NFL Draft '07: Scouting Ohio State

Expectations are high in Columbus as the Ohio State Buckeyes hope to challenge for a national championship this year. As has been the case for more than a decade the roster is full of top-flight NFL prospects.

On offense a trio of ball handlers grade highly and offer a tremendous amount of upside potential. Quarterback Troy Smith is an athletic signal caller with top arm strength. Throwing with a fluid over-the-top delivery, Smith can air out the deep ball and loses nothing passing on the run. Hitting targets over the middle in stride, Smith also displays skills carrying the ball. Impatient in the pocket he tends to stare down targets and is very quick to take off up field. Needing to improve the details of his position, Smith is a developmental prospect with great upside. Receiver Ted Ginn Jr. offers homerun hitting speed and the ability to impact games. Possessing a second gear Ginn stretches opposing defenses or breaks games open as a return specialist. A natural receiver, he adjusts to make the reception in stride and consistently extends to catch the pass away from his frame. Likely to enter next April's draft, Ginn Jr. is a top 12 selection. Running back Antonio Pittman is another underclassmen who grades out highly. Pittman has the speed to beat opponents around the corner or runs to daylight in the open field. Possessing outstanding cutting ability he can stop on a dime, immediately change direction and loses little momentum. Pittman is not strong ball carrier who picks up much yardage off initial contact and while he lacks the top size offers top 45-potential in the future. While Doug Datish is highly rated by several NFL scouting concerns we feel the offensive lineman is overrated. Strong, Datish is a solid position blocker but lacks balance, range and is not effective far off the line of scrimmage. Experienced at several positions on the offensive line, versatility is key for Datish who we grade as a middle round choice. Tight end Marcel Frost, not presently on the active roster, is also a prospect to keep an eye on.

On the defensive side of the ball the talent is thin but David Patterson is a lineman we like. A solid athlete who possesses good first step quickness, Patterson is fluid changing direction and makes plays laterally. Staying with the action, he flashes skill and can be used as a two-gap lineman. Tackle Quinn Pitcock gets a lot of media play but is overrated to our minds. Tenacious, Pitcock chases to get involved in the action and offers potential as a two-gap lineman. Not strong he's easily handled in one-on-one blocking situations and is more a straight-line player with limited pass rush skills. Keep an eye on Mike D'Andrea, formerly an outstanding middle linebacker whose careers has been marred with injuries.

Ohio State Prospect List

Full Name Pos # Year
Mike D'Andrea ILB 5 5Sr
Doug Datish G 50 5Sr
Marcel Frost TE 81 3So
Ted Ginn Jr. WR 7 3Jr
David Patterson DT 97 4Sr
Quinn Pitcock DT 90 5Sr
Antonio Pittman RB 25 3Jr
Troy Smith QB 10 5Sr


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