Fantasy Mailbox - Week 3

Welcome to the week 3 edition of the Fantasy Mailbox! As the season progresses, we will select a few emails to answer in our weekly mailbox column. To be considered for future columns, send your fantasy football questions to and be sure to include your first name, last initial, city & state.

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Q : Hey Freak! Thanks for the line on Stallworth. I grabbed him early (per your advice) and he put me over the top the first two weeks! Do I dare seek to trade him while his value is high?

Toby K. - Alberta, CAN

Stallworth is a perfect fit in Philly and has great chemistry with McNabb. He'll continue to be the favorite target (with Westbrook) and will be a great fantasy play all season. Why would you want to trade him? He'll be the real deal in Philadelphia.

It's often advantageous to trade players after huge starts, but only when they are players who aren't likely to sustain their early stats. I don't believe Stallworth falls in this category. McNabb is going to throw the ball in Philly, and Stallworth will be the benefactor.

Thanks for the comments Toby!


Q : Okay, now Ben Roethlisberger is starting to scare me. I'm fairly new to fantasy football, but isn't Roethlisberger last year's winning Superbowl quarterback? I thought he looked terrible on Monday Night Football against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Amy S. - Tacoma, WA

Although Roethlisberger is the defending Superbowl champion quarterback, he isn't a great fantasy quarterback...even when he's on his game. The Pittsburgh Steelers are a run-based team and Big Ben fits well into their system. Rarely will Roeth have a game where he throws for more than 2 TDs -or- pass for 300 yards.

But, to your point on his most recent appearance, I agree that he looked rough on MNF. However, remember this...Roethlisberger recovered from a near-death motorcycle accident this summer just in time to have an emergency appendectomy right before game one (which he missed). He rushed back into game 2 (likely before he was ready) and faced a very tough Jacksonville defense. Roethlisberger will have better games in the future once he shakes off a little rust, but Pittsburgh's offense makes it unlikely that Big Ben puts together a string of games where he produces huge fantasy stats.


Q : Rex Grossman had a really great game against the Lions. He's still available on our waiver wire and I am considering grabbing him (my starter now is Jon Kitna and I am a big Lions fan). Do I bite the bullet and get Grossman? I'm torn. Thanks in advance.

Reginald W. - Ann Arbor, MI

Well Reginald, it depends on whether it's more important to win in fantasy football...or more important to stick to your guns (ie: not grabbing players from teams you like to cheer against).

As for Grossman, he did look good on Sunday...surprisingly good! Here's the deal - Grossman does have talent and can be successful in the right situation. In this case, Grossman has a world-beating defense that will continue to place him in some excellent field positions (allowing him to put up some great fantasy numbers almost by default). Pick him up if you still can.

Good luck!


Q : Mr. Freak! Another owner in our league has offered me Terry Glenn for Roy Williams and I'm thinking about taking the deal. I'm frustrated with Williams - he seems to have developed some short T-Rex arms in the off-season. Furthermore, I'm not impressed with Mike Martz' progress (or lack thereof). Your thoughts?

Hugh F. - Birmingham, AL

You need to hang on to Williams. Remember this, he played against the Seahawks and Bears in weeks 1 and 2. ROY is in the top 5 of talented wide receivers in the NFL...and it's just a matter of time before Martz and Kitna get him the ball in an opened up offense. I wouldn't do the trade for Glenn. In fact, I expect that Williams will have a good week this weekend. Hope that helps!


Q : Hi Freak. I've had it with the Raiders and am ready to dump Randy Moss and LaMont Jordan. Please talk me off of the ledge.

Terry C. - San Diego, CA

Your frustration with the Raiders is justified, but shouldn't be that unexpected. The Oakland throwback approach to coaching and management aren't progressive enough to keep the team afloat IMO.

As for Jordan and Moss, however, I think you need to hang on to them. What other choice do you have? Unless another owner is willing to give up something to get either of the former stars, you'll need to stay put. Oakland will figure things out eventually, but things will be rocky for awhile. To the positive, Lamont Jordan is a work horse and Randy Moss is still one of the leagues's most talented wide receivers. They can't mail it in forever.


Q : Hey Freak! What do you think of Drew Bennett? Is he worth a pick up? Will there ever be a time where I should consider playing him over higher ranked wide receivers?

Nathan M. - Rogers, AR

Absolutely! Bennett is definitely worth a pickup. Tennessee may be a bad team, but the Titans will get plenty of chances to throw to Bennett (esp. in the 4th quarter).

In fact, I have Bennett on one of my fantasy teams and he has done well in the first two weeks. Bennett is a player and will continue to put up some surprisingly nice numbers this season...but for totally different reasons than a player like Marvin Harrison.

Good luck Nathan!


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