Fantasy Mailbox - Week 2

Welcome to the week 2 edition of the Fantasy Mailbox! As the season progresses, we will select a few emails to answer in our weekly mailbox column. To be considered for future columns, send your fantasy football questions to and be sure to include your first name, last initial, city & state.

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Q : Hey Freak! I have a trade I am pondering and want to know your opinion. Some guy is offering me Chris Chambers and Kellen Winslow Jr. for Jeremy Shockey and Michael Jenkins. We are in a league that requires a tight end. Do I do the deal? I hate to give up Shockey.

Tom H. - Syracuse, NY

Absolutely Tom. I love this deal for you. Granted, Shockey is a threat to score a TD every time he touches the ball inside the 30, but don't underestimate Kellen Winslow Jr. He (Winslow) has perhaps more upside than any tight end in the league (including Antonio Gates) provided he stays healthy. I certainly don't have Winslow ranked ahead of Shockey just yet, but it wouldn't totally surprise me to see him finish with better fantasy stats by year's end.

The real key to this deal is getting Chambers. Chambers is destined to have a monster year with Culpepper throwing him the rock. Don't let the lack of top stats by Chambers in week 1 be a factor here. Jenkins did well against Carolina, but he is nowhere near the caliber of Chambers and won't come close to his numbers by the end of the season.


Q : Hi. How good is Chester Taylor? I just don't get it. I drafted Taylor after I got Tomlinson and Willie Parker, but wasn't planning to use him unless one of the two get hurt. Who should I use for my number 2?

Randy O. - Davenport, IA

Taylor is a good RB running behind a beefed up line. The acquisition of OL Steve Hutchinson this past off-season was huge for the Vikings and certainly huge for Taylor. CT looked good on MNF, but not yet to the point where he is a lock over Willie Parker. Play Parker in Pittsburgh's proven run offense until Taylor proves he is in an offense capable of continued production.

Thanks for your question!


Q : What will the signing of Deion Branch mean for Darrell Jackson? I own Jackson and feel that his value just took a huge hit. Thanks.

Corbin V. - St. George, UT

I don't agree Corbin. QB Matt Hasselbeck and Jackson have worked together for years and are definitely on the same page. Jackson will likely benefit from Branch's arrival as DB takes away double coverage from Jackson. Don't expect DJax's numbers to be fact, they may climb this season as defenses key on Alexander (and now Branch).

Good luck!


Q : Hey! Thanks a bunch for the huge tip on Stallworth. You definitely hit that one right. Playing him over Matt   Jones actually was the difference maker for me. I'm hoping it wasn't just because they played Houston in week 1.

Bill B. - Page, AZ

Glad to help. Leave Stallworth in your line-up. He is extremely talented and will get better the longer he works with McNabb. If he is able to go off after only 12 days with the team, imagine what Stallworth will be able to do with a little more time in the Eagle offense!


Q : Freak, how can you have Charlie Batch rated higher than Chad Pennington of your Top Performers from Week 1? Pennington had 110 more yards and was much more accurate than Batch (like 72% to 60% of passes completed). I don't totally understand fantasy, but no way was Batch better than Pennington in week 1.

Megan W. - Queens, NY

Thanks for your question Megan. You're right about completion percentage and total yards going for Pennington. But in fantasy football, touchdowns are huge in nearly every league. Batch's 3 TDs to the 2 TDs of Pennington was more than enough to offset the difference in yards (rarely does completion % matter since most leagues score only net stats) Batch the slight edge in fantasy ratings.

But I'm not taking anything away from Pennington. He had a fantastic game. Let's hope he repeats the feat!


Q : I had Trent Green as my starting QB and he's now out for a few weeks. What should I do in the meantime? Do I pickup his backup or grab someone else? QBs on the waiver wire include Philip Rivers, Charlie Frye, Jon Kitna, and Brett Favre.

One other option is a trade. After seeing Green go down, one owner offered me Daunte Culpepper (he also has Warner/Leinart) for Donte' Stallworth (Daunte for Donte'!). Should I do that instead of grabbing someone off of the wire until Green comes back? We play only 2 WRs and I still have Chad Johnson and Anquan Boldin.

Martin J. - Tempe, AZ

I do like Stallworth, but his value is very high right now and you likely won't play him unless in an injury situation with CJ and Boldin on your roster.

Do the trade! Stallworth's production won't do you much good on the bench. Culpepper was a top rated quarterback just one year ago. He'll get back to form soon and will likely be your starter over a healthy Trent Green when he returns.


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