InSeason Update - Grading the Draft

With one quarter of the season already in the books for several teams, Randy Taylor of grades who has gotten the most production from their 2006 NFL Draft to this point. How does your team stack up?

This is a 1st quarter rating of the team's overall 2006 draft. Which picks are having an impact and which team has gotten the most value from their picks to date. Note: not all draft picks are included, they haven't been much or any factor yet.

Rank Team Picks (Rd/All) Randy Taylor's Comments
1 New Orleans Saints
Colston WR (7/225), Bush - RB (1/2), Harper - S (2/43), Evans - RG (4/108), Ninkovich - DE (5/135) Colston is the steal of the draft, so far, then there's Reggie Bush. These two alone would be enough to get a #1 ranking but there's more. Evans is a really good guard and has been a fixture on the O Line. Harper is a guy who could play a long time at safety and Ninkovich, who's hurt now, add some depth.
2 New England Patriots
Maroney - RB (1/21), Jackson - WR (2/36), Thomas - TE (3/86), Gostkowsky K (4/118), O'Callaghan - RT (5/136), Andrews - S (7/229) These guys always seem to get it right. Maroney is the best rookie back in the league. Jackson is a contributor at receiver though he's battled injuries. Thomas and Andrews are solid and O'Callaghan was a good starter before he got hurt. The kicker Gostwosky has been doing well enough.
3 New York Jets
Ferguson LT (1/4), Mangold - C (1/29), Washington - RB (4/117), E. Smith - S (3/97), Ferguson and Mangold are studs that teams build championship contenders with. Leon Washington can catch and run with good potential to live up to. Eric Smith is a depth guy, so far, who is steady. Not a flashy bunch but plenty of quality.
4 Cleveland Browns
Wimbley - LB (1/13), Jackson - LB (2/34), Williams  - LB (4/110), Harrison - RB (5/145), Vickers - FB (6/180) Wimbley and Jackson have been standouts from the beginning. Add Williams to this linebacker class and it could be special. The overall group is deep with most of the draftees in the two deep.
5 Green Bay Packers
Hawk - LB (1/5), Colledge - OL (2/47), Jennings - WR (2/52), Spitz - C (3/75), Moll - RG (5/165) This is a case where too many rookies are starting and playing too much. It could be great for next season if the rookies are any good. In this case, I think they are. Hawk plays with his hair on fire. Having three offensive linemen working as a unit will create a very good line in the future. Add Jennings who looks like a quick and fast receiver who can make plays and you have a nucleus to build on. Not what Brett needs but it should pay off for the Packers.
6 Houston Texans
Williams - DE (1/1), Ryans - LB (2/33), Daniels - TE (4/98), Lundy - RB (6/170) Ryans has been the star of this draft so far. This doesn't mean that Mario Williams hasn't been good but the bar is set too high for the young man. He will be a big part of the building of the defense. Is Lundy another Mike Anderson or other Denver type back who fits the system and makes a really good pro. Daniels has also been a good addition.
7 Tennessee Titans
Young - QB (1/3), White - RB (2/45), Mahelona - DT (5/169), Finnegan - CB (7/215) Young will be exciting and will win games down the road with his arm and feet. Of the two backs from USC this year, White may have the more steady career because he could be an "every down" back. Finnegan and Mahelona have made plays and will continue to do so. This was a good draft and will help the rebuilding.
8 Buffalo Bills
Whitner - S (1/8), Simpson - S (4/105), Ellison - LB (6/178), Williams - DT (5/134), McCargo - DT (1/26) The Bills are getting solid contributions from this class. Ellison is very productive and Williams is a solid guy in the middle, showing how well the personnel guys did with some late picks. Whitner has also been active and a good first round pick. McCargo has gotten some reps but has yet to make his mark.
