Fantasy Mailbox - Week 4

Welcome to the week 4 edition of the Fantasy Mailbox! As the season progresses, we will select a few emails to answer in our weekly mailbox column. To be considered for future columns, send your fantasy football questions to and be sure to include your first name, last initial, city & state.

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Q : Hi Freak. What's up with Terrell Owens? This latest incident has me totally blown away. Do I drop him or try to trade him? Your thoughts?

Rob V. - Buffalo, NY

Hi Rob. You had to realize that Owens was a bit of a liability when you drafted him to your fantasy roster. Owens likes the spotlight and brings media attention to his antics 24-7. But, this latest incident was likely something brought on by one of Owens' "hangers on" and shouldn't affect his on-field time or his stats.

Regardless, you need to keep Owens and start him every week he's cleared to play. Try not to pay attention to non-football related issues (this one won't be the last) and keep T.O. in your line-up for his fantasy numbers...because he'll produce. Don't get too caught up in the media nonsense. Owens doesn't keep the spotlight (or attention) unless he puts out on the field - and I think he will.

Hang in there Rob. Again, knew you were in for a bit of a ride with T.O. when you drafted him - and you're getting it!


Q : Okay, I'm sure you're getting slammed with Shaun Alexander questions now that he's out - but I'm going to add to the pile and ask anyway. I have Alex on my team and am thinking of picking up Mack Strong so that I'm covered. Is this a good idea or do I look elsewhere?

Dave M. - Mesa, AZ

You need to pick up Maurice Morris (Mo-Mo). Morris is the immediate back-up to Alexander and the Seahawks may not miss much with Morris in the lineup (Alex has the system to thank for much of his success). Mack Strong will get some goal-line attempts, but will be used very sparingly.

But, with all that said...Alex may play sooner rather than later and his backup may not enter the equation. Here's the problem, however - the Seahawks are playing the Bears on the road in week 4 and have a bye in week 5.

Go ahead and pick up Morris as insurance (even though you may not use him now), but find someone else to play in weeks 4 and 5. I don't like any running back playing the Bears and week 5 is a bye for Seattle.


Q : Freak! Thanks for your help. I'm destroying the guys in my league thanks largely to your advice. Here is my most recent dilemma...I have Matt Hasselbeck and Carson Palmer both on my roster and can only play one of them at a time. Some dude is willing to trade me Chad Johnson for either. Do I do the deal?

Martin, O. - Panama City, FL

Asbolutely! CJ is the man in Cincy...regardless of what happened in Pittsburgh. This is a smokin' deal and you need to grab it. As you said, you can only play one of the two QBs and their value won't be any higher.

Good luck!


Q : I read what you wrote about Jones-Drew for Jacksonville. My RBs are horrible and I need someone. Is he good enough for a bye week start if I need it? Thanks.

Ahman K. - St. Louis, MO

Not only is Jones-Drew good enough to be a bye week replacement, but he may unseat Fred Taylor and end up as the primary back in Jacksonville. Grab J-D for your roster before someone else does.


Q : Freak! I live in Indianapolis and have been watching Joseph Addai. This kid is the real deal and I believe he'll be the top back in Indy very soon...and I know you've said the same thing. Please tell me if I'm being too much of a homer on this one. I have a chance to get him in a trade and am thinking of doing it.

Dustin H. - Greenwood, IN

I agree with you on Addai and have had a chance to watch him in person myself this season. I can't tell you what to trade for him, but I believe he'll put up some huge fantasy numbers as the season progresses (esp. in Indy's offense). Remember this, fantasy football is supposed to be fun! Why not have at least one guy on your team from your favorite NFL team?!

Let me know what happens Dustin and have fun watching Addai this season.


Q : Hi. I need a quarterback in week 4. Do I play Drew Bledsoe against the Titans or pick up Kansas City's quarterback (I can't even remember his name, but he's Trent Green's backup) against the Niners at home? Thanks!

Debbie C. - Jackson, MS

Play Bledsoe! The Cowboys are coming off of a bye week and facing a miserable Tennessee team that has given up huge passing yardage through 3 weeks.

BTW - KC's quarterback is Damon Huard.

Good luck Debbie!


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