Fantasy Studs and Starts - Week 4

Week 4 of the 2006 NFL fantasy season is here and it's time to set those fantasy line-ups. will be here each week to provide advice on "Who to start?" and "Who to bench?" in our weekly Fantasy Studs and Starts column.

Peyton Manning - STUD gets an easier opponent this week.
Donovan McNabb - McNabb gets to show his stuff on MNF against Green
Bay's porous D.
Carson Palmer - Palmer may stay in STUD zone for quite a while.

Michael Vick - Will likely rebound from Saints' debacle, but falls
from STUD class with short week.
Marc Bulger - Lions' D has looked awful last two weeks.
Daunte Culpepper - Barely did it against the Titans, we'll give him
another shot against Houston. 
Drew Bledsoe - Dallas fans won't be calling for Romo after Bledsoe 
shreds the Titans.
Tom Brady - Brady will figure it out against Cincy...and who says
he needs any wide receivers?
Jon Kitna - Shoooootout!
Charlie Frye - Frye is no world-beater, but he doesn't have to be 
against awful Oakland.
Byron Leftwich - Nice game for Leftwich.
Brad Johnson - Glad to have Bears behind him...he'll welcome going
to Buffalo.
Jake Delhomme - This may finally be Delhomme's week.
Chad Pennington - He's been on fire and Indy will give him yards.
Brett Favre - Brett loves MNF and will toss it mucho against Philly.

Mark Brunell - I don't like him against Jacksonville.
Aaron Brooks - Brooks has a permanent seat on our bench.
Rex Grossman - Playing Seattle and Grossman just isn't that good.
Kurt Warner - Our leash is shorter than Dennis Green's.
Matt Hasselbeck - STUD if not playing the Bears this week...treat
game like a bye week for Seattle.
Kerry Collins - Vegas should give odds on which quarter Vince Young 
enters the game.
Tampa Bay QB - Don't even think about picking him up.

Running Backs
Rudi Johnson - At home and comfortable...Rudi will get it going.
Joseph Addai - The rookie (an Edge clone) gets his chance and 
breaks out on the road against the Jets.
Steven Jackson - SJax gets the Lions this's time for him
to step up and get a score or two.
Larry Johnson - It's Larry time in KC and he'll bust it all over 
the Niners.
Ronnie Brown - Should rumble over the Texans D.
Warrick Dunn - He'll waltz his way for over 100 and a score.

Laurence Maroney - Bengals still don't have a solid run defense and
this kid has the goods to bust it.
Brian Westbrook - Watch his injury status closely before starting.
Kevin Jones - Jones is starting to click...St. Louis should be fun.
Maurice Jones-Drew - I'm sold on this kid.
Deuce Allister/Reggie Bush - Tougher week against Carolina, but 
still worth a play if on your roster.
Willis McGahee - Dude is leading the league...and he'll pad his 
stats this week.
Julius Jones - Nice game here for Jones.

DeShaun Foster - He'll probably finally get it done this week, but 
we're still benching him until he proves it.
Shaun Alexander - He's out of action with a broken hand.
Tennessee Titans RBs - Merry-go-round.
New York Jets RBs - See Tennessee.
Maurice Morris - Filling in for Alexander, but Mo-Mo picked the 
wrong week to be the starter.
Clinton Portis - Portis will struggle against Jags defensive front.

Marvin Harrison - Manning's throws will be jets to Harrison.
Reggie Wayne - He'll play and wants to dedicate game to brother.
Larry Fitzgerald - Still a STUD.
Anquan Boldin - He and Fitz would have better stats if Warner would
quit giving the ball to the other team.
Roy Williams - Williams showed up against Pack and will do the same
against Rams.
Chad Johnson - He'll be the target this week.
Torry Holt - Will pick up from last week with Detroit in town.
Donte Stallworth - It looks like he'll play and will go off on MNF.
Donald Driver - Favre's favorite...may even star in Hank Williams
Jr.'s pre-game song.

Laveranues Coles - Should play and Pennington is tearing it up.
Braylon Edwards - I like him against the Raiders.
Keyshawn Johnson - Having Smith back takes away coverage.
Chris Chambers - He's playing the Texans and needs to show up.
Lee Evans - Quality receiver, but Losman needs to find him.
Andre Johnson - The only fantasy play on Houston's team.
T.J. Houshmandzadeh - Game on for Houshmanzilli.
Kellen Winslow Jr. - If healthy by gametime, he'll eat the Raiders.
Todd Heap - Should play and be good for a score.

Darrell Jackson - STUD if he wasn't facing da Bears.
San Diego WRs - Forget it against the Ravens.
Falcons WRs - Crumpler is the best receiver in Atlanta, but he's a
tight end so it doesn't count.
New England WRs - Need a program for a cross-reference.

BYE WEEK 4 - Broncos, Giants, Steelers, Buccaneers

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