Fantasy Mailbox - Week 7

Welcome to the week 7 edition of the Fantasy Mailbox! As the season progresses, we will continue to select a few emails to answer in our weekly mailbox column. To be considered for future columns, please send your fantasy football questions to and be sure to include your first name, last initial, city & state.

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Q : Hey Freak! I was cursing you like crazy after the first half of MNF. You told me to play the Bears DST over the Broncos DST...and it looked like I had lost my game for sure due to an apparent blunder of playing the wrong team. Well, we both know the rest - Thank You for the 3 DST touchdowns Chicago Bears (and thank you Freak!). I won my game by one point!

Tyler H. - Colorado Springs, CO

You're welcome Tyler and thanks for the note.


Q : Hi. What's up with Chad Johnson and what do I do with him? I've been offered Lee Evans and Dominic Rhodes for CJ. Do I make the trade?

Aaron G. - Wheeling, WV

Chad Johnson definitely hasn't lived up to expectations, but I believe you stick with him. Carson Palmer is still a top quarterback and Chad Johnson is still a top wide receiver...both in a quality offense. And now with a 3-2 record, the Bengals will be in it until the end and won't be resting their studs in your fantasy playoffs. My opinion is that coach Marvin Lewis drafted some extremely risky players - whose off-field antics had an effect in the locker room and carried over to the field. But eventually, the Bengals will put the non-football elements behind them and get it together on-field...and owners of Chad Johnson will finally get some production.

As for what you were offered, Lee Evans is solid - but is in a poor offense that won't produce each week. It's tough to count on fantasy wide receivers who get many of their stats from being behind late in games. Rhodes, on the other hand, is a RB in a great offense. But Rhodes is no longer the key RB in Indy's system. It's tough to count on a part-time running back who is seeing his touches lessened each week.


Q : I need to start two of these three this week and need a little help: Reggie Wayne, Lee Evans, Laveranues Coles. Thanks!

Kyle S. - Harrisburg, PA

You go with Coles and Wayne and don't look back. Good luck!


Q : Hi Freak. I have Tiki Barber in a keeper league and just heard that he may retire at the end of the year. I have also been paying attention to your predictions all year that he would have a difficult time scoring (and to date he hasn't scored). I trade him? I think I could get someone decent - especially after his 220+ total yard performance last week.

Todd K. - Lincoln, NE

Absolutely, trade him. I do believe that he will retire at the end of the season. Tiki has a bunch of things going outside of football (including FoxNews) and he's good at them. As for your keeper team, he won't do you any good if he leaves...and won't score much if he stays (although he does still bust out the yardage). Don't give him away, but get who you can. Barber is still considered a top fantasy running back and should bring in top tier talent in return (esp. for those not considering the future).


Q : Where's the love for Drew Brees? He's led the Saints to 5-1 and you rarely mention him. Brees is the man!

Rick W. - New Orleans, LA

No arguments here. In fact, Brees graduated from my alma mater (Purdue) and I was able to see him play nearly every game in college. I agree that he is extremely underrated (it was actually worse in the early years in San Diego) and doesn't get the kudos he deserves. From his days with the Boilers, Brees is an extremely accurate passer and is incredible at reading defenses. He is as bright of a QB as there is in the NFL - which bodes well for him on the field.

Sure, I'm still a bit surprised that the the Saints are 5-1. But I'm not surprised at what Brees has been able to do. And his best years in the NFL are yet to come. Get him on your fantasy team while he is still a bit overlooked.


Q : Hey Fantasy Freak! Someone just dropped Daunte Culpepper. Do I pick him up? I am in a keeper league and think he's a good pickup, but I would have to drop someone decent to get him. What are your thoughts?

Vince V. - Panama City, FL

I think you grab him before someone else does. Culpepper hasn't been healthy all season and tried to play before he was ready...which is why he is currently benched. He'll come back and produce - and it could be this season! When you say someone "decent" for a drop, I'm assuming you aren't talking a top ten make the move and hang on with your fingers crossed. C-pepp has too much talent not to return and perform on the field.

Good luck Vince. I too will be watching his progress.


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