9 Baltimore Ravens
Ngata - DT (1/12), Landry - S (5/146), Koch - P (6/203), Prude - CB (undrafted) Their top pick, Ngata, is a starter and an anchor in the middle of the D Line. Landry has added immediate help in the defensive backfield and, the punter, Koch has been terrific, averaging over 44 yards per kick, having 8 downed inside the 20. There's more to come from others before the season ends.
10 Indianapolis Colts
Addai - RB (1/30), Bethea - S (6/207) Addai is the real deal and should be the "every down" replacement for James. He fits the system and was a great pick. Bethea has been a nice addition as well and has contributed. This has been it for the most part as others have battled injuries.
11 Oakland Raiders
Huff - S (1/7), Howard - LB (2/38), McQuistan - RG (3/69), Boothe - RG (6/176), Huff could play in this league at a high level for a long time. Howard is instinctive and can run. Thank goodness they drafted some offensive linemen because they can use a bunch of them. This class will be solid and something to build on. Where's the QB?
12 San Diego Chargers
McNeill LT (2/50), Cromartie - CB (1/19), Dobbins - LB (5/151) McNeill will be an anchor on the O Line for a long time. Cromartie is talented with all the tools who will improve the secondary when he gets more reps. Dobbins will come on as he learns the game. He helps with depth, especially due to Foley's circumstances. This team is talented, so rookies have to pay dues.
13 Atlanta Falcons
Norwood - RB (3/79), Carrington - DE (undrafted), Williams - CB (2/37), Ojinnaka - OT (5/139) Norwood has been a big contributor and should continue to be a good change up for Dunn, while keeping him fresh. They've gotten some reps from others when needed.
14 San Francisco 49ers
Davis - TE (1/6), Lawson - OLB (1/22), Oliver - DE (6/197) Lawson is a fixture at outside linebacker and a good one. Davis will be special when he gets healthy and they develop schemes to use him. The other contributor right now is the end Oliver, who has shown some skills, starting a couple games. Beyond this, the jury is still out but there doesn't seem to be many game changers.
15 Seattle Seahawks
Jennings - CB (1/31), Tapp - DE (2/63), Plackemeier - P (7/239) Jennings, Tapp and Plackemeier fill roles and will help this team. The guy who will be more important, especially early, is the punter. Drafting a punter is more common and justified. This draft won't wow you and it will remain to be seen what impact this group has in a year or two.
16 Chicago Bears
Manning - S (2/42), Hester - RET (2/57), Anderson - DE (5/159) They've gotten good quality without having a first round pick with Manning and Anderson having an impact on their great defense. Hester is a talented return guy and makes them better on special teams.
17 Carolina Panthers
Williams - RB (1/27), Marshall - CB (2/58), Montgomery - OT (7/234) With Foster, being injury prone, having a good durable and tough back available is key. Marshall has had an impact in the secondary and Montgomery is a pleasant development for a late pick at OT. Their other first day picks are still waiting to make an impact.
18 Jacksonville Jaguars
Jones-Drew - RB (2/60), Lewis TE (1/28) The "mighty mite," Drew-Jones is the real thing and will overachieve for some or live up to potential for others. Lewis has great talent but will take some baby steps before it really shows up. When it all comes together, he'll be special. So far the rest of this draft hasn't done much.
19 Arizona Cardinals
Leinart - QB  (1/10), Pope - TE (3/72), Lutui - OL (2/41), Schable - DE (undrafted) Leinart will get up to speed quickly at this level but will take his lumps. Pope and Lutui are good young players who are adding depth. Schable was an undrafted player from South Dakota and has given the DL some good reps. There's a very big upside.
20 Denver Broncos
Cutler - QB (1/11), Scheffler - TE (2/61), Bell - RB (undrafted), Dumervil - DL (4/126) I mention Cutler because the coaches are so excited about this kid that he's having an impact on their psyche. Scheffler fits their system as a blocker and a pass catcher. Dumervil is the back up at three positions, which is hard to do in this age of specialization. Bell was a great find as an undrafted rookie. All in all, this is a solid draft that can get a lot better.
