Fantasy Studs and Starts - Week 7

Week 7 of the 2006 NFL fantasy season is here and it's time to set those fantasy line-ups. will be here each week to provide advice on "Who to start?" and "Who to bench?" in our weekly Fantasy Studs and Starts column.

Donovan McNabb - McNabb's playing the best football of his life.
Matt Hasselbeck - BIG numbers in St. Louis.
Peyton Manning - At home and against the Skins.

Philip Rivers - He's looking like a seasoned veteran.
Carson Palmer - Downgraded until he proves team thuggery  
isn't affecting the Bengal offense.
Eli Manning - He'll have a couple big plays in spotlight on MNF.
Michael Vick - Is he a RB or a QB?...both in the same game can be 
good (esp. in yardage leagues).
Matt Leinart - Leinart shows more than poise and a couple of TDs
this week against Raiders...he gets the win.
Jake Plummer - Brownies may yield the Snake his best game.
Ben Roethlisberger - Finally on track...maybe a decent bye week 
Joey Harrington - Getting better, but not great. 
Jon Kitna - Kitna is on pace to throw for over 4000 yards.
Mark Brunell - Should do okay against Colts D, but Skins will spend
bulk of time running the ball.
Chad Pennington - Lions secondary is begging for a shootout.

Daunte Culpepper - Toast...maybe for the season.
Byron Leftwich - Downgraded to questionable...okay START if he 
plays, but his ankle isn't healing and may not play whole game.
J.P. Losman - Evans won't be enough for Losman to build any stats
against Pats.
Damon Huard - Another tough game for Huard with SD in town.
Andrew Walter - Again...should be no where near your roster.

Running Backs
LaDainian Tomlinson - Coming off a 4 TD game...he's a STUD.
Tatum Bell - Best game may be this week in the Pound.
Edgerrin James - He lived through the Bears D...Edge gets a hundred 
and a score this week.
Clinton Portis - Colts run D is horrible.

Joseph Addai - Addai will get plenty of chances against Washington.
DeShaun Foster - Doesn't have to worry about Williams stealing 
Rudi Johnson - Rudi will get 25 touches this week.
Kevin Jones - STUD sleeper this week against Jets.
Larry Johnson - Tough go against the Chargers, but Larry's the man.
Tiki Barber - BIG yards again, but certainly not a scoring machine.
Brian Westbrook - Looks like he's playing and always a good start.
Willie Parker - Rebounded last week and found his groove.
Julius Jones - Okay play against Giants on MNF, but nothing 
spectacular here.

Texans RBs - Keep 'em on the waiver wire.
New York Jets RBs - Barlow may see a scoring chance or two, but
there are too many Jets in the backfield to pick a starter.

Darrell Jackson - Gets it going early in Twin Cities.
Santana Moss - Colts will allow big plays by Moss and still win.
Terrell Owens - Say what you want, but Owens is a STUD and on MNF 
this week.
Anquan Boldin - Fastest receiver ever to 300 grabs.
Roy Williams - Maybe the best talent in the league.
Javon Walker - Dog Pound will wish they had picked up Walker.

Andre Johnson - Little support, but Andre's the man in bad offense.
Laveranues Coles - Dude will eat up the Lions secondary.
Chris Chambers - Too good to not get it going against the Pack.
Chad Johnson - What's going on with Chad?...he's been officially 
demoted from STUD to START.
Reggie Williams - Playing the Texans...but check Leftwich's status
before starting him.
Marvin Harrison - Colts passing game will light up Skin 2ndary.
Reggie Wayne - See Marvin.
Bryant Johnson - Nice fill-in for Fitzgerald.
Randy Moss - Moss is good for a score against Arizona.
Steve Smith - Bengals pass D is okay, but Smith still gets his.
T.J. Houshmandzadeh - Housh loves having Chad as a decoy.
Donald Driver - May be the only fantasy play for Green Bay.
Antonio Gates - Finally looking like STUD TE with Rivers playing 
like a seasoned veteran.
Plaxico Burress - Eli's go-to guy good for a huge play on MNF.
Lee Evans - Doing well despite weak offense...he'll put up numbers
on Pats esp. if behind early.

Donte Stallworth - Looking now like a game-time decision...consider
a start if he plays.
Larry Fitzgerald - Still out.

BYE WEEK 4 - Bears, 49ers, Rams, Ravens, Saints, 

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