Fantasy Studs and Starts - Week 1

Week 1 of the 2006 NFL fantasy season is here and it's time to set those fantasy line-ups. will be here each week to provide advice on "Who to start?" and "Who to bench?" in our weekly Fantasy Studs and Starts column.

Peyton Manning - Peyton owns the spot at the top of the QB STUD 
Tom Brady - Brady will destroy Buffalo at will.  
Carson Palmer - Anyone who watched Palmer rip apart Green Bay knows 
he's ready.
Kurt Warner - How can you rank Fitz and Boldin in the top ten and 
not make Warner a STUD against San Fran?

Donovan McNabb - McNabb is loving the fact that he's facing this D 
in week 1.  
Eli Manning - Eli's been preparing the entire off-season to beat 
big brother.
Jon Kitna - Mike Martz and Roy Williams. 
Jake Delhomme - Jake loves to pick on the Falcons and he'll do it 
with or without Smith.  
Jake Plummer - Javon Walker will be Plummer's new best friend. 
Marc Bulger - More focus on the running game will actually help 
Matt Hasselbeck - DJax is ready to catch some balls...and H-beck is 
playing Detroit.  
Drew Bledsoe - T.O. is 100% with something to prove...he'll help 

Aaron Brooks - He'll force passes all game, but maybe Moss catches 
one or two.
Brett Favre - Green Bay is looking bad and has to face the Bears in 
week 1.  
Chris Simms - Simms has to show he can utilize his receivers before 
he gets off our bench.  
David Carr - Has Carr learned to throw while on his back?  

Running Backs
DeShaun Foster - He's the real deal in Carolina provided he stays 
LaDainian Tomlinson - LT2 will be a one-man gang in SD.  
Shaun Alexander - If he gets half of his TDs from last year, he's 
still in the top 3.  
Larry Johnson - You'll need a calculator for his stats.  
Edgerrin James - He's playing the Niners and will get 25 touches.
Corey Dillon - Maroney's no threat this week and he's playing the 
Thomas Jones - TJ will destroy the Pack...why did the Bears draft 
Rudi Johnson - He'll dominate after his team gets the lead.
Steven Jackson - This will be his monster breakout year.

Mike Bell/Tatum Bell - Only if you know the starter before 
Tiki Barber - Gets huge yards, but TDs may dwindle with Jacobs.
Brian Westbrook - Threat on ground and through the air.
Reuben Droughns - Should steamroll over Saints D.
LaMont Jordan - Risky with SD's run D, but he's still a START.
Kevin Jones - Wide open system should really help KJ.
Deuce McAllister - No reason to forget about the Deuce just yet.
Willis McGahee - Solid preseason enough to make him a START.

Tennessee Titans RBs - Merry-go-round in unproven offense.
New York Jets RBs - See Tennessee.
Jamal Lewis - Banged up and may not play.
Clinton Portis - Won't play in week 1.
Ahman Green - Lost a step and playing the Bears in week 1. 
Wide Receivers
Chad Johnson - He'll dance in the zone all year.
Marvin Harrison - All he does is catch TDs from Peyton.
Reggie Wayne - Wayne and Harrison are 1a and 1b.
Larry Fitzgerald - Stud until further notice.
Anquan Boldin - He and Fitz are like Harrison and Wayne.
Terrell Owens - Dallas could have double the ticket prices for the 
show he'll put on.
Javon Walker - Leaping up to STUD level from what we've seen in 
Roy Williams - Extremely talented and ready to go off in Martz' 

Drew Bennett - Bennett is better when Volek fires to him.
Lee Evans - Bills will have to throw alot once they're down.
Santana Moss - Viking D can't's up to Brunell to get 
him the rock.
Randy Moss - Off the STUD section until Brooks proves he can 
Donte Stallworth - He'll benefit from the change of scenery.
Troy Williamson - Lightning fast and emerging as a solid #1.
Todd Heap - I know, he's a TE...but McNair will him in the chest 
until he's sore.
Torry Holt - If he weren't banged up, he'd be a STUD.
Plaxico Burress - Nice big target for Manning.
Matt   Jones - Big target that is ready to bust out.

T.J. Houshmandzadeh - It doesn't look like he'll play this week.
Steve Smith - Not looking good for Smith playing...DeAngelo Hall 
may eat him up if he does.
New York Jets WRs - Benched until further notice. 


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