Rookie Report - Week 5's Randy Taylor takes a look around the league each week and gives scouting reports on drafted players. This week features Reggie Bush, Haloti Ngata, Barry Cofield, Kedric Golston, and Kevin Boothe.

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What have you done for us lately…

…or the phrase coined by the former head coach of the Atlanta Falcons, Jerry Glanville, who said, and I'm paraphrasing here, the NFL stands for, "Not For Long." This clearly describes the patience of the owners and fans of the National Football League.

So, each week I'll look into, "what have you done for us lately" since you were worth a draft pick?


1) Reggie Bush (Running Back, 5-11 200, New Orleans Saints, selected in the 1st round with the 2nd pick)

When Bush was being recruited out of Helix High School in San Diego, his running style was described by some as, "every carry is like a punt return." This meant he was looking to score on every carry and sometimes would lose yards looking for the big play. Now, with most backs, this is a bad thing. With Reggie, it's scary for the defense. On Sunday, he got his first, of many I'm sure, touchdowns in the NFL on a punt return and made it look easy.

Bush had 161 all purpose yards, which came, in part, on 11 catches. What is most impressive about Bush, is his willingness to do whatever it takes to contribute, including being a great receiver. He's not one of those stars that has to get so many carries or he pouts. He just wants to win!

We all know about Reggie's physical ability but what may go unnoticed is how smart he needs to be to learn the offense well enough to play several positions. Lining up as a tailback in multiple formations is one thing; lining up in the slot or wing positions require learning other positions. This is quite a load for a rookie; especially when he's shooting so many commercials.

2) Haloti Ngata (Defensive Tackle, 6-4 337, Baltimore Ravens, selected in the 1st round with the 12th pick)

This guy could be an "all pro" for a long time. He is a huge guy with surprising athleticism and quickness. He is mobile and uses his hands very well, shedding blocks, making plays in the backfield and also down the line of scrimmage. Haloti has the rare ability to not only stuff the run but to rush the passer. Ngata is very strong and gets a good push on the O line and can redirect to pursue the ball. The only downside I see is his inconsistency with his technique. He gets a little high at times, which neutralizes his tremendous talents. Overall, this was a great pick and gives the Ravens the stout inside presence they had during their Super Bowl year.

3) Barry Cofield (Defensive Tackle, 6-4 303, New York Giants, selected in the 4th round with the 124th pick)

Gary's a strong kid and uses his club move well to get the offensive lineman off balance. He's not a real quick kid but he has some athleticism which allows him to work well inside the box. Cofield is not a penetrator; he's more of a 2 gap guy with the ability to occupy the guard, center and clog the middle. In his early development, he isn't getting off blocks well and is limited to running downs, for the most part. I like his upside, however, as an anchor in the middle of the line for the Giants.

4) Kedric Golston (Defensive Tackle, 6-4 3-1, Washington Redskins, selected in the 6th round with the 196th pick)

Golston is a solid inside player and plays with a great motor and effort. He is a 2 gap guy that uses good strength and quick feet to compete in the middle. Kedric does not play in the backfield; he uses his abilities to stabilize the line of scrimmage. He can play with good leverage but does get a little high sometimes, causing him to lose that leverage. Golston is a work in progress that gives the team solid depth up the middle and has a great motor, which is very valuable to a team. Golston fought through his years at Georgia after suffering a broken femur his senior year of high school and had a rod placed in his leg.

5) Kevin Boothe (Right Guard, 6-5 315, Oakland Raiders, selected in the 6th round with the 176th pick)

Somebody has to say something positive about the Raiders these days, so I'm going do it here. To go further on a limb, I'm going to pump up an offensive lineman for the "Silver and Black."

Kevin is an Ivy Leaguer who is a raw kid but with potential. What I see in Kevin is a big athlete, with agility, quickness and long arms. This is a good start. Boothe can use his hands effectively has a solid punch and rolls his hips when he gets into the defender. He's had his second start at right guard and it looked like the light is coming on for him. He's a smart kid and should learn quickly.

As he's still developing as a lineman, he tends to get anxious, (which is not good for an offensive lineman). This gets him lunging and reaching for the defender. The more reps he gets, he will learn to be patiently violent and keep his knees bent and feet under him so he can deliver a punch.

The Raiders may have a "diamond in the rough" with this kid.

Week #5 is complete. We've learned more about some rookies and their teams, I hope. See you next week.

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