Fantasy Studs and Starts - Week 6

Week 6 of the 2006 NFL fantasy season is here and it's time to set those fantasy line-ups. will be here each week to provide advice on "Who to start?" and "Who to bench?" in our weekly Fantasy Studs and Starts column.

Donovan McNabb - McNabb's playing the best football of his life.
Rex Grossman - Never thought he'd ever be in the STUD zone, but we
had to bump him up...Bears are the real deal.
Carson Palmer - Game against the Pats was a fluke...Palmer rights
the ship this week.
Matt Hasselbeck - BIG numbers in St. Louis.

Drew Bledsoe - Texans pass D is horrible.
Philip Rivers - He looked good on SNF and he gets SF this week.
Eli Manning - He'll do okay against Atlanta secondary.
Michael Vick - Will get solid running back stats added to any
passing numbers.
J.P. Losman - Lions play an NBA style defense...Losman may even 
Jake Plummer - Playing the Raiders...could get STUD stats.
Marc Bulger - Will need to score a bunch of points to beat Seattle.
Joey Harrington - Potential bye week replacement playing a week D. 
Jon Kitna - Would be even better if he threw to the right colored 
Mark Brunell - No famine this week with Titans in town.
Chad Pennington - He's had 4 good weeks and is legit.

Daunte Culpepper - Done for a while.
Alex Smith - No way do you play Smith here.
Vince Young - Kid will be a future starter, just not yet.
Ben Roethlisberger - Still no reason to start him.
Damon Huard - Steelers will get it together this game and put a 
stop to Huard.
Andrew Walter - Should be no where near your roster.
Matt Leinart - Bears will take the wood to Leinart. 

Running Backs
LaDainian Tomlinson - He trashes the Niners this week.
Tatum Bell - Finally the clear RB in Denver and playing Raiders.
Cadillac Williams - Nice matchup...Bengals run D is an open door.
Clinton Portis - May need a calculator for his numbers.
Thomas Jones - Will be fun to watch on MNF.
Rudi Johnson - Rudi, Rudi, Rudi.

Kevin Jones - Not much last week, but should do it against Bills.
Larry Johnson - Tough go against the Steelers, but Larry's the man.
Deuce Allister - He gets the carries and good yards.
Tiki Barber - Not sure he'll do much, but still worth a start.
Steven Jackson - Seattle will be tough, but Jackson will get plenty
of chances.
Brian Westbrook - Gold like the Saints unis if he plays.
Willie Parker - Rebounds this week against KC.
Julius Jones - He'll bust it from the start to the closing gun.

Ron Dayne - Don't think he'll do it here...Dallas takes him down.
Frank Gore - Nope, keep him on the pine against Chargers.
DeShaun Foster - Baltimore may use Foster to prove their point.
Tennessee Titans RBs - So who is it this week?
Edgerrin James - STUD is playing the Bears...bench him.
New York Jets RBs - See Tennessee.

Darrell Jackson - He will go off against St. Louis.
Chad Johnson - He needs to prepare an endzone dance for this week.
Santana Moss - Huge play against Titans.
Roy Williams - He's gonna play and shred the Bills.
Javon Walker - He'll bust out this week against Silver and Black.
Torry Holt - Will get it going since St. Louis will have to throw
often to stay with Hawks.

Andre Johnson - Just too good to bench and Dallas will let up at 
some point.
Steve Smith - Tough D, but still needs to be in starting lineup.
T.J. Houshmandzadeh - Enough to go around for Houshmazilli.
Terrell Owens - Houston couldn't have come at a better time for 
Terry Glenn - Play 'em both against Texans.
Marques Colston - Brees will find him.
Plaxico Burress - Eli's go-to guy and Shockey is hurting.
Drew Bennett - Garbage time again for Bennett.
Lee Evans - Great play against Lions lousy pass D.
Bernard Berrian - Grossman won't stop throwing deep...and Berrian 
is usually open.

Donte Stallworth - Hammy's still an issue.
Randy Moss - Denver will key on him and Oakland is just bad.
Larry Fitzgerald - Out this week and probably next.
Anquan Boldin - Bears have shut down everyone this season and his 
QB is a rookie with only 1 start.
SF Wide Receivers - They just don't stand a chance against S-Diego.

BYE WEEK 4 - Browns, Colts, Jaguars, Packers, 
             Patriots, Vikings

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