Fantasy Studs and Starts - Week 3

Week 3 of the 2006 NFL fantasy season is here and it's time to set those fantasy line-ups. will be here each week to provide advice on "Who to start?" and "Who to bench?" in our weekly Fantasy Studs and Starts column.

Peyton Manning - Peyton isn't bumped just because he's facing a 
tough defense...Colts will throw more and run less against Jags.
Michael Vick - He was a QB/RB last week and will bring it this 
week against the Saints on MNF.
Donovan McNabb - McNabb will produce silly stats against the Niners.
Kurt Warner - Rebound game will be a shootout with the Rams.

Carson Palmer - Tough defense and Cincy is banged up, but Palmer
lives for games against the hated Steelers.
Eli Manning - Eli will come out throwing.
Marc Bulger - Bunch of points in this one and Bulger will get his.
Matt Hasselbeck - Branch should help and DJax is back to form.
Daunte Culpepper - If he doesn't do it against the Titans, we're 
benching him for the season.
Mark Brunell - It's the Texans...see Daunte.
David Carr - Repeat of last week...Carr will be down early and 
throw to Johnson and Moulds in garbage time.
Jake Delhomme - If Smith doesn't play, put Delhomme on the bench.
Steve McNair - Baltimore D will set him up.
Chad Pennington - He's lighting it up and Bills pass defense isn't
all that.
Brett Favre - Tossed it 51 times last many times does 
Brett chuck it against the Lions?
Rex Grossman - Never thought he'd ever be a start...we'll credit 
the defense and dumb luck.

Charlie Frye - Ravens defense will eat Frye this week.
Brad Johnson - Playing well, but Bears still maul him.
Chris Simms - Again...he's riding the pine until he does something.
Kerry Collins - Titans are close to playing Vince Young full time.
Jake Plummer - It won't take an injury to get Cutler on the field.
Alex Smith - Philly shuts him down...garbage time late won't help.

Running Backs
Shaun Alexander - Not at last year's performance, but still a STUD.
Edgerrin James - Edge will ram through St. Louis at will.
Thomas Jones - Jones gets 100+ and a score this week.
Jamal Lewis - Loves to go off against the Brownies.
Steven Jackson - He'll be huge this week against the redbirds.
Ronnie Brown - Playing the Titans and ready to load up on stats.
Warrick Dunn - He and Vick will set an NFL team rushing record.
Clinton Portis - Getting Texans in his first game back...sweet!

Corey Dillon/Laurence Maroney - Maroney is a better play, but both
are worth starting and Maroney is the real deal.
Tiki Barber - Again...gets huge yards, but TDs are slim.
Brian Westbrook - Watch his injury status closely before starting.
Rudi Johnson - Much tougher D, but Rudi is consistent from kickoff
to final gun.
Kevin Jones - Let's see if the Jones can get things clicking.
Deuce McAllister/Reggie Bush - Deuce will get most run touches, but
both will be fun to watch at home on MNF.
Willis McGahee - Solid runner will get some against the Jets D.
Frank Gore - Facing solid D, we'll see what he has.

DeShaun Foster - Benched until he get his act together...rookie 
DeAngelo Williams is knocking at his heels.
Tennessee Titans RBs - Butts hurt from riding the pine.
New York Jets RBs - See Tennessee.
Ahman Green - Needs a breakout game or two before moving up.
Reuben Droughns - Facing top defense that has not allowed a TD....
and he may be a game time decision.
Chester Taylor - Don't care what he's done...he's playing the Bears.

Marvin Harrison - Colts will have to throw on Jax.
Reggie Wayne - See Harrison.
Larry Fitzgerald - He should eat up St. Louis.
Anquan Boldin - Rams' secondary will be worn out by 2nd quarter.
Roy Williams - Williams coming out party is this week at Ford.
Torry Holt - Shooooootout with the birds in the desert.
Donte Stallworth - Niners will be a gift for Stallworth owners.
Plaxico Burress - Manning will throw and Burress will get it.

Chad Johnson - A little banged up, but still worthy.
Muhsin Muhammad - If Grossman plays like he did last week, Muhsin
becomes a STUD.
Laveranues Coles - Should play and Pennington is tearing it up.
Chris Chambers - He's playing the Titans...if he and Daunte don't 
connect here, it's going to be a long season.
Andre Johnson - Again, nice numbers late.
T.J. Houshmandzadeh - Game time decision, but a start if he plays.
Kellen Winslow Jr. - Glimmer of hope for the Browns in red zone.
Darrell Jackson - Embarrassed redbirds...bring on the Giants.
Javon Walker - What's going on in Denver?...Walker and the Broncos
need to wake up. 
Santana Moss - Will do well in Texas if Brunell gets it together.
Derrick Mason - McNair is looking forward to the Browns.
Todd Heap - Nice play against Browns.
Hines Ward - Okay play, but not great...worth starting.

Braylon Edwards - He'll have his moments this season, but not 
against the Ravens.
Vikings WRs - Bears D keeps the Vikes on the bench.
Tampa Bay WRs - We're just going to bench them and make it easy.
Brandon Stokley - Likely won't play this week.
Falcons WRs - Someone may catch a TD, but figuring out's
wise to just leave them on your bench.
New England WRs - See Falcons...TE Ben Watson is probably the best 
play of the lot.

BYE WEEK 3 - Cowboys, Chargers, Raiders, Chiefs


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