44 Terry Caulley Connecticut RB 5Sr
45 Jay Henry West Virginia ILB 5Sr
46 Chris Thorner Syracuse DT 4Sr
47 John Simonitis Pittsburgh G 5Sr

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