Fantasy Mailbox - Week 5

Welcome to the week 5 edition of the Fantasy Mailbox! As the season progresses, we will continue to select a few emails to answer in our weekly mailbox column. To be considered for future columns, please send your fantasy football questions to and be sure to include your first name, last initial, city & state.

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Q : Hi Freak. I didn't listen to you about Joseph Addai and now know I screwed up from grabbing Dominic Rhodes instead. But the good news might be that the Addai owner is offering him to me for Terry Glenn. Do I make the deal? I am weak at running back and have Antonio Gates, Darrell Jackson, Plaxico Burress, and Muhsin Muhammad as my remaining wide receivers (we play 3). Thanks in advance!

David A. - Cheyenne, WY

Absolutely...and hopefully you have already finished this deal prior to reading my response. As stated many times, Addai will continue to be groomed by Indianapolis to be their feature back...and he's almost there. Addai is an Edgerrin James clone - right down to his blocking ability. Rhodes is worth keeping as an injury back-up, but is not the every-down back necessary for Indy's versatile offense.


Q : What do I do with Randy Moss? Do I drop him? I drafted him in the 2nd round, but he's been horrible in my line-up and is killing me. And nobody wants to trade for him, so I feel I am stuck. Your thoughts?

Rudi A. - New Buffalo, MI

A 2nd round pick on Moss would have you reeling a bit. He's disgruntled, in a near hopeless offense, and not producing like the touted star of past years.

But I see no reason to completely cut ties and drop Moss. On the positive side, Moss has already had a bye week and is still an incredibly talented wide receiver. In addition, Moss' recent comments stated that he would welcome a trade away from the Raiders. Although a trade is only a slight possibility, there is a potential that it could happen and set you up like gold! Hang on to Moss and keep your fingers's only week 5.


Q : Scout Fantasy Freak! I should have listened to you on Matt Hasselbeck and Darrell Jackson last week against the Bears. Their lack of points killed me. It was so bad that I'm considering trades for each of them, especially since the Seahawks have a bye in week 5. Please talk me off the ledge. Thanks.

Neil J. - Portland, OR

Hi Neil. No way do you trade Hasselbeck or Jackson!

Two things here:
1. The Bears defense is THAT good...really!
2. You haven't looked at the Seahawks schedule for the rest of the year - they may just win out.

Good luck and hang on to your 'Hawks!


Q : Hey. What happened to the Bengals against the Patriots last week? My team is Bengal heavy and the game killed me. Will Cincy tank again or are they done? Maybe I screwed up by putting Carson Palmer, Rudi Johnson, and T.J. Houshmandzadeh all on my roster?!

Jerry B. - Lexington, KY

Yep. That tank-job came out of nowhere. But, it can be explained (of course, after the fact) and it shouldn't be the norm.

Cincy came off a huge win on the road at rival Pittsburgh and likely fell victim to a let-down. And the opposite situation happened with New England. Additionally, I believe the off-field problems finally caught up to the Bengals and affected their team (think Odell Thurman and Chris Henry earlier in the week). Throw in coach Bill Belichick's supreme ability to plan for any offense resembling the Indianapolis Colts and there you have it!

Hopefully they'll learn from week 4 and make it a positive. I wouldn't be too concerned about your Bengal-heavy roster. I like it.


Q : Hey Freak. I have Kurt Warner as my QB, but fortunately picked up Matt Leinart as his back-up (thank God). I also have Byron Leftwich as an alternative. With Leinart getting the start for the Cardinals in week 5, do I go with him or wait? Thanks!

April C. - Mesa, AZ

Although your heart may be with the Cardinals and Leinart here, the smarter play may be to go with Leftwich until we see how Leinart adjusts to the NFL. Leinart has been well coached, played in some huge games, and will eventually do extremely well in the league. But he'll still take some time to adjust to the speed of the NFL. Sit the rookie for a game or two and go with Leftwich until Leinart finds his groove.


Q : Marvin Harrison is killing me. I'm ready to trade him. What is his value?

Seth V. - Portland, ME

Don't trade Harrison. Harrison had less than 70 yards in 6 of his first 7 games last season, but finished with 12 TDs and nearly 1200 yards. He'll do the same this year. Harrison is one of the most talented wide receivers in the league and plays in the NFL's best offense (with Peyton Manning tossing the ball). Hang in there's only been 4 weeks.


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