What Have you Done for us Lately?

In today's "What Have You..." article, Randy Taylor looks at some rookies starting to make a name for themselves. Catch up with some of the rookies to see how they're doing in the big bad world of the NFL...

Tomorrow, I'll check on the free agents. Later in the week, I'll discuss who should be pulling out their baseball cap to wear on the sidelines. Finally each week, I'll let you know who won the battle of the Eastern Illinois University coaches. There are three eligible from this new coach's cradle: Mike Shanahan, Brad Childress and Sean Payton.

Hey Rook, What have you done for us lately?

#1 Maurice Jones-Drew(Running Back, 5-7 206, Jacksonville Jaguars, selected in the 2nd round with the 60th pick)

Maurice had a big day in their loss to Indy with 13 carries for 103 yards, 4 catches for 79 yards and a TD.

He's becoming more and more a part of the offense, because he can do so many things. What I like most about him is that he'll block aggressively and can pick up the blitzing linebackers. That is not the case for a lot of rookies.

He's a strong kid that plays with great leverage, which he has to because he's so short. The rookie has a huge lower body and is a tough, powerful runner. Drew has very good feet, can change direction quickly, breaks tackles and runs hard. Maurice is a great addition to this team and fits in because he's a good guy that likes to work hard.

#2 Jahri Evans (Right Guard, 6-4 317, New Orleans Saints, selected in the 4th round with the 108th pick)

The young man from Bloomsburg College was a big part of their win against the Falcons on Monday night. He looks athletic, has pretty good feet, and plays with a rookie's enthusiasm.

Jahri showed the ability to knock the defender off the ball and finish his blocks. He locks on to the defender and moves his feet in pass protection, however he got off balance at times by getting a little top heavy.

This can be fixed with more reps. Evans looks like he can be a fixture for a long time on an O Line that is fairly young and learning to play together.

#3 Marques Colston (Wide Receiver, 6-4 223, New Orleans Saints, selected in the 7th round with the 252nd pick)

What a bargain the rookie from Hofstra is so far this season. It seems like Brees and the coaching staff have a great deal of confidence in the young man, and he is coming through for them.

He has a body that will hold up over a long season in the NFL, and he does a nice job using it to get position for the ball. He catches with his hands and is showing great poise for a first year receiver who hasn't played on a big stage.

Marques is not a real fluid guy but runs well straight ahead, and after 3 games, has demonstrated good effort and productivity. Colston is the best player selected in the 7th round at this point…am I going too far out on a limb there?

#4 Greg Jennings (Wide Receiver, 5-11 196, Green Bay Packers, selected in the 2nd round with the 52nd pick)

This is worth making the list just for the fact that he caught Brett Favre's 400th career TD pass, and there's been little else to celebrate lately. Oh by the way, they won the game. Jennings had only 3 catches for 101 yards but the big one was for 75 and a TD.

Greg isn't a big guy but has a good burst and is quick. He used his acceleration on a short pass from Favre and ran by the defense. He has the ability to run after the catch and should be a valuable return guy at some point.

If he blocks consistently and holds up through the season, he'll be a part of more big plays for the Packers.

#5 Ryan O'Callaghan (Right Tackle, 6-7 343, New England Patriots, selected in the 5th round with the 136th pick)

Ryan looks like he's still learning the speed of the game. He has pretty good technique and uses his hands well. He struggled when the defender used more than one move or would get him going up field and come back underneath.

Once he gets more experience and comfortable in the lineup, he'll start bending his knees more and stop lunging at the defender. He's an ok athlete but struggled adjusting to the Denver linebackers when he got to the second level.

O'Callaghan did a great job, however, of running the end past the quarterback to the outside and moved his feet well when he did. Even though he's a huge guy, he'd be better playing guard so he's not in space too often.

Week #3 is complete. We've learned more about the players and teams in the league, I hope.

I'll be back next week to see who's been doing what for us lately.

Randy Taylor is the Director of NFL Experts for Scout.com

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