NFL Draft '07: Scouting Michigan State

An offense that can score points almost at will, Michigan State needs help on the defensive side of the ball to make it into the post-season. The Spartans offer one potential first round pick and several second day selections.

Drew Stanton is a nice sized quarterback who does a terrific job running the Michigan State offense. Patient and intelligent, Stanton goes through receiver progressions finding secondary targets on the field. Possessing the arm strength for the next level, he has abilities in either a conventional offense or for a west coast system and presently sits as a first round choice. Stanton has a pair of NFL-quality receivers at his disposal starting with Matt Trannon. A well-sized pass catcher, Trannon uses his frame to shield away opponents and does a good job extending to offer the quarterback a big target. Not a physical presence Trannon must improve his blocking and toughen his game. Solid 40-times prior to draft could throw him into the first day. Jerramy Scott is a consistent pass catcher and wide out with solid size/speed numbers. A potential fourth receiver at the next level, Scott is late round material next year. Guard Kyle Cook is a nasty blocker who plays with solid fundamentals. Not dominant at the point, he lacks footwork and ability in space but does offer growth potential.

Defensively Clifton Ryan is an undersized end who forces the action up the field. Fast off the edge Ryan also makes plays in pursuit. He offers potential as a nickel rusher at the next level. Safety Greg Copper will get late round looks next year while defensive tackle David Stanton is a sleeper of sorts.

Michigan State Prospect List

Full Name Pos # Year
Kyle Cook G 74 5Sr
Greg Cooper CB 29 4Sr
Clifton Ryan DE 92 5Sr
Jerramy Scott WR 32 5Sr
David Stanton DT 19 4Sr
Drew Stanton QB 5 5Sr
Matt Trannon WR 6 5Sr

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