21 Detroit Lions
Sims - LB (1/9), Bullocks - S (2/40), Scott -  LT (5/141) This is a double edged sword. Sims and Bullocks are playing a lot and doing well for rookies, however, the team is struggling and needed an infusion of talent. This makes for a long year if too many rookies are taking on big roles for their teams. This is a good group and will be good for the organization, in time.
22 St. Louis Rams
Klopfenstein TE (2/46), Hill - CB (1/15), Adeyanju - DE (4/113), Klopfenstein fits the offense and is a good receiver with size and speed. Tye Hill is a very good corner that will be a playmaker for the team. Every team needs edge guys to put pressure on the QB and Adeyanju can do this. He's a good addition to an aggressive D. They filled some needs and the rest remains to be seen.
23 New York Giants
Cofield - DT (4/124), Kiwanuka DE (1/32), Wilkinson - LB (3/96), Moss - WR (2/44) Cofield and Kiwanuka have added good depth to the defensive line. Wilkinson is an athlete adjusting to playing linebacker at this level but has an upside. In addition, there's Moss who hasn't made his mark yet, but will. This is a good group with staying power.
24 Philadelphia Eagles
Bunkley - DT (1/14), Gaither - LB (5/168), Ramsey -DE (6/204), They helped themselves on the defensive side of the ball where along with Bunkley, their late picks are having an impact. The offensive signees are still on a wait and see status.
25 Kansas City Chiefs
Hali - DE (1/20), Page - S (7/228). Tamba Hali has made an impact from day one, making this a good draft. They haven't gotten a lot out of the others but Page is a good athlete and a steady player. He helps the secondary and special teams.
26 Dallas Cowboys
Watkins - S (5/138), Hatcher - DE (3/92), Fasano - FB (2/53), Carpenter - LB (1/18) A solid group with versatility. The stud of the group, Carpenter has yet to break out but is able to play inside or outside linebacker in the 3-4 defense. Fasano came in as a tight end but is doing a nice job as a fullback. Watkins is a very good addition to the secondary, adding a big physical kid to play along side and learn from Williams.
27 Minnesota Vikings
Greenway - LB (1/17) - injured reserve, Griffin - CB (2/48), Edwards - DE (4/127), Blue - S (5/149) Greenway's injury was a big loss to this group but Griffin and Edwards are picking up the slack and should get more reps as the season goes on. Blue is a depth guy right now, but has an upside. They didn't have that many picks but the guys they got fit their mold.
28 Cincinnati Bengals
Joseph  CB (1/24), Whitworth - OL (2/55), Peko - DT (4/123) Whitworth has proven to be a valuable guy as he can play guard or tackle. Joseph is talented and fitting in well and Peko is a solid DT. Injuries have slowed others so their overall depth with this group will get better but, for now, the impact is not substantial.
29 Washington Redskins
Golston - DT (6/196), McIntosh - LB (2/35), Montgomery - DT (5/153) They've added depth to their defense, which at this time, is about all that can be said. Without a first round pick, this is expected.
30 Pittsburgh Steelers
Holmes - WR (1/25), Smith - S (3/83) Holmes is starting to become a factor on offense and on special teams. Anthony Smith will be a good safety to compliment Polamalu but the rest has yet to make much of a contribution. See how these guys develop.
31 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Joseph - RG (1/23) - injured, Gradkowski - QB (6/194) With Joseph getting hurt, Gradkowski is the possible savior of this group, to date. Who knows: by midyear, we may think this was a great draft. By the way, there are some very good quarterbacks coming out of the Mid American Conference.
32 Miami Dolphins
Hagan - WR (3/87) Not having a pick that contributes until the third rounder, who has done so sparingly, will hurt the draft ranking, there's no doubt. Having your top rookie be a wide receiver with one catch for 14 yards doesn't help the cause. They must be loaded with experienced pros. This can be good or bad.

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